No man likes to admit it, but most men above the age of 35 experience it at some point. Suddenly, the erection is not quite as firm as it used to be – worse, it always happens when it counts.
Several research studies have now established that every 2nd man over 40 has experienced erection problems to some degree. Since the 1990s natural food supplements based on the amino acid Arginine have become a popular method for male potency enhancement. The health benefits in men are caused by a number of micro nutrients (nutraceuticals) with the principal one being the L-arginine. The online and high-street market offers a large and diverse range of products to improve male erectile function. The team had a thorough look at the available clinical research and decided to evaluate erectile function products based on the amino acid Arginine.
L-arginine is the sole precursor for the neurotransmitter nitric-oxide (NO), which regulates the rate of blood flow and blood pressure by relaxing and tensing the muscle tissue inside the arterial walls.
The circulation-based health benefits of Arginine to the human body are so significant that the Nobel Prize committee rewarded the researchers who discovered its effects in the 60s and 70s with the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998.
Arginine therefore has a statistically significant life-prolonging effect, because better circulation means less risk of cardiovascular disease. Indeed, circulatory diseases are the number 1 killer in the Western world above the age of 45.
Specifically for erectile function, Nitric Oxide ensures that the penis can be naturally and effectively filled with blood, so it can mechanically function the way it is designed to. However, are expensive and only have temporary effects and all of them have unpredictable side effects. Early studies concluded that a dose of 5,000mg per day of Arginine does not have a satisfactory effect on treating erectile dysfunction as only 31% of subjects reported improvement10. Pine bark extract (trademarked as Pycnogenol in the USA) is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and produced from the French Maritime Bark. Its main benefit on the cardiovascular system is that systemically improves Arginine’s effect on the cardio-vascular system – arteries are simply kept younger, more elastic and free of plaque. These three particular products were chosen, because they have an effective nutrient profile, are fairly priced and are specifically aimed at customers with erectile dysfunction or impotence problems.
The three products combine a total of 11 clinically-proven male potency nutrients between them: L-arginine, L-carnitine, pine bark extract, co-enzyme Q10, vitamin B6, vitamin B9 (folic acid), vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc and Betaine. Aminoexpert VIGARIN, amitamin M forte and formula-X Men all include the super antioxidant pine bark extract. VIGARIN does not include the important vitamin B complex, but instead features Carnitine for improved fat metabolism and energy release. Several micro nutrients (nutraceuticals) have been clinically shown to support strong male health. L-arginine is a powerful vasodilator and a precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO) production in the body. A strong heart, which pumps efficiently at full force lowers the heart rate causing your blood pressure to flow more evenly and smoothly. Reduced risk of diabetes and atherosclerosis, which causes Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), strokes and heart attacks increase life expectancy. An active body, which is supported by stronger joint and muscle tissue has a better overall hormone (testosterone) balance, which causes an overall favourable and attractive body composition. All of this will increase the chance that you will be able to achieve a strong erection, perform in bed and therefore have a healthy sex life. Over the years, a large body of research has paved the way for a class of food supplements called NO-Boosters.
Arginine directly boosts Nitric Oxide, relaxing the arterial walls and directly promoting circulation throughout the system, including in the penile tissue. Cirtulline is what is known as a precursor to the production of nitric oxide within the body.
So, it should only stand to reason that Citrulline may play an important role in curbing the effects of erectile dysfunction.
Pine Bark Extract contains has been shown to simultaneously help with the absorption of nitrogen into the bloodstream whilst exhibiting have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
One key study showed that after men supplementing a mix of Arginine and pine bark extract for just two months, a full 80 per cent of the men regained their ability to have erections, a figure which increased to 92.5 per cent after the third month. In a similar study in Japan at Hiroshima University, researchers found that 180 milligrams of pine bark extract in combination with L-arginine, boosted vasodilation by 42 per cent17. Pine Bark Extract is therefore a key nutrient for holistic heart health and significantly contributes to the effective treatment of vascular erectile dysfunction.
Adding Arginine and Pine bark Extract to your diet makes it more complete nutritionally and causes increased vascularity, which you will feel physically in your muscles and by way of a stronger erection18. Zinc is very important especially for men. Research shows that having ample zinc available in the body allows for a more robust release of the three most important anabolic hormones, testosterone19, growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). Thirdly, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients are needed to support anti-ageing and the immune system. Specifically in the context of Erectile Dysfunction, the combination of vitamin B6, 9 (Folic Acid), 12 and Betaine is important. Elevated levels of homocysteine in the blood are believed to cause narrowing and hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).
