On how surprised she was by the movement Wonder sparked Little did I know a€” I mean the "choose kind" quote was not mine. On the difference between Summer and Charlotte, another girl at the school So, Summer epitomizes that idea of choosing to be kind. On an email she got from a 91-year-old woman She wrote to say that, you know, she's had a wonderful life, but when she read Wonder she was reminded of something that had happened to her in a lunchroom when she was 13 years old, where some girls were somewhat cruel to her.
On how Wonder has unexpectedly made Palacio an advocate for children born with craniofacial differences In a way it's a beautiful thing for me, because it seems like a chance for me to do over that one unfortunate situation that happened in front of the ice cream store. In Greg Heffley's pre-teen diary, even the most mundane details a€” often told in his deadpan voice a€” can be uproarious.
The title of Olivia Laing's new book was taken from Tennessee Williams' 1955 play, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Olivia Laing's previous book, To the River, follows the course of the River Ouse, in which Virginia Woolf drowned herself. The audio version of this story incorrectly identifies the Tennessee Williams play from which the book title was taken. Daisy Bates was the president of the Arkansas state conference of the NAACP and was instrumental in the battle to integrate Little Rock's Central High School in 1957.
Daisy Bates (second from right in back row) stands with the students known as the Little Rock Nine, in an undated photo. Elizabeth Eckford ignores the hostile screams and stares of adults and fellow students at Little Rock's Central High School in September 1957. Federal troops stand guard in front of Central High School, in Little Rock, Ark., in September 1957 after federal courts ordered the enforcement of desegregation laws.
Just over 50 years ago, a rock shattered the picture window of a light-brick house in Little Rock, Ark. Jeff Guinn's previous books include The Last Gunfight and Go Down Together: The True Untold Story of Bonnie & Clyde. Award-winning poet and educator Nikki Award-winning poet and educator Nikki Giovanni has a new book of poems focusing on love.
Poet and Enlish professor Nikki Giovanni delivers the poem, "We Are Virginia Tech," to a mourning campus in April 2007, following a deadly school shooting spree that claimed more than 30 lives. We Are Virginia Tech We are Virginia Tech We are sad today, and we will be sad for quite a while. Alessia Cara has had a successful YouTube page in the last couple years; it showcases the 18-year-old's live, mostly acoustic covers of songs by Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse and more. Samantha Bee performed with a sketch comedy troupe called The Atomic Fireballs before she was hired by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. On The Daily Show, "Most Senior Correspondent" Samantha Bee conducts interviews with a range of hapless subjects — and often gets them to say things that they are likely to later regret. Samantha Bee was the first woman and the first Canadian hired on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as a correspondent.
In our series Thrilled to Death, suspense writers talk with us about their work, and then recommend the books they love. Recommended Thriller: 'Eye Of The Needle' By Ken Follett By Tess Gerritsen In 1981, I was working as a doctor on the island of Ponape in the South Pacific, living in a house provided by the local hospital. Palacio tells the story of Auggie, a tough, sweet, 10-year-old boy, who was born with distorted facial features a€” a "craniofacial difference" caused by an anomaly in his DNA.
It's one that I heard a couple years ago, by [author and motivational speaker] Wayne Dyer, and I put it in there because I think it's such a beautiful quote, and it's so true. It tells the story of sixth-grader Jack Mogens, who must work to overcome his fears after he gets hit by a pitch in a baseball game. Charlotte, on the other hand, is a character who is asked to befriend Auggie and she does, but in a very distant way. I read it to kids when I speak to them, because it reminds them just how much their actions are remembered by people, and do you want to be remembered eight decades later by someone for an act of unkindness or an act of kindness? There's a certain act of atonement here, and the fact that maybe I'm helping this little girl, without her knowing, in some way because of Wonder a€” really, there's a nice little irony that is pretty special for me. The heavy drinking of writers like Ernest Hemingway and Hart Crane inspired a kind of myth of the American writer as a genius armed with a typewriter and a bottle of whiskey. The phrase "the trip to echo spring" is from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, not The Glass Menagerie. All comments must follow the NPR.org Community rules and terms of use, and will be moderated prior to posting.
We are not moving on, we are embracing our mourning We are Virginia Tech We are strong enough to stand tall tearlessly, we are brave enough to bend to cry, and we are sad enough to know that we must laugh again We are Virginia Tech We do not understand this tragedy. What's most striking about these videos is the strength of her voice and her confident delivery, and now her original song "Here" is poised to take her to a whole new stratosphere. Cara's phrasing, the relatability of her words and the coolness of the production help make this track instantly likable and universal.
