Green Lentils hold their shape well when cooked; their texture is a bit firmer than most other Lentils. Hurry and grab this hot deal on Kiss My Face Whenever shampoo with green tea and lime as part of Amazon’s Prime Day deals!
As a price comparison, bottles of Kiss My Face shampoo retail for $7.29 at Walmart, so this is a great deal! Materials: Construction, packaging, cleaning chemicals, regular changes according to fashion.
Water Sewerage, Grey water, Garden run-off, Rainwater lost, chemical pollutants from cleaning fluids, cosmetics, disposable batteries, etc.
Air and Noise Pollution: Unfiltered Dust Particles ‘Rubbish’ Toxic, nappies, plastics, car fumes, car bodies and parts and spills, Mechanical toys and entertainment, maintenance machines such as mowers etc. LIFESTYLE: competitive, repetitive, consumer driven, entertainment sought from outside immediate community consumer driven, pressure to conform, predictable and controlled input from media and friends, controlled and measured education and limited exposure to the natural world and environment.
In Permaculture we learn to design for physical and cultural changes to the site and the surrounding area promoting durability and natural choices. Harness and use natural energies (Sun, Wind, Water, Flora and Fauna) dedicate 15% of total space to storage of water (this can be as sub-soil storage, in forests or above ground in shaded ponds.
Community Sharing encouraged by establishment of Meeting places, Eating Houses, Transport, Sports Facilities, Entertainment areas, Play Areas. Water: Less supplied water, Rainwater, localised humidity and condensation, natural cloud seeding.

People work: interesting, interactive and diverse, productive, changes according to seasons and evolution of the system. Water Compost toilet, grey water to garden, natural water filter system, poultry, and fish, birds and wildlife access water.
LIFESTYLE: interactive with unpredictable natural elements, interest and participation in local community, educational and health conscious.
Committed to making a difference: mentoring, growing and inspiring a better future for all.
Lavender is also easy to grow from seed, and you can collect your own free garden seeds to start new plants around your garden, or to share with friends. Lavender seeds are pretty small, but it’s not hard to separate from the chaff (the flower pieces and other debris). Growing lavender from seed is rewarding, and it’s easy to collect lavender seeds from the garden. If you don’t have lavender growing in your garden, here are some great, quality seeds you can buy to get started… EnglishLavender Seeds, French Lavender Seeds or Lavender Hidcote Dwarf Seeds. Materials: local, natural, recycled, organic, and sustainable with minimal packaging and transportation. There is a lot less ‘Rubbish’ because most food and packaging, furniture and clothing is re-used, shared, recycled, composted and then finally mulched. Lavender seeds form inside the flower heads, so allow some of the flower heads to dry out on the plant.

Starting the seeds indoors or winter sowing are my preferred methods for growing lavender from seeds.
Take a little time to collect the seeds, and you’ll have lots of lavender seeds to share with your friends or trade for other free garden seeds. Many of these spaces should be multi-functional.  Choices include preference for biodegradable, durable and re-useable resources.
Its charter is to promote and support projects around the world that have a strong permaculture element. Then fold over the top of the bag and shake it to release the lavender seeds from the flower heads.
If you want to separate the seeds from the chaff (you don’t need to do this), dump them onto a flat surface, and lightly blow on the pile.
I use cacao powder, not to be confused with cocoa, real maple syrup that has to be refrigerated and coconut oil. Surplus produce is shared, less pressure on existing farms and forests, Higher real estate value on the property, better community and local environment, safer environment for all especially the children and the elderly.

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