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Coordinate for priority assistance from TMDE support facility for calibration requirements. Ensure vehicle load plans have space for mission-essential equipment; use standardized load cards (Figure H-1).
Overprint DA Form 2408-13-2 (Figure H-3) to guide the disassembly and reassembly of aircraft to be shipped on Air Force aircraft.
Secure padding and prepare stowage plan (Figure H-4) for components removed from the aircraft to facilitate loading. Plan the sequencing of special tools, personnel, technical inspectors, and test pilots available to reassemble aircraft after shipment. Construct ramps to facilitate rolling helicopters on and off Air Force aircraft (Figure H-5). Coordinate and assign maintenance contact teams to perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance at en route destinations.
Identify and package any AGSE, TMDE, site, and repair parts required to accompany contact teams. Follow convoys with a maintenance vehicle that has mechanics, tools, parts, and lubricants to make emergency repairs en route.

Send an aviation maintenance representative with the advance party to guide vehicles to the staging area at the POE.
Distribute flyaway kits, component stowage plans, and overprinted DA Form 2408-13-2 for each aircraft to be shipped by air.
Establish maintenance operation to reassemble aircraft and to control equipment and personnel. Request assistance from local transportation officer to arrange for onward movement of personnel and equipment beyond the unit's organic capability. Inspect aircraft shipped on sea vessels for salt water corrosion and wash with fresh water as soon as possible. Some component TBO hours and aircraft flight hours may be reduced as a result of installing extended range fuel systems. Maintenance personnel may be required to perform primary duties as mechanics, component repairers, supply technicians, and inspectors as well as additional duties as door gunners. Aircraft may be transferred to and from the deploying unit with different transfer criteria than that established in TM 1-1500-328-23.
Special navigation kits and aircraft modifications may be required prior to the aircraft self- deploying. We carefully review our templates to ensure they can be reused quickly and easily with minimal input. The successful deployment of any unit depends heavily on the unit's ability to maintain the fighting force.
Identify and have on hand those onetime-use parts and supplies required to place the aircraft into operational status after being shipped.

Actions at the POE should be coordinated in advance with the departure airfield control group or seaport transportation officer.
Self-deployment of aviation assets requires extended maintenance efforts in both preparation and execution.
The aircraft that remain may continue to perform required missions at home station and will require normal maintenance. Maintenance test pilots may be required to perform operational missions and test pilot night duties.
Sufficient amounts of required classes of supplies, adequate TMDE, AGSE, special tools, and repair parts may not be immediately available. This appendix is designed to aid the maintenance section, platoon, company, or battalion in preparing for and supporting a unit deployment by land, sea, or air.
Cover convoy speeds, interval, emergency procedures, phone numbers, and security of equipment.
In this case, support may be required to meet both the deploying and home station unit's missions.

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