Universal first aid kit ideally used for camping, caravanning, travel, home and outdoor sports.
We run courses at all levels from those who are new to the sport to those with more experience who want to upgrade themselves. Our mountain bike open courses are bookable on line or if you prefer we offer 1:1 coaching and cater for group bookings. Welcome to the latest edition of our e-Newsletter, giving you a taste of what goes on at our Centres - Hollowford and Shining Cliff. We've been very fortunate to receive funding from the Peak District National Park Authority for a fleet of bikes, enabling us to offer off-road cycling as an additional activity.
The Trust was originally founded by a group of business leaders to help young people prepare for the work place. For those of you who have visited Hollowford in the past 6 months the impact of the latest development work will have been obvious. For a number of months we have been engaging with young people and the wider community in North Derbyshire.
Building on our links with BME (black or minority ethnic) communities developed over the last 10 years where we provide on-going support to leaders from within those communities, helping them gain the skills, confidence and qualifications to deliver activities themselves. Research shows ethnic minorities in Britain participate less in the outdoors than the rest of the population. Ascend 3,600 feet to Algonquin Peak, the second highest summit in New York, for top-of-the-world views of Adirondack peaks and lakes.

Second only to its southeasterly neighbor, Mount Marcy, the 5,114-foot summit of Algonquin Peak rewards sturdy hikers with unparalleled views of the Adirondacks and beyond. About a mile in, the terrain becomes more rugged and the grade more pronounced after passing the junction to Marcy Dam.
We specialise in Peak District Outdoor Activities, Challenge Events, Group Outdoor Activities, as well as a range of Climbing Courses, Navigation Courses, outdoor specific First Aid and Mountain Challenges in Snowdonia and beyond. Please see our pricing guide or call us directly on 01629 814557 or fill out our web form to discuss these options.
The first day covers all aspects of the syllabus to ensure each candidate has the required knowledge and understanding of the content. We are delighted with the results and how much the children have been benefiting from their visits. The package includes a trailer, meaning we'll be able to ride fantastic, traffic free trails such as the Monsal trail and access activities like abseiling via pedal power.
The latest Natural England survey found that just 27% of the BME population made visits to the countryside and natural environment, compared to 41% among those of white ethnicity. We simply we provide an email link to a website at the end of the visit, the children then login (all at the same time, usually in their next ICT lesson) and tick some boxes.
We have been re-engaging with lots of characters from the past resulting in a renewed enthusiasm to drive the Trust forward over the coming years. Begin hiking from the Adirondak Loj parking lot on the Van Hoevenberg Trail (which also accesses Wright Peak, Avalanche Lake, and Mount Marcy) on a slight descent through young hemlocks.

The schools that we piloted this with reported that it is easy to use, and provides useful information for the school as well as ourselves. As well as the numerical results the children can choose a nickname and leave comments anonymously, these have also been overwhelmingly positive. If we assume that we annually work with 8000 people, over 50 years that makes the huge total of 400,000 that have befitted from the 'Lindley experience'. Soon the trail crosses a footbridge over a wet area before beginning a gentle southward ascent over intermittent waterbars. After 2.3 miles, pass under a 50-foot cascade (with a nice base pool in wet summer months). After the junction to Wright Peak (a steep, 0.6-mile detour to bag another 4,000-footer), the route becomes more technical and physically challenging. On the final mile to the summit you’ll scramble over large boulders, cross logs over mud holes, and navigate sidehill slab as you ascend to low-lying krummholz dwarf trees and unobstructed views back north to Lake Placid and Wright Peak.
Entering an alpine hiking zone, look for yellow blazes and cairns to stay on track and avoid traipsing through revegetation areas. A trail leads southwest off Algonquin towards Iroquois Peak, but this route backtracks to the trailhead.

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