The Light Strike 360 Tactical Flashlight is a top quality device that is highly recommended by the military and security forces for almost any survival situation. You can forget about those horror scenes where flashlights run out of batteries because this has a long battery life, all thanks to its energy-saving LED feature. Maybe you’re thinking, such an awesome flashlight would be worth glittering gold, right? This LED flashlight offers a lighting capacity of 700 Lumens, which is way above the minimum 50 Lumens requirement for high-performance tactical flashlights. It also comes with preset emergency response modes so you can easily signal distress or calls for help. You don’t want such a cool flashlight to add to the already burdensome luggage on your back, right?

Unable to see anything induces fear and panic, simply because we do not know what evil is lurking around us.
A flashlight is the most common tool we reach out for but it can’t be just any flashlight. This means it is so bright that it can be blinding up close, perfect for warding off bears in Canada. When it comes to your safety and security, buying something as effective and user-friendly as this is not something you want to scrimp on. In Canada, you would not want to be standing in front of an aggressive bear or even having a poisonous spider on your shoulder without knowing it, wouldn’t you? It has to be something that is functional enough to help us survive, not frustrate us to death.

Also, it is bright enough to be seen from a great distance, making it easier for someone to detect. So whether it would be used for searching or for providing blinding light to distract an attacker, you can easily zoom the light in or out. LS360 Military Flashlight is lightweight enough to carry around and compact enough for your fingers to go around it. It has a space-age composite lens and a body made of aircraft-grade aluminum, durable enough to withstand impact and blunt force, making it an ideal makeshift weapon for self-defense.

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