The offshore oil and gas industry imposes stringent health and safety training requirements upon individuals who wish to work in this sector. Therefore offshore survival training must be successfully completed prior to obtaining employment on an oil or gas rig.
Chevron Training will provide learners with the opportunity to complete the OPITO accredited MIST and BOSIET training courses and thus facilitate individuals wishing to obtain employment with the offshore oil and gas industry. The specifically adapted training venue is complimented by a team of trainers who have acquired real life experience on the oil and gas rigs, thus ensuring that learners are provided with a high quality training experience.
Tom Griffin, Head of Offshore Survival Training joined SEFtec NMCI Offshore in January 2010. Located in Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, Vung Tau City, the hub of Oil & Gas Industry in Vietnam, PVD Training is the top provider of international standard offshore training programs for personnel in Petroleum Industry in Vietnam. PVD Training Center is a world class training facility which includes fire simulator, first aid tools, a fixed HUET simulator, heli winch, TEMPSC lifeboat and 4m deep swimming pool for all life raft and sea survival training scenarios. Whether you are working as a deck-crew or at a construction site, PVD Training can help provide the appropriate competencies development for you and your companies. A unique Drilling derrick once used in offshore rig resembled at PVD Training center allows us to conduct a wide range of special technical programs from Drilling Engineering to Technical Generic. Today, in the welding and metal fabrication industry, it is considered a norm to require for welding procedures and welder qualifications when it comes to welds used in production in order to meet the required standards. At PVD Training, a welding workshop of 1,000 square meters onsite furnished with welding booths, fume exhaust equipment and air conditioned classroom enables us to provide from basic to advanced welding training programs in both practical proficiency and theoretical understanding. Upon client’s request, testing and certification services can be provided in accordance to independent classification societies including Lloyds, DNV or ABS. Consolidated Training Systems Incorporated sets the standards in maritime and offshore training.
CTSI offers only accredited maritime and offshore training for every interested individual.

A wide range of operations are carried out on oil rigs to bring the oil down from the earth to the surface.  All those operations are considered as drilling operations.
Every individual have their individual roles and responsibities but the role of driller and tool pusher are vital. These are the certifications which are essential for a drilling crew, in fact all the personal working in oil rigs. Main objective of this certification is to specify safety issues related to offshore rigs and installations and equip the personal with the basic emergency response skills and techniques. Identify the common hazards in offshore oil and gas installations and the risks associated with those hazards, and to take major actions to control, reduce or eliminate those risks. Providing practical knowledge on how to use safety equipments like fire fighting system and follow procedures effectively in case of emergency. After demonstration BOSIET certificate will be issued to the personal on successful completion of the training.
Helicopter is the basic mode of transpiration for the personal going to offshore the aim of this certification is to provide basic survival and escape techniques in case of emergency during air journey.
It’s not mandatory for the entire drilling crew, Basically only needed for the rig manager, tool pusher and driller. Both the certifications are meant for well control but still there is some difference between these two course which are tabulated below. Offshore jobs no longer involve pulling thundering machinery around platforms in oil-soaked clothes.
Tom had over 20 years' experience with the Irish Naval Service prior to joining the Company.
At PVD Training, our clients will find various job oriented programs ranging from safety training to specific technical, engineering as well as skill enrichment courses. In addition, our center is equipped with advanced drilling equipment and simulators for sufficient practice and convenience of the instructor and delegates during training session.

The programs are developed to cover the most commonly used welding processes in general fabrication such as  flux cored arc welding (FCAW), oxy-acetylene welding, metal inert gas (MIG) welding, metal active gas (MAG) welding, tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, manual metal arc (MMA) welding, submerged arc welding (SAW) and shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), etc.
Registration is open for individuals from beginners to experienced welders to prepare for the highest potential in their career path. Yet people are still asking for the magic formula that contributes to the success of an organization. From BOSIET and OPITO-approved offshore safety training courses to support your sea survival skills to advanced and specialized education to hone your maritime knowledge, you’ll be a master sailor and offshore professional in no time. This article mainly focuses on the basic certification that are needed for personnel who is working in oil drilling operations. Every organization in the world looks for the competent personnel trained in well control procedures.
These programs consists of two modules, one is practical Assessment Exercise and the other is written Test on surface equipment and Principles & Procedures.
To get a job or to get promoted as a driller one has to possess one of the above certifications. Today, most oil and gas jobs centre on automated operations, and the heavy machinery is monitored and remotely controlled by advanced computers.
These Certifications provide complete standards for theoretical and practical knowledge of well control techniques.
Whether you’re working with a wrench or a dashboard, we require highly skilled employees with a good attitude and up-to-date training to operate the equipment on our units. At PVD Training, we recognize that, in order to gain competitive advantage, companies also need to make sure their people know how to handle themselves at work and how to relate with their customers and peers.

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