Rizzoli & Isles, a television show based on her best-selling thriller series, premieres Monday night on TNT. The house had a stash of paperback novels left behind by earlier doctors, and on those quiet tropical nights, there wasn't much else to do but read. And it's something that really resonates with kids, because they kind of get it right away. Your actions are remembered, and you have the power to not only make someone's day but to change someone's life. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. We know we did nothing to deserve it, but neither does a child in Africa dying of AIDS, neither do the invisible children walking the night away to avoid being captured by the rogue army, neither does the baby elephant watching his community being devastated for ivory, neither does the Mexican child looking for fresh water, neither does the Appalachian infant killed in the middle of the night in his crib in the home his father built with his own hands being run over by a boulder because the land was destabilized. She describes her teenage years stealing cars, her love affair with Jesus Christ and her early work in a touring children's show — one of many jobs she took while trying to start her comedy career.
So I chose a book off the shelf, a World War II spy thriller called Eye Of The Needle by Ken Follett.
He didna€™t smoke, she had never smelled drink on his breath, and he spent every evening in his room, listening to classical music on his radio.
You know, sometimes because especially at that age, you're in an argument with a friend and you know you're right, [but] you need reminding that ultimately the important thing is to choose to be kind, not choose to be right. The books, written like pencil-to-paper diary entries by Heffley, consistently top the New York Times bestseller lists. Scott Fitzgerald also gave rise to the belief that alcohol somehow stoked their creativity.
No one deserves a tragedy We are Virginia Tech The Hokie Nation embraces our own and reaches out with open heart and hands to those who offer their hearts and minds.
She's interviewed market analysts while dressed like a "money honey bee" to explain the financial crisis. It affects me annually around the holiday season and at a few other scattered points throughout the year, on people's birthdays. She is now the author of more than 15 thrillers, eight of which detail the cases of Jane Rizzoli, a police detective, and Maura Isles, a medical examiner. They were at an ice cream store and sat next to a little girl with a severe facial deformity.

She'll wave at him, she'll say "Hey Auggie," she's not one of the kids that's mean to him, but she never really pushes herself to do anything other than be friendly. 27: The Mother's League of Central High School, a group of women from Broadmoor Baptist Church with ties to a segregationist group, has its first public meeting. And I was an avid reader so I opened up the book and I started reading and man, I had questions." On working at The Daily Show and being a mom "The Daily Show could not be more accommodating. It's an obsession with finding the pitch-perfect gift, accompanied by a severe mental block when it comes to interpreting that person's needs and desires. She suspected he was quite clever, despite his humble job: his contributions to the conversation in the dining-room were always a shade more thoughtful than anyone elsea€™s. After discussing "inter-racial marriages and resulting diseases which might arise," they decide to petition the governor to prevent integration. America was captivated by him, and by the young women who, under his spell, had snuck into two houses in Los Angeles to murder people they had never met. It really is a very family-friendly place to work, and I think maybe that would surprise people. All of them struggled with alcoholism and, in the end, alcohol played a role in all of their deaths. But in the very first chapter, while sending a coded radio message from his room, he's surprised by his landlady and swiftly kills her with a stiletto stab. So that's why she's motivated to sit down with him, but she soon realizes that he's just a great kid, he's a fun kid, he's really funny. I wish with all my heart that I could say that I would have been like Summer but, if I'm completely honest, I would say I was probably more like Charlotte when I was that age.
Kinney, who originally started the series as a Web comic, uses an adult's perspective to hilariously remind readers about life in junior high. Now it's choice." Bee maintains a straight face as her subjects search for answers to her occasionally ridiculous questions. I would be extremely happy if I came from a family that composed original poetry, or pulled names out of a hat to give one single gift as our preferred mode of holiday expression. Spock of the pair; a medical examiner who wants to understand the logic of why things happen.
So she might've felt sorry for him the first day, but after that she decides to sit down with him at lunchtime a€” that's their little time together a€” because she really just likes his company.
I probably would have been nice a€” I know I was never mean a€” but I don't think I went out of my way to be as kind as I could have been.
Clyde Thompson, recording secretary of the Mother's League of Little Rock Central High School, files a motion seeking a temporary injunction against school integration. Writer Jeff Guinn has spent many years digging into Manson's past, getting access to family members and photos never reported on before.
He was a fine figure of a man: tall, quite heavy around the neck and shoulders, not a bit fat, with long legs.
But instead what I ended up doing was leaving the scene so quickly that I missed that opportunity to turn the situation into a great teaching moment for my kids.
