The Socialite recently paid a visit to Durban’s first Nu Health Food Cafe to film an exclusive Video Showcase. From Meat Free Mondays to sexy summer menus and nutritious but wholesome meals, Nu Health Food Cafe has it all. The owner and CEO, Dean Kowarski, promotes a family-feel type of business which resonates throughout the stores’ homely environments. The Socialite’s Chia Kougianos was on hand to feature one on one interviews with Nu CEO Dean Kowarski, Lifestyle and Wellness expert Lisa Raleigh as well as founder of Movement X Umhlanga Annie Phillippeos. Look out for our exclusive video coming soon to The Showcase as we can’t wait to showcase South Africa’s trendiest health food brand. Welcome to The Socialite - Your VIP access to exclusive Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment news. Towards the middle of last year it emerged that Woolworth's, who appeared to be committed to free range eggs in its stores, was using battery farmed eggs in many of its products.
Activist have now provided a feedback page so we can ensure Woolworth's live up to their commitment.
At a meeting held on the 26th of October last year, Julien Novak Head of Woolworth Foods, was handed a petition and he apologised for “unintentionally” misleading customers with in-store signage, and he said that switching to using only free-range eggs in all Woolworth's products was something they’d wanted to do for many years, but that the time was now perfect for making this happen. Novak said that Woolworth's research however, has shown that customers in South Africa still put price ahead of ethics. Novak then committed 100% to making the switch to using ONLY free range eggs in ALL Woolworth's products, as a matter of top priority. Originally, Novak claimed that contrary to what they’d thought, there are in fact enough free-range eggs available in South Africa to meet the demand of all 700 Woolworth's products made with eggs. He said that a second free-range liquid egg factory would be built from scratch at Eikenhoff Poultry Farm in Cape Town as a matter of top priority, which would facilitate the roll out of the remaining 640 products. In November however, Woolworth's communicated that logistics were more complex than they’d realized, and that they’d miscalculated on the number of eggs needed, and also miscalculated on the number of liquid egg factories needed.
In November Woolworth's released the following statement about the change to free range eggs: “Woolworth's is going to do it.
As you can see Woolworth's have committed to making the change, but are vague as to when this will happen. If Woolworth's does deliver on its promise – it would be the first supermarket in South Africa to be completely free of mass produced battery eggs.
The way in which Woolworth's commits to the provision of these 700 products, their transparency with customers, and delivery on their promise, will be a crucial test of the much larger question which this issue has raised - around that of Woolworth's integrity.
So by the end of the year start looking out for the inclusion of “free range eggs” in pancakes, pasta, salads quiches etcetera.

To meet the needs of the 600 remaining Woolworths products still made with battery egg, he said that planning is underway to build a new liquid egg factory. June 2010 – by the end of June, the first 70 products made with free range eggs will appear on Woolworths shelves. June 2010 – by the end of June - Woolworths will also confirm the list and timing for the release of the second wave of products made with free range eggs.
August 2010 – by August 19th, customers can look forward to there being 100 products on the shelves, made with free range egg.
April 2012 – they hope the new factory will be operational by April 2012, and will then “expediate” the conversion of the remaining 600 Woolworths products made with battery egg. Nora Choveaux and Rob Symons are two passionate environmentalists whose love for nature and food have converged in the form of an organic farm in Pietermaritzburg. You can log in if you already have an account and wish to update your existing notifications. Story by Deni ArcherA marriage of nature and foodNora Choveaux and Rob Symons are two passionate environmentalists whose love for nature and food have converged in the form of an organic farm in Pietermaritzburg. Reply to a comment below or click the 'Add your comment' button to add a new comment about this business.
To access the full functionality (such as adding images to your comments and receiving optional alerts) please log on now if you already have an account or register here if you are new. My wife left me because i was always drinking,smoking and also very hard to her, and when i did everything to bring her back, she refused and told me it was over between us. This is wonderful, when you have a problem with the labour cost, please push my button, I would love to work on a farm of this nature. Durban finally gets to welcome the trendy niche food store that has injected passion into the active, health-conscious foodies of Cape Town and Johannesburg. Novak said that in spite of this, he still feels that switching to using free-range eggs in products is the right thing to do, and commended those customers who did speak out during the recent campaign, saying that this has successfully pushed the issue to the top of the Woolworth's agenda.
He said that by washing out and converting one of the liquid egg factories that they use in Gauteng, the first 60 products could appear on Woolworth's shelves within 6 months i.e by April 2010.
Novak stated that they wouldn’t be making any public announcement till the first free-range egg products start hitting the shelves in April 2010. All its products containing egg will convert to free range as fast as practically possible. It could be November this year, or later, before consumers could buy products made with free range eggs. If Woolworth's is committed to free range eggs, then it must live up to its promises, and not use them as a marketing gimmick.

For months i was helpless and restless because i could not get my wife back so one day as i was doing some research on the internet, i saw many testimonies on how DR BRIGHT has helped people with his spell so i immediately contacted him with his email,he told me that his spell casting is free but i will be the one to provide the items require for the casting of the spell, so i could not get it,because i have not done it before then he ask me to send the fee so that he could help me get the items needed and i did so after 12 hours he call me and said i will see my results in the next 48 hours i was like surprise 48 hours? Many are weekend markets during growing season (winter), but some are year round and others on weekdays. They are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to product development, ensuring that the brand remains cutting edge on a global scale.
They said they’d also reconsidered the rate of the roll out [of products using free range eggs], as they wish to monitor public reaction to the price increase – due to the fact that the free range eggs are more expensive. Since this statement in November, there has been no further communication from Woolworth's, despite repeated requests for more information.
It offers visitors to the store tailor-made, boutique health food using nothing but locally-sourced, all-natural produce.
By their own admission, they are also both ‘obsessed’ with only the best quality ingredients, both sustainable and socially responsible. This is also contrary to a statement by Woolworth's CEO Simon Susman, who in 2007, announced Woolworth's, “Good Business Journey” which was committed to an increase in organic and free-range food, that would involve investment, but that Woolworth's "will not pass the cost of this on [to the customer]," and that they fully expect costs to be recovered as they see the results of their actions. In 2000 they had the opportunity to rent Broadleaze farm, and soon thereafter they bought it.
The fan-base is anything but mainstream, attracting unique individuals who are like-minded in their food and lifestyle choices. If you walk into one of the ten Foodlovers Markets Broadleaze supplies, you’ll find organic herbs and salads at no extra cost.
They also run a nursery at the farm and Rob sells some of the seedlings and plants at the Karkloof Market in the Midlands.Animal, vegetable, mineralBroadleaze Farm is 170 hectares, the majority of which is wild savanna, forest and grassland. Rob is very focused on seed saving and he finds that most of the heirloom varieties he plants adapt very well to changing weather conditions, probably due to their broad genetic diversity.
Ultimately Rob and Nora would like Broadleaze to become part of a community supporting model, like those in Cuba. For now, their farm is open to visitors who are free to see how the organic farm is managed and enjoy the beauty.

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