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If you scroll down further on this page, you'll find links to maps for each of our available listings. If you are interested in seeing a map, a satellite image, or even in getting driving directions to a particular lot, you can access it from this page.
Just click on the underlined GPS Coordinates link that is located to the right of the lot number and a page will automatically open in Google Maps.
Note: While you are on Google Maps, if you click on the little square icon in the bottom left hand corner of your screen that is labeled "Earth", the map will switch to a satellite image.
Keep in mind like most GPS mapping services, sometimes they may choose a route for you that you might not consider to be the easiest of driving conditions.
If you would prefer to have someone personally guide you to a particular lot, give my friend Tim Newman a call at (541) 545-6696. Even if you want to use Google Maps or your own GPS navigation device to try and find a particular lot, I suggest that you give Tim a call beforehand to find out what the current road conditions are like as there may be snow on the roads in the winter. For your convenience, we've provided a link to the Oregon Department of Transportation road cameras and traveling information website here: TripCheck - Road Cams, Road & Weather Conditions.

Or possibly land to rent to you while you build your own tiny home on wheels.Our tiny home is nicely equipped including flush toilet and hot showers and it runs on solar panels for power and has catchment rainwater into 1000 gallon storage so there are no utility bills. If you want him to guide you in, please make sure that you give him a few days notice so he can make sure that he can be available.
Download North Carolina READY End-of-Course Assessment Math I RELEASEDMATH Ia€”RELEASED FORM 4 Go to the next page. Also the service knows where the roads are but it doesn't necessarily know which roads get routinely plowed during the winter. The zoning rules in this area are quite accommodating and we have neighbors who live in anything from a yurt to a Volkswagen camper to a million dollar home.*You would be living in a very eco-friendly, artistic and eclectic community where orchid farms and yoga retreats exist side by side. Where people attend drum circles on the black sand beach in Kehena on Sundays, sometimes sans clothes.
Where you can snorkel in the tide pools and see amazing ocean life or head into Pahoa and have an amazing meal at Kaleo’s while being serenaded by local talent.
Download MAYAN MATHMaya Mathematics Math was a part of the Mayan culture with their numbers existing as far back as the 400AD. This is enough power for the water pump, lights, fans, and to charge your cell phone and laptops and run other small devices for two people.

If you happen to hit a dry spell, the county provides free water but you have to arrange transport.
The yard takes work and you will have to do some weed eating to keep the growth down with the provided weedeater.No party animals please. Due to past experiences, use of illicit drugs, including pot, on site is grounds for eviction.There was a recent outbreak of lava from the volcano flowing towards the town of Pahoa 8 miles away. There’s still lava activity near the summit but not at Pahoa anymore which is good news! Now you can drive just a few miles up the mountain and see where the lava came near the village and flowed right into our transfer station!From May 3 – 18 you can call me at 808 397 1002.

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