There are many reasons for why you may want to convert your documents to one of the available formats. However, today’s article and the attached video tutorial will tell you why you may want to convert PDF documents into a Microsoft Word file.
The PDF to Word conversion is a good way to extract text from a static and non-editable document for further usage.
Converting the whole file into an editable Word document is the more elegant, faster, and less unnerving solution. However, depending on the complexity of your PDF, it can always happen that formatting errors or other minor problems occur during the conversion. Of course the conversion to Word is not limited to PDF files as the source file format only.
When it comes to PDF to Word conversion, however, it’s advised to use the DOC file format instead of the newer, XML supporting DOCX. The successfully converted Word document will be stored on your hard drive in the usual folder for downloaded items. If you open the DOCX file now alongside with the PDF, you will see that there is almost no difference between the two documents. Click the To ODT button of the Working Area to set the format you would like to convert your files to. I’m a pretty recent convert to Markdown but it has become my preferred format for much of the writing I do.

If you do not have novaPDF installed on your computer then you can use the Download link to download and install the printer driver.
Text passages can be copied from PDF documents that were based upon text documents (contrary to scanned images), however, formatting is oftentimes lost, and longer PDFs can become a nuisance to copy page by page or even paragraph by paragraph. Unlike DOC, DOCX files can be opened more easily in other programs than Microsoft Words, which makes spreading and sending them easier and more approachable. Oftentimes, PDF files are former Word or OpenOffice documents that were saved in the PDF format for better handling and formatting reasons. As an alternative, you can enter the URL of a PDF that is saved on the internet, or upload a PDF document from your Dropbox. However, that’s the good thing about converting to DOC: you can easily make these minor adjustments in Word!
To do that press the Browse button located in the Output File Area and select the desired location on your HDD. You may use this software in copying material in which you own the copyright or have obtained permission to copy from the copyright owner.
While computers with older versions of Windows and the according Windows Office suite, may still require to convert to the DOC format, newer versions often choose DOCX instead.
If you are the owner of the protected PDF file, make sure to remove the protection before converting your PDF into Word. Of course you can also convert it to the open standard format ODT, if you are using LibreOffice or OpenOffice instead.

It may be that the formatting needs a bit of adjustment after the conversion though, but the major formatting will remain the same as in the PDF. The LibreOffice suite is similar with the Microsoft one and a fork of the OpenOffice application which is no longer maintained and developed by the same team.
The ODT file format can be opened and edited by any application that is compatible with LibreOffice or OpenOffice formats with more or less restrictions depending on the tools making the imports for that specific program.
Despite the open format orientation and the cross platform availability, the ODT format is still working on popularity and it is not yet deployed on a large scale as the docx format from MS Word is. The PDF document however has its own ISO standard for portability and archiving, making it an ideal electronic document to have for sharing and storing information. With the help of novaPDF the users can also enhance the documents further adding watermarks, signatures, bookmarks, overlays, merging them with other documents and more.
How to convert odt to pdf from AbiWord To convert your odt file to a pdf from Abiword you need to take these steps: Open AbiWord and click on File, Open and browse for the file you want to convert to PDF.

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