Our free Weekly Meal Planner can help you plan your week and get in and out of the grocery store in less time.
Simply fill in meal ideas for each day of the week and create a shopping list to make it happen. Be sure to check out our recipes section for meal ideas, as well as our free Pantry Staples List printable (that matches this Meal Planner!) for a good list of items to have on hand for those days that making it to the grocery store just isn’t going to happen. To save paper, place this printable in a protective sheet or photo frame and use a dry-erase pen!
Sign up & receive our free meal planner!Be the first to receive great, new content — plus get instant access to our weekly meal planner. About Latest Posts Amanda HearnAmanda may be best known as the voice behind the Eco-Friendly Family blog, where she’s been writing since 2009, about topics like parenting, cloth diapers, non-toxic menstrual products, chemical safety, & healthy living. A dense, sweet, fine-textured almond flavored pound cake that is soft on the inside and hard on the outside. Spread batter into tin, sprinkle evenly with almonds, and then with 1 tablespoon coarse sugar. Bake 25-40 minutes until light brown on top, firm to touch and an inserted toothpick comes out with a few sticky crumbs on it.

There is also a notes section to add in any details you want to remember – or be sure a partner remembers! She also has a passion for digital design and is delighted to work in an industry that is doing wonderful things for the communities and causes she cares about.
According to the CDC, preliminary results from three different evaluation methods suggest about 300,000 are diagnosed with Lyme disease in the United States each year.How to Recognize Lyme DiseaseIn approximately 50% of the cases, the first stage of Lyme disease is  identified by a red spot at and around the site of the tick bite. Her three children inspire her passion to be involved in the movement towards intuitive living, and all that it encompasses. Other symptoms of Lyme disease can be flu-like symptoms, such as headache, stiff neck, fever, muscle aches and fatigue.
Many complaints of the complaints are due to the toxins and neurotoxins that are released when the bacteria die. Even if you decide to follow a regular treatment of antibiotics, you need to detox at the same time.Conventional Treatment When an infection with Lyme is established, a conventional medical practitioner will almost certainly prescribe antibiotics. If the Lyme infection is still in its early stages, there is a reasonable chance that antibiotics will be sufficient.If antibiotics are started late,  it is likely that the Lyme bacterium itself is deeply nested in the body, in unreachable places. Taking antibiotics at this stage will only lead to impairment of the intestinal flora, thus weakening the immune system, an unavoidable side effect of all chemical antibiotics.

Repeating a course of antibiotics, often taking a still heavier course,increases the damage. For this reason, many patients seek an alternative to antibiotics in their fight against Lyme disease.Alternative TherapyDr.
Eliaz and other renowned natural medicine experts introduced a natural treatment to fight Lyme, which was published in Alternative and Complementary Therapies. It is considered a part of a plant’s natural defense mechanism to protect its delicate tissues against diseases and disorders. The highest concentration of resveratrol can be found in grape skins and Japanese Knotweed. Organic yogurt, kefir, and fermented vegetables like sauerkraut are good sources of probiotics.MovementOxygen helps to combat the Lyme bacterium. For many, this includes  a critical look and a total change of their way of lifestyle and habits that may be detrimental to the immune system.

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