Nowadays, we are faced with the impact of the world’s vulnerabilities especially during natural calamaties and disasters. Individually, there are many things that one can do in order to mitigate the effects of such disasters. There is a big difference concerning those who have their things to aid them during emergency situations than those who do not have them.
You should always prepare a spare battery for your cellphone and other device so that you will be able to send a message to friends and other relatives in times of crisis. Click to reveal answer!Storage of survival gear?You need to keep a minimum of a three day supplies of food, water and clothing in your car. Women who choose a typically male-dominated field, sport or activity often have to break down misconceptions about a woman’s ability. Prior to Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, which pairs one man and one woman survivalist, the only other female wilderness survivalist on television was Ruth England, the wife of military survivalist Mykel Hawke.
Some wilderness survivalists enjoy the act of learning survival skills in a controlled setting, but they do not have the confidence or interest to test their skills in real-life situations.
Women have a higher body fat content than men, often over five percent more because we need more fat to give birth, to have menstrual cycles, to allow for breasts and milk, and to allow our hormones to work properly.
Women who suffer iron-deficient anemia from menstruation will have greater energy loss and difficulty replenishing the lost iron. Another important menstrual factor to remember is that you will be luring in predators with your ongoing blood loss. Young girls often learn how to cook, make pottery, weave and sew, all skills which can be helpful in a survival situation. This copper pineapple tumbler cup is a perfect way to serve a Caribbean cocktail such as a Mojito, a Daiquiri, or a Pina Colada. The pineapple cocktail cup and shaker is made from copper, but also comes in versions for gold, and silver.
There's also another version of the pineapple cocktail cup that has a hole in it for a 9 inch brass straw that makes for a simpler and fancier way to consume your cocktail.
Odditymall features unique gifts with a focus on geeky gadgets, survival gear, outdoor gizmos, unique kitchenware, pet gadgets, novelty gifts, and amazing product designs. You've seen thegiant poop emoji pool float, now it's time to fight poop with poop with this toilet plunger that's made to look like a poop emoji. The poop emoji toilet plunger is currently in a funding phase on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of September 2016, so go reserve yours now, or get more information on their website, and be sure to check out the plunger in action via the video below. We come across a crazy amount of wireless speakers here, but the Tremor 50W Audiophile Bluetooth Sound System is one of the first which reminds us of an old-school boombox. Like the Segway, it has a footboard propped up on two wheels, riding passengers face-forward across sidewalks, walkways, and similar paved paths.
With its smaller wheels, the device isn’t equipped to ride over surfaces that aren’t flat and dry, so commuting to work on one will depend on individual situations.   It does look like a lot of fun, though, so it might still see a lot of adoption for recreational, short-distance travel.
There are various manifestations of these vulnerabilities and one of which is the totality of lives lost and destructed from such unfortunate events. One of which is through preparation of Survival Gear List that will help you identify the things needed when a typhoon or a natural calamity strikes your place.
Because of this, one may lessen the chance of getting into the worst situation and high up his chances on survival and recovery. These emergencies are usually followed by fluctuations in the power that supply electricity so it is important to have something to rely to whenever you need something to shed some light.
This should be used as a signaling tool in order for you to seek help with other people during worst case scenario. In addition, also prepare batteries for your flashlight since most of these devices operate through the use of energy. Wilderness survival skills can be learned in many ways, including but not limited to: pairing up with a fellow wilderness survivalist, taking a wilderness survival class, practicing skills in a safe, controlled environment like a backyard, reading wilderness survival manuals and books, watching wilderness survival shows and movies, joining wilderness survival forums, joining wilderness survival groups and subscribing to wilderness survivalist channels on websites like YouTube.
Natural factors affecting women in survival situations include but are not limited to: higher body fat, hormonal cycles, menstrual cycles, motherly instinct and dehydration. According to a 2009 study by the University of New South Wales, on average, women have 6 to 11 percent more body fat than men.
Wild edible and medicinal plants can help you replenish lost iron and aid in menstruation difficulties if you know the right plants in the area you are in.

