Most pre-made cedar tubs sell for $3-7 thousand, but Jesse and Alyssa managed to build theirs for around $850!
There are lots of different stoves that can work in a cedar tub, but Jesse and Alyssa opted for a wood fired stove that allowed them to heat the tub with sticks collected straight from their backyard! A 35-year-old man has been killed by a shark in waters near Gracetown in WA's southwest. The shark that killed a man in the waters off Western Australia bounced off the board of another surfer before fatally attacking him, police say. WA's first fatal shark attack of 2013 happened in Gracetown in the state's southwest about 9am (WST) on Saturday, when the 35-year-old was mauled horribly. Eyewitnesses described how a nearby surfer dragged the injured man onto his board and ferried him to shore. Those who witnessed the aftermath described how the victim was missing his left arm and part of his right leg.
The state's fisheries department issued a catch and kill order for the shark, saying there was an imminent threat of more attacks in the area. Acting Sergeant Norm Giocas of Margaret River police said the shark had initially struck out at one surfer in the water, before fatally wounding another. Police spoke to the man's tearful friends and relatives when they arrived at the beach as word of the tragedy spread. Moments after the catch and kill order, Surf Life Saving WA reported a large shark had been spotted offshore of Ellensbrook homestead near Gracetown.

The beaches near Lefthanders surf break have been closed, as has an eight-kilometre stretch of beach from Umbies to South Point and on to Huzzas, North Point and the main Gracetown beach. Surfer Bradley Smith was taken by a great white at a beach near the town in 2004, and another surfer, Nicholas Edwards, was killed by a shark at nearby South Point in 2010.
Saturday's attack comes weeks after abalone diver Greg Pickering was bitten on the face and body by a five-metre great white while diving off the coast of Esperance.
It also comes as some of the world's finest chefs - including Heston Blumenthal - gather in WA's southwest for a gourmet tourism extravaganza. After leaving their jobs in the city, Jesse and Alyssa moved deep into the mountains with the goal of constructing an off-grid homestead from the ground up. Most tiny house bathrooms are, well, tiny, and don’t have room for a full sized bath tub. Cedar tubs need to be filled with water for several days before the wood swells enough to prevent leaks. They have learned some important building skills that will prove invaluable when they start to work on their house, and now they have a place to relax and unwind from long days filled with physical labor. Jesse and Alyssa have put together a fantastic webpage full of DIY videos and instructions for building one yourself.
An outdoor hot tub can be a relaxing alternative and is a way to have a bit of luxury in an otherwise simple lifestyle. They bought #2 grade lumber at a very low price and took the time to make sure each cut they made maximized the amount of scrap wood they could use.

Because Jesse and Alyssa don’t have an off grid water supply yet, they had to work for almost two weeks straight to get enough water from town to keep the tub filled. You can also stay up to date on everything else this crazy couple is accomplishing by following them on Facebook and Instagram, and by subscribing to their YouTube channel. They have built a small cabin for less than $300, cut and prepared their own wood with an Alaskan chainsaw mill, and have started a thriving garden.
Building a hot tub can be a beneficial beginner project to hone your skills before constructing a house, and relaxing in the tub after a long day can be soothing to overworked muscles. This strategy paid off because they were able to build hot tub benches and patio furniture from all the wood remnants from their tub. Finally, all their hard work paid off and the wood tub swelled to the point that it was leak-proof. Soon they will begin work on an off grid house, but first they decided to tackle a slightly different project- building a cedar wood hot tub completely from scratch!

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