Some studies have shown even moderate levels of homocysteine levels causing higher rates of repeated incidence of blood clot formation25. Carnitine supports energy supply throughout the body by promoting the conversion of fat into energy. Vitamin A is an important hormone-like growth factor for epithelial and other cells, which line the inside of the arteries and regulate vasodilatation26.
Importantly, these nutrients represent a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction and a real alternative to experimenting with alternative substances, which are not backed up by scientific research.
There is a large number of well-known treatments, which will work in the short-term short-term (the famous blue pill), or claim to fix ED by improving testosterone alone (zinc). There are a number of pharmaceutical and homeopathic supplements, which claim to work as short-term ED treatments.
The famous “blue pill” or its cousins, so-called PDE-5 inhibitors can provide a temporary fix when you are planning to have sexual intercourse.
At approximately A$ 20.00 per dose they are relatively expensive and require a prescription to control their consumption. This amino acid derivative is an all-natural ingredient that can be found in many meat products.
While there are small amounts in meat and dairy products, natural supplementation will provide the levels that are deemed necessary to produce viable results.
Thus, by extension it can be concluded that it will also help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence.
However, it should be known that vitamin C has been shown to possibly contribute to a hardening of the arteries and even cause some forms of cancer. This enzyme has been popular in fitness and bodybuilding communities for some time as a powerful antioxidant and an energy booster.
Coenzyme Q-10 (also known as CoQ10) has also been shown to improve cardiovascular function, decrease the breakdown of nitric oxide and supply more blood to the penis.
Found naturally in citrus fruits and leafy vegetables such as spinach, folic acid can be taken either in a pill form or through consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.
So, it is wise to consult with a nutritionist or a physician if one has a history of cancer in the family. Finally, this herbal remedy is backed up by rather robust evidence as having dilating properties. As you have likely seen, the most effective way to combat erectile dysfunction is to increase blood flow to the penis and surrounding tissues. Therefore, a doctor should always be consulted prior to using these or any other supplements.
However, scientific studies on humans have not been sufficiently conclusive as to whether it is an effective erectile dysfunction remedy3233. Maca is a plant found in the Andes mountains in South America. Maca does not specifically target the ED, but rather the libido as a whole, which is why it is taken by both men and women.
When taken on its own, you might therefore find yourself in the most frustrating situation of being aroused, but not being able to achieve an erection.
A combination of Maca with another vasodilator such as L-Arginine is recommended for this reason. Once a prostate gland is found to contain cancer, the next step is to determine the proper treatment. Candidates for active surveillance are patients who have two or fewer (out of twelve) positive biopsies, no individual biopsy is composed of over 50 percent cancer, and no biopsy contains a cancer higher than a Gleason Grade 6.
Removal of the prostate, either with or without the Da Vinci Robot, is generally for patients with more aggressive disease, meaning higher Gleason scores (7–10) and larger volumes of tumor. External beam radiation, also known as IMRT, is the treatment option for patients who are not candidates for brachytherapy or prostate removal, either because of age, health issues, or obesity. Brachytherapy, or placement of radioactive seeds into the prostate during an outpatient surgical procedure is a good choice for men who do not qualify for active surveillance because of the volume of prostate cancer (more than two positive biopsies or one biopsy greater than 50 percent), but preferably still have a Gleason Score 6-7 or less. HDR Brachytherapy is proving to be a more effective and popular treatment of prostate cancer.
A combination of HDR Brachytherapy followed by a course of external beam radiation (IMRT) is proving to be a very successful treatment option with few side effects.
All of the above treatment options may have side effects and will require monitoring for the patient’s lifetime.
But the good news is that each of these problems has a variety of treatment options that can be used effectively. Also it is wise to avoid self diagnosis and self treatment as a doctor will be in a much better position to help you with your problem. The most famous buzzword when it comes to erectile dysfunction and related problems is Viagra. This medicine helps in improving the flow of blood to the genital region and also helps the penis retain the erection during sexual intercourse. A man with erectile dysfunction can also be treated with the help of certain medicines that are injected directly into the penile region. People who have hormonal deficiencies like low testosterone levels can also have many sexual health issues.
These are rings that are not used very often in sexual treatments but are actually quite effective. It is advised that the person should apply the ointment before having sex and should wipe it off completely before penetration. Penile prostheses or penile implants are an effective treatment and an increasingly desirable option for men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Both types of hydraulic inflatable devices have hollow cylinders that are implanted within the erection chambers of the penis. This is the simpler of the two types of inflatable devices, accounting for approximately 15% of penile implants used worldwide. The most commonly used inflatable device is the 3-piece inflatable implant, accounting for approximately 75% of penile implants. One major difference between the hydraulic, inflatable prosthesis and the semi-rigid malleable implant is that the inflatable prosthesis has a more natural feel since it allows for control of rigidity and size.