If you are in the sea, you will be attracting sharks in the area and toothed whales such as transient orcas and sea lions. In some cultures today, and in the past for most modern cultures, women were the gatherers of water, wild edibles, wild medicinals and shelter materials. Simply pop the top of the pineapple off, create your drink inside the body of the pineapple, and turn the head of the pineapple upside-down to use as a stand for your cocktail. The cup can hold up to 12 oz of liquid, is made in India, makes for a perfect gift idea for drinkers, and is probably just about the classiest way you can consume a cocktail. Never will you see something this happy looking while simultaneously being dumped into frothy brown toilet water over and over again. However, due to the rising electricity costs, not everyone can afford the luxury these days. The point of the Tremor is not only for you to enjoy your music, but for everyone else to, also.The Tremor is aptly named, because it has 50 watts of power behind its 2 full-range drivers, 2 passive drivers, and 2 tweeters, paired with a hi-fi digital amplifier. We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF. Unlike it, both the footboard and the wheels are way more compact, with the large steering column completely eliminated. It can handle riders up to 240 pounds, ferrying them to distances of up to 12 miles on a single charge. I think I would be afraid to use this, but it looks like fun for those who are braver than I am. I think these things are fun for recreational use but I don’t think it has much use in real life situations, I would imagine trying to get to work during rush hour in a city on one of these would be pretty dangerous. The government with the help of the civil society and some private sector are thinking of ways and means to lessen the impact and to prepare for these events as much as possible.
In terms of upcoming disasters and calamities, it is better to come up with a Survival Gear List because it is better to be safe than sorry. This should be used in getting the other necessary things and in doing other important and immediate matters.
And some go beyond the scope of their skills and venture into wild areas beyond their capabilities. These all play important roles in a woman’s survival and the unique challenges posed by being a woman. Studies show estrogen reduces a woman’s ability to burn energy after eating, resulting in more fat being stored around the body. And girls are also often taught or nurtured in motherly instinct by their mothers or other female role models. Women often hunt in many societies as well, and the Archery Trade Association even reports that women archers were the highest-growth group for the last several years.
Or you could even use it as a cocktail shaker to create cocktails or shots inside of - if you don't feel like drinking out of it. Aptly named the Poo-Plunger, the poop emoji plunger is sure to brighten your day each time you poo as you look over in the corner of the bathroom and see how happy he is, yet how awful his life really is. Engineers are known for coming up with innovative ideas and DIY solutions to common problems.Well, this engineer decided to make his own Air conditioner out of things readily available at home. Since it doesn’t have handlebars, there’s a small learning curve when it comes to getting a handle on balance and control, which the company claims you should be able to master within half an hour of use.
You never know what can happen in these situations, and having these things at your disposal gives you a lot more fighting chance to survive. You may store and keep a considerable amount of liters so that you will have some whenever they are necessary. Other wilderness survivalists have learned enough wilderness survival skills to give them the basic skillset to constantly test their skills on personal wilderness quests. If a mother or a woman is thrust into a true survival situation with a child (or children), they have a lot of adrenaline that aids them in doing things that seem super-human if taken out of context.
The guy posted the complete video of his DIY and goes through the steps needed to make this AC.
If you're looking for something even more crazy, you can connect and pair two Tremors together at once for left and right channel stereo sound. The decision to store supplies in your basement is a good idea if you live in a tornado prone area, a bad idea if you live in a flood prone area.

Check the region you are going to ahead of time, if possible, and learn some basic plants and their edibility and medicinal properties.
Take the story of Jennifer Stolpa, who was left to shelter in a cave with her five-month-old baby and husband after being stranded by a snowstorm.
I think this will be especially useful for those with disabilities or injuries, and would really like to see it utilized by people whom are perhaps rehabilitating injury, usage of their legs, and so forth. People who are trapped or those who find themselves stuck without water will eventually die without this precious commodity. I myself experienced two nearly back-to-back menstrual cycles while surviving 21 days in the Serengeti with apex predators like lions, hyenas and leopards. Stolpa nursed the child throughout the weeklong ordeal, even while she and her husband, who were without food and water, suffered frostbite and mild hypothermia. Because it has a 20,800mAh battery that allows it to play for up to 20 hours at normal volume levels (or 8 hours cranked all the way up), it can also recharge your devices. I definitely can see them using these for tours in Philadelphia which I’ve seen them use the original Segways with. Women can also survive longer on their fat stores while trapped on the open sea, or in open-water swimming.
Women’s extremities often feel excruciatingly cold during cold weather, but we store most of our fat in our torso, where it can insulate our organs and allow us a good shot at survival.
There is no reason why a woman cannot succeed at wilderness survival as well as a man, unless she does not believe she can.
At the same time though, hopefully they purchase and allow rental of these on an hourly or daily basis so people of all classes and budgets can enjoy it. You also run the risk of rodents attacking your supplies as well.Where can you buy survival gear? Regardless of the overanalyzing posted here, I have found this to be a usable and inexpensive project.
Many of our service locations provide little shelter other than an EZ-Up to sit beneath, which basically make you feel as if you’re in a greenhouse.
And when it reaches 100+ degrees during the summer months, having a little cool air moving across you can make a big difference.My version of these is just a little bit different in the building process and only slightly more expensive (maybe $3 per bucket).
I also created baffles that force the incoming air to take a slightly more leisurely path through the “cooling chamber).
My thought is that the longer that the moving air is exposed to the cooled surface, the cooler the air will be when it is expelled. This reduces the little bit of heat generated by the fan from entering the bucket as well as slightly slowing the speed of the moving air through the bucket.
I use a small USB fan in each of the buckets powered by a pair of 30 watt solar panels, which also power up my laptop and power storage battery.I use three of these coolers to blow cool air directly onto EZ-Up occupants and have found that even on hot days, I am getting about 40-50 degree air coming from the cooler. Nope, probably wont change the room temp by more than a couple degrees at best, but it sure feels good when it’s 100 degrees outside and that air is blowing on you!Happy building!!! There’s really nothing you can do to cool a room in your house for an extended period of time without a compressor, evaporator, condenser coils, and electricity to power a blower. Nobody gives a shit about the technicalities of evaporation, condensation etc when its 100° outside and 115° inside. Ever hear of a dry heat?When blowing air over water you are adding moisture, so making it more humid which make it actually feel hotter. This should be viewed as a quirky project to take up an afternoon, not a legitimate cooling technique. You will only get cool air from sitting in front of the unit, your room temperature will not change. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.Recent Posts 7 Amazing Excel Hacks You Did Not Know BeforeAmazing July, 31st 2016 Using A Wireless Keyboard Makes You Prone To Hack Attacks.

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