What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “living off the grid?” Camping in the Smoky Mountains? As it turns out, living off the grid involves a deep commitment to going green, and millions of U.S.
All of this demand for high-end, off-grid housing is creating some exciting opportunities for engineers, builders and landscaping contractors.
What is the single most important component of being less dependent on the grid, to become more secure from natural power and service disruptions?
If you are ready to take the plunge into beekeeping, check out this cool DIY project from Remove and Replace.  By placing mason jars on your bee box, the bees will build their honeycombs in the jars.
To make this, you’ll need a few inexpensive materials, including wood and screws to build the box and mason jars of any size.

This 500-square-foot tiny house includes a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and two home offices.
Overlooking the rugged Colorado landscape, this tiny house has spectacular views and is completely off the grid.
The sliding barn doors were custom-made for the house using a fire-damaged tree from the property. We need an escape from our gadget-filled lives, so we travel deep into the wilderness, where utility services are sparse and renewable resources are necessary,” writes Jenny Dailey.
The shock has propelled some moneyed buyers to consider a new, high-tech type of residence: the self-sufficient safe house that can withstand storms and power outages,” writes Morgan Brennan in Forbes. Like most people, the folks here at Earthadelic love central air, plumbing, espresso, smart phones and the Internet.

Hippies huddled around a campfire beside a teepee, or maybe even the Unabomber hiding out in an Idaho cabin? But when possible, we’d also like to make responsible choices when it comes to protecting and conserving natural resources.

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