The pros and cons of each treatment option should be carefully discussed with the treating physician to make the best-informed choice and to ensure that the patient has realistic expectations about treatment results.
If you have questions regarding prostate cancer, our board-certified team of urologists has the answers. We offer innovative, personal and high-quality urologic care for patients in Citrus, Lake, Marion and Sumter counties. Then get comfortable, get a mirror and look at yourself in the mirror and identify all your parts. What you see in the mirror and feel with your finger is just the head (glans) of your clitoris.
Today researchers are also saying that what was considered to be the so called G Spot in years gone past, is really just the internal parts of the clitoris (the clitoral complex), and that the G Spot does not exist as a distinct thing. The big surprise is that the inside of your vagina is largely without much nerve endings, so it does not feel a whole lot. Your vagina is a birth canal, an outlet for menstrual flow during your period, an outlet for discharge, and a safe place for a partner to deposit his sperm to make you pregnant.
Even though most descriptions, pictures and videos about sex concentrates on the penis pumping inside the vagina, that is not how the vast majority of women orgasm. An orgasm is the sudden release of sexual and muscle tension from around your genitals and reproductive organs in waves of pleasure, heat and contractions, leaving you happy, warm and glowing, satisfied and relaxed, even sleepy. In the run-up to your orgasm, your body will tense, you may shake, twitch, move and grasp uncontrollably. Masturbation-like Sex: Put your fingers down there, or ask him to do it and rub your clitoris like you are masturbating during intercourse.
Humping: You can kneel on the floor or bed, stack and fold pillows between your legs and then hump them like you are riding a horse. Water: Letting water from the bath faucet or a hand shower or a bidet run over your clitoris can give you great hands-free orgasms. So what do we need to do to help our brains giving us big orgasms without the help of drugs? Forget about yourself, your insecurities and stop thinking about what your partner is or may be thinking about you or sex. As you get closer to orgasm, electric pulses from those 8.000 plus nerve endings in your clitoris is shooting up your spine into your brain where it builds up a charge.
So yes, your brain enables all this to happen, and your thoughts and doubts can prevent it from happening.
Make sure you know what pleasures you before you try to tell somebody else how to pleasure you. Medical conditions like endometriosis, depression, ADD, a lack of sleep, pain, stress and worry can make you anorgasmic.
Your vagina is a birth canal, the outlet for menstrual flow and discharge and a safe place for your partner to deposit his sperm to make you pregnant.
Your clitoris has one, and only one job- giving you intense sexual pleasure leading to orgasms.
Researchers have found that a woman’s clitoris increase in size when she is in her fertile window. This ties in with the evolutionary theory that a woman’s body gets primed for sex during her fertile time to ensure the survival of the human race.
There is a lot of confusion about a woman’s genitals, especially about what to call it, and secondly about what gives a woman pleasure.
Some women and a lot of men are totally confused about the function of the vagina and the clitoris. The easiest way to describe the difference between the vulva and the vagina is that when a woman is naked, you can see most of her vulva. I find it easy to orgasm when I masturbate, but during sex with my husband, I feel nothing. Your vagina is your birth canal, an outlet for discharge and menstrual flow, and a safe place for your partner to deposit his sperm to make you pregnant.
On the other hand, your clitoris is the most sensitive organ in the human body, male or female.
The mechanics of sex, and your physical build prevents you from getting the stimulation on your clitoris that you need to orgasm during intercourse. Unfortunately, women do not talk about this, we feel it is our fault when we do not orgasm with our partners and we are ashamed to admit it or search for help. The way you will get an orgasm during intercourse is to get the necessary stimulation to your clitoris. 1) Use a sex position where you can get fingers or a small vibrator on your clitoris, and rub or vibrate your clitoris. At the end of the day however, only one person is responsible for your orgasm, and that is you. Intercourse gives you many other pleasures that are not measured by the quality of your orgasm.

Take your time – quicky orgasms can be fun at times, but the real good ones take time and effort to build up. Sex starts way before you take your panties off – a lot of your sexual arousal and satisfaction happens in your brain. Exercising – being fit and healthy makes you feel good, and feel good about yourself. The confusion stems from the more information available to girls today, and the fact that girls and boys discuss sex a lot more than in the past. Ihad sex with one guy he was touching me and Ii couldn’t feel any orgasmic flutterings or pulsating feelings down below, but Ii came with lots of white stuff. What comes out of a man’s penis is urine (pee) pre-ejaculate or pre-cum and semen or cum. What comes out of a woman is urine (pee), ejaculation fluid, gushing fluid, squirt, cervical mucus, discharge or arousal fluid.