Everybody's very warm and embracing and they've been so accommodating with us bringing our children with us when we go away. And he had a strong face, with a high forehead and a long jaw and bright blue eyes; not pretty, like a film star, but the kind of face that appealed to a woman. I didn't want to expose them more than was necessary, and I think the best way to counterbalance that was for it to be people whose work I genuinely loved, that I thought was extraordinary a€” and whose work dealt with alcoholism, whose work dealt with alcohol and drinking and the whole mythos of the boozing writer. Bates was the person for the moment," says Annie Abrams, a friend of Daisy Bates who was one of many black residents active at the time of the crisis. If you tried to give someone a poem instead of a present, you would find yourself on the receiving end of a clusterfuck of confusion, as the person repeatedly tried to dig through the envelope it came in to find the gift card for Best Buy that surely must have dropped out somewhere along the way. The Nazis are desperate to learn where the invading Allied forces will land, and Faber soon discovers that secret.
Except for the mouth — that was small and thin, and she could imagine him being cruel. If he can survive long enough to transmit the information to Germany, it will change the course of the war. The book opens as he enters school and the story unfolds from several points of view a€” we get the perspective of his sister, his parents, his best friends, the do-gooders and the mean kids. Never anything good about him." Interview Highlights On how young Charles Manson resembled the man he would become "It was amazing how the patterns of his later life were evident right away. She's always doing things like freezing a road-kill porcupine in order to remove the quills and fashion you a sunglasses case festooned with hand-cut beads. We were the players," says Ernest Green, one of the Little Rock Nine, the group of students who integrated Central High School. Six years old first grade he's talking the girls in his class into beating up boys he doesn't like. So they really make it possible for us." On working with her husband, Jason Jones "It's very helpful.
Wonder has been a best-seller, and the book has been embraced by towns, schools and the craniofacial community.
Then when the principal comes to ask Charlie, 'Why did you do that?' Charlie's response is, 'It wasn't me; they were doing what they wanted. It's really nice that they hired Jason because that makes it a lot easier on me because we have adult time together.
Yet even as his actions repelled me, even as he left a trail of dead bodies, he was such a fascinating character I found myself rooting for him. 30: Federal District Judge Ronald Davies orders the Little Rock School Board to proceed with its plan of gradual integration and the opening of the school on Sept. Being at work is kind of like being on a date minus the S-E-X." On being Canadian and making fun of universal health care on The Daily Show "I love our health care system in Canada so it's a really hot-button issue for me as a person. You're never quite sure what to do with these things, but you always feel the love and care that goes into every stitch.
He always claimed he was the child of an unwed teenage prostitute who tried to sell her baby once for a pitcher of beer. I was taking the alternate point of view on the show and I had to tell everybody 'You know, I really like the Canadian [health care system] — hold on, I don't know if I can make a joke about that. It's very interesting when you look at Hemingway's work and his letters, the ways that he established that myth in order to conceal and protect his own drinking, to let him himself get away with the amount of drinking that he wanted to do a€” and he was very contemptuous of people like Fitzgerald who he didn't think were "good" drinkers, who he felt couldn't really handle it.
I mean, if you're going to put on a blindfold and feel around the inside of a Dumpster for something you can wrap in the paper I wrapped your last gift with and toss it to me Christmas morning from across the room, maybe you shouldn't bother. She wondered for a moment whether he might be what people called effeminate, but she dismissed the idea quickly. He was the publisher of the largest black newspaper in the state; she was his star reporter. Faubus orders the Arkansas National Guard to prohibit nine black students from entering Central High School. Drinking becomes a way to escape from or to medicate all kinds of difficult feelings that might also be driving the creativity, too. Afterward, the school board orders the nine black students who had registered at Central not to attempt to attend school.

I've worked my way through that." On having a crush on Jesus "I've spoken to a lot of lapsed Catholics since I wrote the book and we all had a crush on Jesus.
It's more insulting to me that you would wrap the cardigan of a dead person eight sizes larger than me and try to pass it off as something I would wear than if you just said, "We 're not doing gifts this year." If you give me a turquoise, sizesixteen, funnel-neck sweatshirt with three-quarter-length sleeves and a relief portrait of rabbits frolicking in the snow, then I know you didn't really want to bother getting me something in the first place. I can instantly recall the guy who played Jesus in Jesus of Nazareth — I mean, that was a really important part of it for me. She had a nice face, and fair curly hair, and there was something for a man to get hold of . I wouldn't have been interested in it at all if he hadn't had dazzling blue eyes and wonderful silky hair. I eventually left medicine and became a thriller writer myself, and I count Eye of the Needle as the novel that taught me what a real thriller is. There's an ordinary life outside of the writer myth life, and that's part of the story of literature. 4: Nine black students attempt to enter Central High School, but are turned away by the National Guard. It taught me that the most memorable characters are ordinary folks like Lucy, who find the strength to survive extraordinary circumstances.
