Hier mit Klick auf die Grafik die DA┬Ârfer News als RSS-Feed in den eigenen Browser einbinden ! The page is frequently updated by volunteers so visit it once in a while for new ebooks added. For other copyrighted but free Science Fiction ebooks (free of charge and free of DRM) have a look at the Baen Free Library .
This mission is, as much as possible, to encourage all those who are interested in making eBooks and helping to give them away. In fact, Project Gutenberg approves about 99% of all requests from those who would like to make our eBooks and give them away, within their various local copyright limitiations.
Because we are totally powered by volunteers we are hesitant to be very bossy about what our volunteers should do, or how to do it. In addition, we do not provide standards of accuracy above those as recommended by institutions such as the U.S.
While most of our eBooks exceed these standards and are presented in the most common formats, this is not a requirement; people are still encouraged to send us eBooks in any format and at any accuracy level and we will ask for volunteers to convert them to other formats, and to incrementally correct errors as times goes on.
Many of our most popular eBooks started out with huge error levels--only later did they come to the more polished levels seen today. We want to continue to encourage everyone to send us eBooks, even if they have already created some without any knowledge of who we were, what we were doing, or how we were doing it.
Thus, there are no dues, no membership requirements: and still only the most general guidelines to making eBooks for Project Gutenberg. We want to provide as many eBooks in as many formats as possible for the entire world to read in as many languages as possible.

Thus, we are continually seeking new volunteers, whether to make one single favorite book available or to make one new language available or to help us with book after book. E-books are becoming more and more popular, thanks to how easy they are to carry and transfer. The program has a simple interface that should be easy to figure out by all users, regardless of their level of experience.
First and foremost, the tool lets you choose the manufacturer of your device, coming with an extensive list that includes Amazon, Android, Apple, Astak, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, PocketBook and Sony, to name just a few. After making this selection, the app provides a long list of devices available for each of them. This tool supports a wide range of file formats, including EPUB, LIT, MOBI, AZW, PDF, TXT and DOC, to name just a few. You may also use the program to read e-books straight from the computer screen or send the items straight to your device. All in all, Calibre Portable is a great tool that can perform a wide range of actions and which is quite useful to all those passionate readers that have an extensive collection of electronic books. Less experienced users should find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive interface and layout. The base for the CD is formed by the Science Fiction (Bookshelf) page of the Project Gutenberg Wiki.
Only the Plucker ebooks made from the HTML version of books which contain images have been recreated to include the images. Copy it to an SD card and the reader programs on your PDA will find their books automatically.

Tested with IE 6 and 7 (Windows), Firefox (Windows and Linux), KHTML (Linux), Opera (Windows) and Safari (MacOS X).
If we were, we would have gladly accepted the request to convert an exemplary portion of our eBooks into HTML when World Wide Web was a brand new idea in 1993; we are happy to bring eBooks to our readers in as many formats as our volunteers wish to make. Calibre Portable is a small tool that can help you manage the entire library, convert between various formats and sync your e-reader.
These are listed on the interface with various details, such as the title, author’s name, date, size, rating, tags, name of the series and the date it was published.
This should help you filter through the entire library with ease, as the app enables you to view all the authors, languages, series, publishers and file formats stored. When converting a certain file, you can select one of these, edit the metadata, change the font options, text justification, page setup and format-specific details. Furthermore, since the program is completely portable, it can be launched from any removable device and it shouldn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry. The extra files for Windows only create a bit of eye candy and save you the act of clicking index.html yourself.

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