I know my body tenses up, I do get a very intense pulsing sensation down there, as if something is about to happen, but then I feel like there should be something more. I know I feel fear, as if I am going to pee all over, so I wonder if I am stopping myself from receiving a full orgasm. In order to understand an orgasm you need to understand what an orgasm is and how you get there.
Meanwhile your heart rate and breathing rate increased about two fold, causing you to feel warm and even sweat a bit. Finally when you cannot take it any more, when you feel like you are in agony, your brain will say enough and signal your body to release. The muscles in your pelvic floor, vagina, cervix, uterus and around your anus will start to rapidly contract. After your orgasm, you may want to pee to clear your urethra and release the fluids that formed inside your bladder.
Brand spanking new research confirmed what most scientists and doctors suspected for many years; that what is sold as female ejaculation in the popular press and porn industry, is a separate phenomena from female ejaculation. Here is the citation and reference to the paper that was published on 13 October 2011: Rubio-Casillas, A. According to a recent research study published in the June 2011 edition of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the shape of a woman’s lips can be a sign of her ability to get a vaginal orgasm during intercourse.
Only a relatively small percentage of women experience an orgasm from penile vaginal intercourse (PVI).
258 Scottish women completed an online survey reporting their frequencies of various sexual activities and corresponding orgasms, age, and the prominence of the tubercle of their upper lip.
Women with a prominent and sharply raised lip tubercle was 12 times more likely to have an orgasm from just penile penetration (no masturbation or any other techniques used). The theory is that the same prenatal hormones creating the prominent lip tubercle also created the anatomy of the woman’s genitals that made the vaginal orgasm from penetrative sex possible. Vaginal Orgasm Is More Prevalent Among Women with a Prominent Tubercle of the Upper Lip – 2011 Jun 15. A representative sample of the Czech women (2,360) were asked about their consistency of orgasm with a partner (from “never” to “almost every time”), and estimates of their typical durations of foreplay and of penile–vaginal intercourse. Do not use  any scented products on your vulva or inside your vagina.  Sugars are bad for your vagina and a lot of flavored and scented products contains sugars. Within the folds of your labia and under the clitoral hood, dead skin cells can combine with oil secreted from glands in the skin to form a whitish cheese-like secretion called smegma. Wipe yourself from the front to the back to keep anal bacteria out of your vagina and vulva. If you are going to change your tampon, take your tampon out, pee and then put the new tampon in. If you get wet (swimming for example), dry your genital area or put on dry bottoms as soon as convenient.
Make sure you are both STD free by having an STD scan once a year or with every new partner. Never allow anything that touched your anal region into your vulva or vagina without it being cleaned thoroughly. If you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, you need to consult your doctor to determine any special precautions to take with genital care. The Journal of Sexual Medicine asked 6 scientists to conduct a study into the existence of the G-Spot. The results of this study was similar to the results from the Journal of Sexual Medicine Debate held during the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health Congress in Florence in February of 2009.
This means that the body actually produces it itself, but not always in sufficient amounts for optimal health benefit7! The researchers had discovered that Arginine is the most important precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO), which is the neurotransmitter used in the human body to signal vasodilation or the relaxation or blood vessels walls allowing them to expand and more blood to flow through them.
Rather than encouraging an erection to happen by improving blood flow into the penis, they work by blocking the outflow of blood. Only amitamin M forte includes the full Homocysteine reduction stack of Betaine + vitamins B6, B9 and B12.
This natural compound has been shown to be the most powerful NO Booster14, effectively helping the body to regulate blood circulation, whilst protecting the inner arterial walls15. Nitric Oxide is the neurotransmitter, which regulates the rate of blood flow anywhere in the body. These are almost always based on Arginine and have been used with notable results by strength and endurance athletes.
It promotes a well-functioning cardiovascular system, which consists of a strong heart and elastic blood vessels ensuring that our body can perform at its best.
Nitric oxide is a vasodilator; that is, it helps to expand the blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the body increasing the rate of blood flow. These characteristics can help with heart health as blood pressure is lowered and which aids the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure is directly affected as L-arginine relaxes artery walls, which boosts blood flow throughout. Over 300 successful studies have been carried out on the effects of pine bark extract on osteoarthritis, diabetes, cancer and many more illnesses.
Most vitamins fall in this category, especially several of the B vitamins, vitamin E as well as Betaine, Co-enzyme Q10. This combination of nutrients reduces Homocysteine, which benefits circulation and lowers risk of heart disease24. The blood vessel narrowing in turn leads to reduced blood flow through the affected arteries.
None of these treatments, however, do not address the most common cause systemically – poor circulation, which leads to cardiovascular problems. The prescription, however, is extremely important, because a high pharmaceutical quality and correct dosage of the product must be guaranteed.
Studies have shown that taking two grams of carnitine per day led to improved erectile function in men who experienced little results with prescription products2728.
