These four stevias are all good tasting, but there are slight differences in flavor profile. After a year of further testing, Trader Joe’s stevia has been bumped to second place. Have you tried any of the above listed stevias, or a stevia that’s not mentioned here?
Twila, If you haven’t finished up the Sweet Leaf brand yet, why not try using half of each together and see if that helps with the taste so you can still get good taste and finish up the Sweet Leaf bottle. I hope somebody can come up with some kind of ultra low carb sweetener that will work well with cocoa powder. Jeff, I read your comment and didn’t respond – please forgive me for the delay! Lauren, I know your recipes for 2014 and later would only call for the amount of stevia called for in your instructions if using TJ’s stevia while your pre 2014 recipes would require 2x the amount of stevia called for if using TJs, but in general, for recipes not your own, would you guess that when stevia powder is required that I should double the amount of stevia required if I use TJs as is not a strong as some other stevia powders? TJ’s liquid stevia (sold right next to the powdered stevia) is just as good as the powdered product. I still have about an ounce of the old formulation of the NuNaturals stevia (wow this stuff really keeps lol). I found a few unadvertised deals on my latest trip to Kroger that matchup nicely with the current organic coupons.

Why go to all the trouble of finding a good stevia as opposed to just using another sugar-free sweetener? In 2013, the manufacturer stopped producing the extract, so the company switched to a different formulation of stevia.
I will probably buy the Trader Joe’s brand in the future since you gave it a good review.
NuNaturals and Now Stevia are the two that are currently in my pantry, but now I am intrigued to try Trader Joe’s! I hope to impact the lives of diabetics through my recipes and eventually, as a medical doctor.
The difficult part about using other people’s recipes is the lack of notation that usually accompanies them. In some recipes, it can take 3-5x as much TJ’s to come close to the intensity of the old NN stevia. After a few loyal readers alerted me to the change with emails and comments, I set out on a quest to find the next best stevia product. Stevia Select and JAJA Stevioside are stronger than TJ’s, but they are slightly more bitter. I only use the powdered kind of stevia in my recipes because it has no fillers like alcohol or glycerin, so it can be added to batters, dough, and chocolate without disrupting the texture.

You said in your other comment that you have tried many brands – did you try the NOW erythritol in the brown bag? I go fairly in depth with discussion of ingredients and comparisons of similar ingredients so that you get the results that I do in the test kitchen! Thanks to your feedback, I will be discussing the differences between the powdered, liquid, and the stevia in packets in an upcoming post. The studies that have been done on erythritol that it causes no change in serum insulin levels, so it is strange that you experience those effects.
Perhaps a mixture of inulin, stevia, and sucralose could help you to sweeten chocolate sufficiently. Are you consuming erythritol by itself in a glass of water, or erythritol with other foods? The TJ’s extract was one of the stronger products (not compared to the old NuNaturals stevia, but definitely stronger than the new NuNaturals stevia, as well as every other stevia currently on the market). I’ve had to become used to recipes taste less sweet, in general, since switching from the NN.

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