We spent this weekend filling in our new raised beds with this massive delivery of composted cow manure and organic matter that we bought. Gardening season is in full swing and we haven’t been able to harvest as much as I would have liked.
Bereits seit 25 Jahren bietet die Stadt Wien mit dem Film Festival am Wiener Rathausplatz allen WienerInnen sowie nationalen und internationalen BesucherInnen Zugang zu Hochkultur und das bei freiem Eintritt. Now that summer is here, I'm looking forward to sun-streaked dusky evenings spent on the patio with friends and cocktails.
The solar Mason jar is a quick and lovely way to add lighting to an outdoor dining table; they also look great tucked into the garden. Once the solar housing and light have been removed, it's crucial to be sure that the power is turned on. The first time I tried to make a solar Mason jar lantern, I spent way too much time trying to cut out a circular hole in a Mason jar lid. I carefully attached the housing to the inside of the jar, ensuring that there weren't any spaces for water to get in. Because the screw ring is very tight against the jar, the tape has to be cut away from the sides in a perfect circle, staying clear of the threaded sides of the Mason jar.

I like to pick the paints myself (so that all lanterns match when they're put out), but the girls had full control of the technique. It's okay if there are little "peekaboo" spots in the paint, as this is where the light will escape.
After the paint is dry, a light sanding will reveal spots of glass where the light will shine through. To hang the lanterns, we tied a twine loop to the screw ring and then secured it to the jar top. These lids are also fantastic for flower arranging, so consider that when you're scouting them out! Frances Gillett, who has battled breast cancer and tuberculosis, has defied all odds to reach 75. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Nicht nur das Programm mit Top-Produktionen aus Oper, Operette, Konzert, Ballett sowie zeitgenossischem Tanz, Pop- und Jazz-Konzerten bestechen durch herausragende Qualitat und absolute Aktualitat. When you're shopping for your lights, ensure that you can disassemble them so that you're left with just the solar housing and light.

The pattern on the jam jars makes a lovely crystalline pattern on the surrounding surface. It's important to note that the blue jar will absorb the light more, so more lanterns might be necessary for proper lighting. They're great for Mason jar lanterns, as they let air into the jar for the flame, but also keep little fingers from reaching into the jar. If you're worried about jars being knocked over or getting too hot, the battery operated lights will stay cool and won't spill wax.
Whether it's digging in the dirt, cooking, crafting or hauling a piece of furniture off of the curb, she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, nor have a laugh at her own expense. Amazingly, the flats of Mason jars sitting in your pantry or garage can be quickly transformed into summer lighting! CraftyGemini travel trips all across the country (MO, CA, FL, GA, NY) and 3 upcoming family trips.

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