It should be noted that those with thyroid problems or who are currently suffering from heart disease should consult with a physician. It has been shown that vitamin C is a mild vasodilator in itself while some studies have shown that it will simultaneously help prevent the premature breakdown of nitric oxide within the body.
This is caused by its unique ability to increase the activity of nitric oxide within the bloodstream. Gingko also helps with mood disorders, which may be of particular interest to men who may have a psychological component behind their erectile dysfunction. However, it must not be forgotten that the efficacy of these supplements will vary from person to person.
However, this may also have an impact on those who are hypertensive or who have a history of heart arrhthymia. Maca is available over-the-counter in pharmacies or via mail order and has been shown to improve libido. Initial treatment is based on whether the cancer is confined to the prostate or has spread outside the prostate (not as common as in the past due to PSA screening). Candidates for prostate removal are generally under 75 years of age and in excellent health (including not being overweight).
This procedure requires a 36 hour stay in the hospital where a number of small catheters, or tubes, are placed in the prostate and high doses of radiation are delivered to the prostate every twelve hours for a total of three treatments. This will be discussed in next month’s issue, as well as treatment for cancer of the prostate that has spread outside the prostate. The treatment was 100% successful and I recommend it to any man who suffers from an enlarged prostate.
It is now a widely understood fact that sexual health and other related activities are very important contributors to a man’s overall happiness and state of mind.
These issues include problems and disorders like erectile dysfunction (impotence), premature ejaculation, delayed climax and even low levels of male hormones.
The only thing that you must keep in mind is that you must never blame yourself or feel inadequate because of such issues.
Such patients are also treated with the help of hormone replacement therapy where testosterone is injected into the body at regular intervals. They are small rings that can be fitted at the base of the penis and are usually quite tight.
Obviously this is an option only for those men who can get an erection but cannot sustain it for too long. Lidocaine is a commonly available desensitizing medication that numbs the area that it is applied on. Men are eligible for implants if they have an established medical cause for ED, fail to respond to non-surgical treatments (such as oral medications, vacuum devices and injection therapy) and are motivated to have surgery to improve erectile function. Men should avoid this device if they have a spinal cord injury, diabetes or penile irradiation.
In order to create an erection these inflatable devices use a pump to transfer fluid (saline) into the cylinders via tubing. In the two-component penile prosthesis, one component is the paired cylinders and the second component is the fluid-filled internal pump located inside the scrotum.
This device has paired cylinders and a small scrotal pump, but in addition this device also has a fluid reservoir behind the abdominal wall muscles that is filled with saline solution. The semi-rigid devices have the advantage of being the simplest of the penile implants and are the cheaper option. To schedule a consultation with Advanced Urologists, please call (855) 298-CARE or contact our office today. This is causing many women to go for years without experiencing an orgasm, until suddenly something changes and they experience their first orgasm. Spread your lips apart with your fingers and look at your vaginal opening and your clitoris, move the hood over your clitoris back so that you can see what it looks like. That little glans (head) of the clitoris you can see and feel, has more nerve endings than a man’s whole penis. It is without nerve endings and feeling to protect you from pain and trauma during child birth, menstruation, infections and sex. Your breathing and heart rate will rise sharply and you may feel hot and frustrated as you anticipate the release which does not seem to come. So touch it through the skin and hood until just before you orgasm when it likes to be touched harder and faster. Real men and women get pleasure from seeing their partners enjoying sex, so they should not mind. This is easier done in positions with him behind you (spoon or doggy), or you sitting on top of him (cow girl or reverse cow girl), or him standing while you are laying on the bed or couch. Make sure you are comfortable, the water is a good temperature and will stay so, and it is not blasting into your vagina.
A water or silicone based personal lubricant can do wonders, even if you think you are lubricated enough. If you cannot do it with a partner during intercourse, do it before or after with fingering, oral sex or masturbation. It is quite normal for women not to get enough clitoral stimulation during intercourse to orgasm.
It is largely devoid off nerve endings to protect you from trauma during child birth, infections, menstruation and sex. Or ask him to do so, or use a small clitoral vibrator, or a couple’s vibrator like the WeVibe. Be sure to stay well lubricated throughout, and have the intercourse last long enough for you to orgasm. The entrance is between the inner lips, where it is kept clean and protected by the inner and outer lips.
It is largely devoid of nerve endings to protect you from trauma during child birth, infections, menstruation and sex.
When researchers looked at why this was happening, they figured out that it has to do with the distance between your vaginal opening, and your clitoris. Men (not immature boys) are almost always more into making you orgasm, than getting themselves there. He can help you, but you have to instruct him, give your body and emotions over to the sensations and orgasm. So private in a place where you cannot be surprised by somebody else walking in, safe from pregnancy and STDs. This is not the time to ponder the difficulties of life, or worry about today, yesterday or tomorrow.