So the reason that they put together this plan was because Daisy forced them to put the plan together." Recruiting Students to Go First The plan could work only if there were students a€” children really a€” willing to be the first to possibly face violence and defy the segregationists. One of the nine, Elizabeth Eckford, does not have a telephone and so was not notified ahead of time of the change in plans.
And it taught me that even when your tale involves a subject as big as world war or Armageddon, the real story, the story that readers most want to read, comes down to the struggles of one or two people — as long as they're people we care about. Grace Lorch, a white woman, stays with her and boards the bus with her to help take her to her mother's school.
He wasna€™t sexless — she could tell by the look in his eyes on the two occasions he had seen her in her nightdress. Bates since I was probably two years old and I was a paper carrier for their newspaper from the time I was six," says Hampton. She was one of the children considered, though she wasn't selected as one of the original nine. I can agree in principle that it's the thought that counts when giving or getting gifts, but I would also like to point out that "if there 's no thought .
And she said to my parents that she hoped that she would have their support in our stepping forward." Daisy Bates did win some parents over a€” even as the school board was pressuring them to keep their children at the all-black high school. If your next impulse is to write me a check for $50 and put it in a Tiffany ring box for me to breathlessly open, that's probably not going to work either.
Faubus goes on national television to re-affirm his stand and insists that the federal government halt its demand for integration. I will take that check for $50, "boyfriend," and I will pay my phone bill with it, thank you very much! Orval Faubus vowed "blood will run in the streets" if black students tried to enter Central High. She put on a new nightdress — pink, with an embroidered neckline, and no one to see it!
10: Judge Davies tells the United States Justice Department to begin injunction proceedings against Faubus. He would have a flat stomach, and hairs on his nipples, and you would be able to see his ribs, because he was slim. Stories about dangerous love affairs were fine when you yourself had a perfectly safe love affair with your husband, but a woman needed more than Barbara Cartland. He explained things to us at a certain point and there were quite a few great minds there who were passing on information and laughing, talking." Green adds, "What I remember at Ms.
20: Judge Davies rules Faubus has not used the troops to preserve law and order and orders them removed, unless they protect the nine black students as they enter the school. 23: An angry mob of more than 1,000 white people curses and fights in front of Central High School, while the nine black children are escorted inside.
The fact that the president of the United States has sent the United States Army here to escort you into school means that this government is finally serious about school desegregation.'" Eisenhower had acted, sending in the 101st Airborne to escort five boys and four girls to high school.
A number of white students, including Sammie Dean Parker, jump out of windows to avoid contact with the black students.
The Little Rock police cannot control the mob and, fearing for their safety, remove the nine children from the school. Three black journalists covering the story are first harassed and then physically attacked and chased by a mob. President Eisenhower calls the rioting "disgraceful" and orders federal troops into Little Rock. She was a mature adult, and it was her house, and in ten years she had not met another man who was just right for her, and what the hell, she needed to feel someone strong and hard and hairy on top of her, squeezing her breasts and panting in her ear and parting her thighs with his broad flat hands, for tomorrow the gas bombs might come over from Germany and they would all die choking and gasping and poisoned and she would have lost her last chance.
Her face and name were better-known in the city than King's, and her presence might have stirred violence. 25: Under troop escort, the nine black children are escorted back into Central High School. She intended to step over the stair that creaked, but she stumbled on the loose carpet and trod on it heavily; but it seemed that nobody heard, so she went on up and tapped on the door at the top. Army, addresses the white students in the school's auditorium before the nine students arrive. It was my mother who was frightened for my life, and they were the heroes of this." Central High graduate Sybil Jordan Hampton thinks Daisy Bates was also heroic.
Bates was a tragic figure." Fifty years on, the woman who had been at the center of the Little Rock movement is barely remembered.
She took a step forward, and then his arms went around her, and she closed her eyes and turned up her face, and he kissed her, and she moved slightly in his arms, and then there was a terrible, awful, unbearable sharp pain in her back and she opened her mouth to scream. Her home, where it all happened, was nearly lost after her husband passed away and money was tight. If shea€™d waited another minute he would have had the radio transmitter back in its case and the code books in the drawer and there would have been no need for her to die. She became the first a€” and still only a€” African-American to lie in state in the Arkansas Capitol, the same building once occupied by Gov. But before he could conceal the evidence he had heard her key in the lock, and when she opened the door the stiletto had been in his hand. Keeping his fingers in her mouth, he gripped her jaw with his thumb and pushed her back against the door. Her head hit the woodwork with a loud bump, and he wished he had not turned the radio down, but how could he have expected this? He tightened his hold on her jaw, kept her head still by jamming it against the door, and brought the stiletto around in a wide slashing arc that ripped away most of her throat, for the stiletto was not a slashing knife and the throat was not Fabera€™s favoured target.

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