PDFcamp Printer can help you print ODT to PDF and send PDF by email to other people in Windows platforms. Double click the icon of your ODT file in your computer, then this ODT file can be opened on your screen. On print panel, please click “PDFcamp Printer” there for making PDFcamp Printer as your processing printer here. On print panel, if you want to edit other properties of PDF file or get copies of PDF file etc., you can click the related switches, radios or edit-boxes etc.
A name, residential address, and (preferably residential) telephone number is required from readers who comment on ODT Online. Google Docs is a online, free word processing with Google documents, where can create and share documents on the web and access them from any computer or smart phone.
Editor are defined by gmail addresses, each time you add or revoke a editor grant Google Docs automatically sends a mail to the user.
If you click on cancel checkout button the document will be checkout in OpenKM repository and remote Google docs will be deleted.
If you click on checkin button the document will be checkin in OpenKM repository and remote Google docs will be deleted. Finally click on button create, the document will be checkin to OpenKM repository and deleted from Google Docs.

The selected document will be imported to OpenKM and converted to one of these available formats "doc", "txt", "odt", "pdf", "png", "rtf", "html", "zip", "pptx", "swf", "xls", "ods", "csv", "tsv". For security reasons any document created or edited from OpenKM using Google docs integration is definitive deleted from Google Docs, after edition or creation.
Microsoft has released a new Office Insider preview for those using its Office Mobile apps on Windows 10 phones and tablets. Office Mobile build 17.7070 is now available for those enrolled in both the Office Insider and Windows Insider Programs.
More colors for fonts and shapes in Office 2016 You can pick from a rainbow of colors for fonts, shapes, and all your formatting needs in any Office app with your 365 subscription. New Draw tab available for Word & PowerPoint 2016 on Windows Phone Use your fingers to write, draw, and highlight with the tools available on the new Draw tab for on-the-go productivity. More background formatting options for PowerPoint 2016 Customize your presentation slide by adding any background color of your choice. Further details on the latest Office updates can be found here, and information on how to join the Office Insider Program is available here. However, when it comes to extracting images from a word document, Microsoft doesn’t really provides an option to do “Right click + Save image as” to save images in your PC.But there are still many ways you can extract images from a word file. Each document created temporary in Google Docs has security restrictions to be only available to Google Docs account owner.

This latest preview introduces a range of new features for Word, Excel and PowerPoint on mobile devices, ahead of their general release to other users. Finally, when all the basic work is done well, please click “print” on panel of print so that you can choose a folder to save PDF file with one click on “Save” and PDFcamp Printer can help you fulfill this mission, then your PDF file can be sent by email to other people. Note that only the user who started the edition is able to cancel checkout or checkin the document.
From there, hover your mouse cursor over “Save As” and choose “Other Formats” from the side menu. Another Window will open up, Click on the drop down menu next to the “Save as type” option and select “Web page” from the drop down menu. Make sure you select “Web page” not “Web page, Filtered”, otherwise, the extracted images will have low resolution.
Now, click on “Save” and you will see a new “Folder” in the same folder where your word file is located (if you didn’t change save directory).

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