Study online, pass the exams, and get your CE certificates in seconds --it's fast, easy and affordable. We highly recommend that you first thoroughly review all of the information on our website, under the main page for the American College of Legal Nurse Consulting. LEGAL NURSE CONSULTING BLOG: Please visit our Legal Nurse Consultant interactive web blog. Response: certification is a voluntary process, which is provided by a well organized organization, that through its qualified advisory boards, develops comprehensive and quality standards for the practice of a type of specialty.
Response: The educational criteria and standards are well and clearly defined within our website. May I apply for and be conferred certification in legal nurse consulting if I have been practicing as a legal nurse consultant, without the need to meet the educational requirements? Completion of an official, established education program to prepare nurses for the practice of Legal Nurse Consulting.
Candidates whose education programs have been approved are eligible to apply for certification in Legal Nurse Consulting. To help respond to this question we have prepared a full page of information related to the role of the certified legal nurse consultant.
Our blog contains articles, news, events and information related the Legal Nurse Consulting field.

Programs must be of a formal type education program of no less than 90 contact hours of education or 6 college level semester hours of credits.
The candidate bears the responsibility for submitting needed information to validate certification.
Candidate must minimally meet the following criteria to be considered for certification: 1). In order to provide clear and sufficient information on the process we have developed a separate page that defines the process. I know I am required to achieve additional education in legal nurse consulting in order to qualify for re-certification in the future. Candidates for certification must present valid evidence of successful completion of such program. Programs must be specifically structured to teach theory and practice of legal nurse consulting. Only those candidates who hold current certifications may apply for reciprocity. The national standards for legal nurse consulting are specific to the practice of professional nursing and follow the nursing process. The ACLNC review board will review and approve programs on an individual basis.

We continue to review programs, as requested by the academic administrator of legal nurse consulting education programs. Candidates must also hold a current, valid state license to practice as a registered nurse. If the program meets our standards for broad-based content in legal nurse consulting, including formal education at a minimum of hours, then we will consider approval of the program. The Advanced continuing education courses and certification program are for those currently certified by a professional organization in legal nurse consulting. Candidates must also hold a current, valid state license to practice as a registered nurse. The organization also offers all sorts of continuing education resources to members.There are many discounts available to members from state and national merchants on products and services through various affinity partnerships.

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