Having an orgasm before his penis even gets close is fun and can be helpful to get you ready for intercourse. You may already have discovered that the way you get an orgasm can affect the quality of the orgasm, it can be the difference between earth shaking orgasms, and a mere whimper of an orgasm.
It gives you and your partner the opportunity to be intimate, and it is amazing to have your partner inside your body, pleasuring himself and you. Stop worrying about homework, about money, about how you look, about what other people will think, about getting an infection, an STD or pregnant. Earth shattering sex can start in the morning when you give him a naughty squeeze when you kiss him goodbye.
Things like female ejaculation, squirting and gushing can totally confuse the issue as well. This phase starts with you feeling horny, getting we in your vagina and vulva, swelling up and heating up as blood rush into your genitals. Your inner lips may even open up a bit like a blooming flower because the internal structures of your clitoris is swelling up underneath your lips.
You will suddenly lose control, your brain will go into a coma for a few seconds, allowing your body to take over and you to lose all concepts of fear or shame.
As the chemical and hormone levels in your body dips, you may feel slightly depressed and guilty. Some women will release this fluid during arousal and especially during orgasm when she loses control over her bladder sphincter muscles. Some orgasms will rock your world, some will be like a light breeze shaking the leaves of a tree. Although the physiological process behind the gushing is not yet understood, it is clear that it is a real occurrence. This research study was done by Stuart Brody, a psychology professor at the University of the West of Scotland. Other markers (perhaps of prenatal origin) even without obvious mechanistic roles in vaginal orgasm might exist, and a clinical observation led to the novel hypothesis that a prominent tubercle of the upper lip is such a marker. If you want an orgasm from intercourse with your partner, penile-vaginal intercourse are much better than foreplay. Foreplay is very valuable in preparing the vagina for penetration, lubricate it, relax the muscles and engorge the vaginal walls and clitoral complex. In univariate analyses, consistency of partnered orgasm was more associated with penile–vaginal intercourse duration than with foreplay duration (consistency also correlated negatively with age).
When both sexual activity categories are examined in tandem on a population level, women’s likelihood or consistency of partnered orgasm is associated with penile–vaginal intercourse duration, but not with foreplay duration.

These scented products can cause allergic reactions and possibly disturb your vaginal balance. If he had sex with 2 girls before you, and they each had sex with 2 other guys, he can potentially carry STDs from 7 people. If you are not in a committed long term relationship, you cannot rely on the fact that your partner tested STD free one time. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is related to the number of men you allow to ejaculate inside you. These scientists looked at the evidence and studies produced on the subject (from strongly pro G-Spot to vehemently anti G-Spot). The team of researchers, who discovered this important mechanism in the 1980s, were rewarded with the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998. Elevated homocysteine may also increase the tendency to excessive blood clotting in the arteries, which will further diminish the flow of blood. Occasionally patients who undergo surgical removal of the prostate will require external beam radiation following the surgery.
The main function of these rings is to reduce the backward flow of blood from the penile region.
Of course this will also take away a lot of the pleasure from the act of sexual intercourse.
It is also a good idea to wear a condom in case there is any ointment left on the penis even after wiping. The malleable penile implant requires surgical insertion of a pair of flexible rods within the erection chambers of the penis. Compression of the pump results in rigidity by transferring fluid from the back part of the cylinders and pump into the middle portion. One disadvantage to consider is that a constantly rigid penis that resembles neither normal erection nor flaccidity can makes it difficult to conceal under tighter fitting clothing as well as presenting an increased risk for device erosion. At that stage they realize what they have been missing, and how incredibly simple it is and how stupid the sex education they receives was. You should also notice that as you move your fingers down there, some parts are more sensitive than others.
Over 8,000 nerve endings makes it the most sensitive organ on the human body, male or female. About 25% of all women are lucky because their clitoris is close to their vaginal entrance.
It likes to be well lubricated (saliva, a personal lubricant or your own arousal fluid from your vaginal entrance).
Tell your partner what you like, and warn him if what he is doing is painful or uncomfortable. While these techniques may seem unnatural in the beginning, it will very quickly become natural and a normal part of your sexual technique.
This is just as much fun for him as going in and out, and it will give you the orgasm you crave during sex. You will have some false starts, where some of this energy collecting in your brain leaks out and causes uncontrolled twitching and contractions, just like your orgasm is about to start, but then petering out.
This is because your clitoris is not close enough to the “action” to get stimulated enough during intercourse.
This is best done when he penetrates from behind, or you are on top, or your legs fondest are on his chest or over his shoulders.
