Property DescriptionThis large, partly-furnished, five bedrooms villa is located on a quiet alley off a main road in the leafy suburb of Tonle Bassac.
The properties types include Warehouse Distribution, Light Industrial, Heavy Industrial, Flex Space and Manufacturing. Regardless if you are an Owner, Landlord, or Tenant, The Warehouse Specialists help our clients navigate the challenges of finding Industrial and Warehouse space.
For a comprehensive analysis of your situation and to discuss your next move, contact The Warehouse Specialist today or fill out the form on this page.
Parking Panda, the new company that wants to unlock the hidden potential of Americaa€™s millions of unused parking spaces. In the short-term, that means a bit of extra money for some people, a few extra parking spaces, and a hoped-for healthy volume of 20 percent commissions for the company. More broadly, a successful company in the peer-to-peer parking space could help transform the political economy of parking. We give our clients a competitive advantage by providing up to date, critical insight and information. A nation of about 300 million citizens with 255 million registered cars has as many as 800 million parking spaces, but not enough at the right place at the right time.
Instead of going online to reserve a car, you go online to reserve a place to put a car you already own.
Computers make it so easy to list and search things that it has become possible to rent all kinds of stuff on a smaller scale than ever before.

If you live in a city with a decent amount of transit and walkability, the cost of parking is one of the main reasons you might want to opt out of car ownership. Suddenly those who already possess off-street parking have a monetizable commodity whose value only goes up when new development lacks parking.
The kitchen and dining area is large and features a large refrigerator, an oven and ample of cupboard space.
But the Internet and the ability to access it on the go from a smartphone reverse this logic.
But if you live in a structure that already includes a parking space, then that parking cost is seemingly quite low. Incumbent possessors of underpriced residential parking permits, by contrast, are a powerful lobby for keeping any new cars off the curbs. 2012: The article originally misstated the title of Donald Shoup's book as The High Price of Free Parking.
Workers need a place to park their car when they’re at the office, but nobody is at the office most of the time. If it becomes trivially easy to find things, then it makes more sense to be choosy about location.
Few companies’ parking facilities are precisely calibrated to the exact number of people who work there. Services that make it easier to monetize an unused space change that dynamic by bringing the opportunity costs to light.

They generally oppose any new development that doesn’t offer copious off-street parking. This new constituency, new policies, and new business models can help usher us out of the current parking darkness into a brave new world with fewer but better-used parking spaces. The top level features a terrace with sweeping views of the surrounding neighborhood, and would be a great entertainment area. Instead of owning a car because it is cheap to park it, you could rent your parking space instead. The mix of massive excess capacity and chronic shortage is one of the biggest, most persistent, and least examined failures of the American economy.
Fixing it is going to require better policies, but it also needs a healthy boost from the private sector.
Into the breach steps Parking Panda, launched earlier this year in Baltimore and now available in many cities.

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