We here at Jolly Africa are proud to announce that Life-Flo Pure Cocoa Butter is now available. Organic cocoa butter is a superb moisturizer and is known for its hydrating effects. Boston-area caterer and personal chef cooking colorful, comfortable, sustainable and delicious food. Green technology is more than just how a building is made or what kind of energy you use for your utilities. Making every dollar count at the grocery store, the pharmacy, clothing store, and entertainment shop are all important factors where you could go green and play a greater role at reducing your carbon footprint as well as shopping in an eco-friendly atmosphere and mind set.
The ability to choose an ecologically made product over another is a major decision in one’s life.
Furthermore, don’t you think it is a better idea to support a local farm than to support a factory that slaughters animals and does not care about humane animal decency? Very ornamental large purple leaves have cinnamon-like fragrance, producing a red food dye. Partnering with area farms and scouring seasonal markets and co-ops to get the freshest local produce and meats, and supplementing with organic groceries.
These are absolutely important, but I would like to look at an equally important eco-friendly and green factor.

You can choose to buy government approved products that are fair trade as well as organic and local and certified green. You can make a change by realizing from the food your eat to the products you put on your skin play a major role on the developmental to the economic level of buying those goods. It’s naturally rich in vitamin e and is useful to moisturize scar tissue and stretch marks. Furthermore, one that goes into the everyday and practical functioning of a person’s life. From your trash bags, to household materials, food you consume and bath and shower products, you can make sure it is a green purchase. You can also encourage other people to do so and inspire your friends, neighbors and family to try it out.
The greatest gift of all is the ability to think higher than what you see on television or advertisements that make things that are harmful like tobacco and fast food a brainless operation for consumers to buy because it is cheap. But, the more people who buy them, the more companies will make them, and the prices will come down as they become more mainstream. It’s naturally rich in vitamin e and is useful to moisturize scar tissue and stretch marks.

This not only reduces the carbon emissions but supports farmers and people who are spreading the green voice and eco-friendly initiative around the world.
At the end of the day you are spending your money and that money goes to corporations and businesses of many different kinds. What I mean exactly is how you can spend every dollar you make to make a green impact and environmentally conscious decision on your daily and weekly purchases.
Going green is more than a lifestyle choice it is a way to make an agenda of ecological and economic importance a major priority on a micro and macro scale.
Wouldn’t it be better and wiser to funnel the money to businesses that are being effective, ecologically conscientious and smart with their services and products? Green means being well educated and prepared to make an impact and positive change on the world you live in and the world you leave behind for the next generation.

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