Bulk foods are usually in bins at the grocery stores, your local organic health food stores and thanks to the web, you can find bulk foods online.
Also store your food in airtight containers and remember raw nuts should be stored in the refrigerator. I recently purchased a small block of Murry Bridge Sharp Cheddar cheese at Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, MI (it should be available at other Whole Foods stores). Organic foods are the best money can buy, but with the price of organic through the roof how can we get the good stuff without braking the bank? The coop can purchase larger quantities of food in bulk, which is then split up and distributed among its members. When you buy organic grass-fed meat and produce in bulk make sure you have enough freezer space to house it all. This cheese was imported from Australia, so of course the company had to throw a koala bear onto their package.

Aside from buying in bulk,find a local farmer where you can get healthy, locally grown, organic food for less than you can find at your supermarket.
Instead of buying chips, boxes of cereal, get raw organic vegetables, fermented foods, cage free organic eggs, organic dairy and cheeses and organic healthy grains. I also like to use bones from chicken to make a stock for soups and flavoring rice and quinoa. Making the most of your money is simple, plan and buy only what you will use and keep fresh. If you don’t have someone to make the meals you will be more apt to resort to fast and convenient foods. Use the chicken meat leftovers from a roasted chicken and organic veggies to make stir fry.
When you use your veggies wash them in a safe organic cleaner, like Basic H2, one of Oprah’s favorite products.

You would think with the sharpness of this cheese, it would have been aged quite a bit longer. Ask those around you or check for tips online on how to stretch every bit of food you have. I am sure it would serve well along with our foods like a sandwich, hamburger, or mac & cheese.

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