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Human beings are not passive, predictable objects who always interpret meanings and react as they are ‘supposed to’. Model’ developed by Clampitt (2005) demonstrates a number of key elements in the communication process.
In order to send the message, it must be encoded into deliver messages and the related formats.
Communication Styles (continued) Communication Nonverbal Behavior Verbal Behavior Style Description Pattern Pattern Aggressive Taking advantage of others; Expressive and self-enhancing at others’ expense. The Keys to Effective Listening Keys to Effective Listening The Bad Listener The Good Listener 1. The Keys to Effective Listening (cont) Keys to Effective Listening The Bad Listener The Good Listener 6.

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Developing monitoring and measurement processes that determine the level of performance to established goals and objectives. Monitoring the organization for 90 days (30 day intervals) after enhancements are complete to ensure sustainability and implementing corrective actions as necessary.
Capitalize on thought speed Tends to daydream Stays with the speaker, mentally summarizes the speaker, weighs evidence, and listens between the lines 2. Our representatives perform actual work that is associated with the enhancement of our client’s business systems. Supervisor’s power Increased distortion because employees screen out information detrimental to their welfare. Resist Distractions Is easily distracted Fights distractions and concentrates on the speaker 8. Find an area of interest Tunes out dry speakers or subjects Listens for any useful information 4.

Hear what is said Shuts our or denies unfavorable information Listens to both favorable and unfavorable information 9. Subordinate’s aspiration for upward mobility Less accuracy because employees tend to pass along information that helps their cause. Judge content, not delivery Tunes out dry monotone speakers Assesses content by listening to entire message before making judgments 5. Challenge yourself Resists listening to presentations of difficult subject manner Treats complex presentations as exercises for the mind 10. Subordinate’s trust in the supervisor Considerable distortion because employees do not pass up all information they receive.

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