The Yamal-Nenets are a nomadic people and herders of reindeer in the vast northern reaches of Siberia.
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Remember this:  If people would just stop for 20 minutes the first time they had an feeling they might be lost, they would probably realize they are just a few feet from the correct path. Let’s consider a scenario where you are lost in the woods, it’s getting dark, and a cold storm is blowing in.
That situation also highlights the fact that it is shelter, not fire, which best addresses your need for warmth.
In a true emergency, you are only going to have a few minutes between the time you realize you need to make shelter, and nightfall. If you are stuck somewhere in a true wilderness survival situation, all you can really do the first day, beyond breathing to calm yourself, is to bivouac. If you have an able body, then build what I call an Eagle’s Nest as the best emergency shelter. My next article in this series will include construction advice for the Eagle’s Nest Shelter, which is the best way to enhance a bivouacking situation.
They live in Chums (pronounced chooms), which are large Tipi-like tents made from tall poles and reindeer hides. Though primitive by modern standards, they have a connection to the Earth that most people only dream of. Could you imagine how quickly Search & Rescue would find someone who had stopped the first time they felt a little lost?

Young people have come back to life after an hour stuck in water beneath ice, if the mammalian diving reflex kicked-in to trap air in their lungs and slow their metabolism, then they were warmed up very slowly under medical attention.
Just stay there unless you know absolutely and without fail what will get you out of trouble.
It took 6 youth 6 hours with direction to make this one in a Pacific Northwest forest where grasses and leafy debris quickly decompose. The eagle’s nest was invented by a group of kids I was supervising during a fundraiser for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in Chehalis, Washington They taught me, again, that we just need to look at what kids do for survival. Further, if you thought ahead and brought your 10 Essentials, you should have a plastic bag with you, and my upcoming Eagle’s Nest article will discuss the best ways to use a plastic bag for shelter, as well as provide recommendations for even better options to bring such as the Adventure Medical emergency and thermal bivi bags.
This glimpse into their lives is a privilege and teaches us that happiness doesn’t have to come from money and big houses. Getting enough oxygen to your brain and extremities reduces panic and warms you up as well. My trick, learned from having to deal with asthma attacks in my younger years, is to stand, leaning over a bit with my hands on my knees, and then blow all the air out of my lungs by pushing my stomach inwards as far as I can. The answer is to follow the order of survival, which follows what the late survival specialist Dr. And if you think about it, you can survive without warmth, water and food forever if you just keep breathing.
In search and rescue, we are often more cautiously optimistic about a situation if a genuinely lost person is a child, because more often than adults, the child will instinctively seek shelter and stay there, at least during the night. After many, many years of building debris huts with friends, students and campers, I finally realized that the debris hut is useless during a real emergency.

2) Get away from water where it is dangerous and cold, especially at night, staying uphill a bit away from noisy creeks where you and rescuers can’t hear each other. Just remember: get out of the wind, get away from water, and gather as much debris as you can to raise yourself off cold ground. It’s a very quick shelter to set up once the initial materials are gathered and made. In other words, stop for 20 minutes (look at your time piece) to calm down, and often, you will know where you are and what to do.
My next article in this series will include construction advice for the Eagle’s Nest Shelter, and we’ll include a video for you as well! 3) If you have time and knowledge, look for debris to enhance your shelter, primarily to put underneath you to insulate from the cold ground, especially if staying overnight. What can’t you live without for more than about 4 days before getting critically dehydrated? In hot, sunny areas, find or create shade during the day, even if just one part of your body fits underneath.

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