Before menstruation, the clitoris is at its smallest, and stays that way throughout menstruation.
So if these women do not learn or figure out new techniques, they will stay unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Ask around between your friends, and if they feel they can be honest about it, you will find that out of every 10, 2 will orgasm always, 1 a few times and 7 will have to find ways of helping them orgasm during intercourse, or they will never orgasm with a partner.
Good positions for this are doggy, you on top (cowgirl) an positions where your feet or legs are up in the air. Getting you to orgasm is a challenge they enjoy, getting themselves to orgasm is almost automatic, and not a challenge at all. While you are working on getting your orgasm with him, get your orgasm from oral sex or getting fingered. To the point where you think you will explode when you orgasm, and all you can think about is your desire to get release and relieve now.
Make sure you are prepared to keep yourself safe, and you are private in a place where you cannot be caught. It will give your partner and you incredible stimulation during intercourse if you contract these muscles. You will be slippery and wet because the blood rushing to your vagina is squeezing plasma from the cells in your vaginal lining. The tension in your pelvic muscles are lifting it upright fro where it normally rests on top of your bladder. Scientists does not understand the process where this gushing fluid forms, but it is different from pee and female ejaculation. You will shake, your head will move backwards and your body will arch upwards, opening and exposing yourself, the opposite of the earlier fetal position. This will last for a few seconds becoming weaker and weaker until you fall back exhausted but wonderfully content, satisfied and happy.
In contrast, female gushing or squirting delivers a high volume of diluted urine in a short period of time, often soaking the floor and the bedding. The prominent lip tubercle was not associated with social desirability, or with orgasm triggered by masturbation during PVI, solitary or partner clitoral or vaginal masturbation, vibrator, or cunnilingus. In multivariate analysis, foreplay ceased to be a significant correlate of partnered orgasm consistency (the exclusion of respondents reporting a penile–vaginal intercourse duration of 1 minute or less did not alter the results). In contrast to the assumptions of many sex therapists and educators, more attention should be given to improve the quality and duration of penile–vaginal intercourse rather than foreplay. So only allow him to ejaculate after having an STD scan and you are sure it is a long term relationship. The resultant lack of blood supply to the heart muscles can cause heart attacks, and the lack of blood supply to the brain causes strokes. Patients who are compliant in keeping their appointments may be well served with active surveillance.
This is necessary if there is local extension of cancer into adjacent tissues or evidence of cancer at the surgical margin, meaning there was probably cancer left behind. It is important that men talk to their doctor about the advantages and possible risks of having the surgery. The rods have an outer coating of silicone and inner stainless steel core or interlocking plastic joints. To end the erection with a two-component prosthesis, the penis is gently bent down for 5-10 seconds at its mid-shaft, resulting in the fluid being returned to the fluid-filled pump. With these three-component devices, a larger volume of fluid is pumped into the cylinders for an erection by squeezing the concealed pump in the scrotum several times in order to move the fluid from this concealed reservoir into the cylinders that are in the penis. Your clitoris has only one function: providing you with sexual stimulation causing you to orgasm.
If you are in or past puberty, your hymen will very likely not look anything like you expect, and it can be very difficult to see. You can use your fingers or the palm of your hand, and rub around it, across it, next to it, over it, press it, squeeze it, tap on it. This is easier done in the beginning when you are on top where you can control the angle and motion. Some women will hump the side of their mattress, or the arm rest of a couch or chair, or the corner of a table or counter that way.
Drugs or alcohol can make you more horny and responsive up to a point after which it hinders arousal and release. If she is aroused, and has given birth before, you might be able to see somewhat into her vagina when she is aroused. In these positions, he can even do the rubbing, or you can take his fingers and use them to masturbate yourself. After you learned to do this, you can even try it in any face-to-face position, even missionary.
You have to be patient and make sure he understands that your magic orgasm button is your clitoris, and not your vagina. We all are insecure about something, but when you have sex it is not the time to fear what he is thinking about the way your breasts swing, or the different size nipples you have, or the way one of your inner lips are sticking out, or how dark the edges of one of your inner lips are. Concentrate on how you feel, on how the sexual tension is building in your genitals and body.
If you are worried about something you did not do that day, you will not be able to concentrate on your pleasure. If you begin to stroke your clitoris and vulva, you will begin to feel warm, and your heart rate and breathing will increase. You may begin to feel the desire to release the stress and tension, even getting a bit frustrated by it. A lot of feel good hormones and chemicals are rushing through your body and brain, and if your partner is there, you may feel the urge to cuddle and be close (bonding). It can depend on where you are in your menstrual cycle, how you feel, how fit and healthy you are and how happy you are. To examine the hypothesis that a prominent tubercle of the upper lip is associated specifically with greater likelihood of experiencing vaginal orgasm (orgasm elicited by penile-vaginal intercourse [PVI] without concurrent masturbation). Extended foreplay is however of minimal use when you want to orgasm with his penis inside you. If you follow a good hygiene routine and your vulva still smells bad, speak to your doctor. Exceptions are men in their early fifties or younger, or men who are not comfortable with having cancer in their prostate without undergoing definitive treatment. This procedure replaces the spongy tissue (corpora cavernosum) inside the penis with rigid, semi-rigid, or inflatable cylinders depending on which type of penile implant is chosen.
In total, your clitoris is over 15cm long, it has a head (glans), hidden neck, hidden body, two hidden bulbs and two hidden legs.
It is likely just a small fleshy ring or flaps of thick elastic tissue, looking the same as everything else around it. Most women do orgasm within 5 minutes, but taking consistently or occasionally longer does not mean anything. Him sticking his finger into your vagina during oral sex after you are aroused, can feel incredibly good. During the formation of the sex organs in a fetus, the same tissue that forms the penis forms the clitoris. There is after all nothing saying that intercourse should be the traditional pumping action.
If you want to think about something else, imagine yourself in another place, or with somebody else. Once you faked it, you lied to yourself and to him, and you cannot go back to work on it anymore without looking like a fool.
If you are worried about getting pregnant, you will not be able to give your thoughts and body over to the pleasure.
By the time you end up panting on top of each other, you will already be more aroused than you are at any other time. But in general, saying that you made your boyfriend cum, means that he had an orgasm and ejaculated. Women’s partnered orgasm consistency is associated with greater duration of penile–vaginal intercourse but not of foreplay. Wash in and between all the folds and pull back your clitoral hood and wash the crevices of this area. This type of implant produces a constant penile rigidity that merely needs to be lifted up or bent into the erect position to achieve an erection and have intercourse or in the downward position for urination. The advantage of this device is that it is easier to deflate and may be a better device for older men or men with poor manual dexterity.
When the erection is no longer desired, a release valve on the pump (in the scrotum) is simply pressed to transfer the fluid back into the reservoir and out from the cylinders, causing the penis to become flaccid. You can press harder or softer, move faster or slower, or even very slow and very light with just a finger tip on your clitoris. Or spank yourself lightly, or run your finger around your anus which is also very sensitive. You can also lie on your stomach and put a stuffed toy, pillow, blanket or your hand or fist between your legs an hump it, much the same way as you would move when you have sex and you are laying on top.
The strangest thing about this is that a relative of Napoleon Bonaparte and a close friend of Sigmund Freud, Princess Marie Bonaparte did the original study. You have to switch off your conscious brain that sows doubt and insecurity, and connect to him on a new level. Fantasy is a good way to deal with your anxiety and keep the ordinary day out of your thoughts while having sex.
This is because blood rushed into your breasts and it increased in size to the point where it is now being squeezed by your bra.
Your head may lift up involuntary so that it looks like you are in a slight fetal position. After the procedure, when a man desires an erection he can produce a rigid erection on demand that enables him to have sexual intercourse.
The disadvantage of this device is that in the flaccid state it always contains some fluid and thus the penis will always appear “full” (similar to the penile form after a man has a hot shower). The one and only function of that small clitoris glans with its 8,000 nerve endings is sexual stimulation leading to orgasms. On a brain scan, it looks like a Christmas tree lighting up from all this electrical activity.
If you need to, sit between his legs with your back against his chest, take his fingers and masturbate yourself with it so that he can feel the speed, tempo, pressure and where you like to be touched. You have to feel safe, secure, loved and appreciated in order to live to your full sexual potential. It is a time to concentrate on your desires, emotions, feelings, not on your physical body.
Many women develop this reflex in their late 20s or early 30s when they are comfortable with their bodies and secure in their relationships.
Malleable penile implants can be bent in more than one place to create the desired erection. So these women have difficulty realizing that they are getting aroused and concentrating on the sensations flowing from their genitals during sex or masturbation. This will cause the energy to be released throughout your body, setting off the waves of pleasure, heat and muscle spasms. It is just something you do like sleeping, breathing or eating to keep you healthy and functioning.
Three malleable devices exist at this time: AMS Malleable 650, Dura-II devices, and the Mentor Acu-Form prosthesis. When you get sexually aroused, blood rushes to the vagina and it will open up to look like a pipe. Once they start taking Ritalin, their brains suddenly become aware of the good sensations coming from her genitals.
Feel good and bonding chemicals are secreted directly into your brain by glands, giving you that feeling of well being, being satisfied and happy and wanting to bond with your partner. You are not forcing him to spend time with you, he is doing it because he desires you, and crave your body.

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