The best shovels and entrenching tools on the market now that can slice, shovel and defend in an extreme backwoods survival situation. Browning Outdoorsman ShovelPhoto by BrowningThis 22.5-inch tool permits the shovel blade to be folded back along the handle much like the old GI entrenching tools. An entrenching tool can be used to dig a slit trench or a sanitation ditch, to bury trash, or to clear a spot to pitch a tent.
As far as the compass goes ,right hand point at the sun in the morning east left hand west bringing up the rear is the south Come people you can do it your looking to the _ _ _ _ _ .Gerber good Job.
Hands down is a pretty well equipped kit, however, most of these tools can be purchased separately in bulk and comparatively at a lower price. For anyone who spends days and nights camping, hiking or climbing in the wilderness, this survival kits is an absolute must!
Some interesting news has broken in the wake of the latest push for gun control by President Obama and Senate Democrats: Obama sends his kids to a school where armed guards are used as a matter of fact. The school, Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, has 11 security officers and is seeking to hire a new police officer as we speak.
Shame on President Obama for seeking more gun control and for trying to prevent the parents of other school children from doing what he has clearly done for his own. RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game.
Although there is great value in taking a class, watching videos, and reading books to enhance your self-reliance skills, spending some time in an Amish enclave offers an irreplaceable hands-on experience. The ultimate off-the-grid living experts might not mingle readily with the rest of us, but in my personal experience, the Amish are very friendly and willing to share their knowledge when asked. There are approximately 300,000 Amish citizens still living an 1800s lifestyle in the United States. There is a small Amish community in my county that provides a multitude of services for area farmers and horse owners, and folks who want cabins built. Building fences along with raising, caring for, butchering and preserving meat and poultry derived from common farm livestock is yet another skill we can learn from the Amish. Modern farm equipment can be adapted to horse-drawn power, or purchased ready to roll from the Amish.
The breads, baked goods, homemade jams and canned produce sold at such businesses are all-natural and worth every penny.
Browse the Amish country, community and settlement links below and find the right location to visit to suit your needs. If garnering off-the-grid living tools, homesteading and livestock knowledge are the primary goal, the Mount Hope Amish auction should be placed on your agenda. One thing is certain: They make life easier for the person who finds him or herself in a survival situation. It's a worthwhile upgrade to the basic kit, with additional options for shelter, food, repairs, etc. I had some iodine tablets and put them in a baggie, put it with my kit, and boom, problem solved. The whistle is not needed because the one on the zipper is better, and the mini flashlight SUCKS.
I have not had to use them, but I know from all my gerber products I own it will serve me well when needed.
His children sit under the protection guns afford, while the children of regular Americans are sacrificed. Amish communities exist in 30 states and Ontario, but the largest groups primarily exist in Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio. The community near my home typically uses bottled gas to power a few industrial tools, but most tasks are still accomplished by hand.
Understanding what type of fencing is needed for specific farm animals and which ones can cohabitate safely could mean the difference between life and death when your entire food supply is dependent upon what you grow and raise on your homestead. If the power grid goes down and tractor-trailers stop shuttling food to the local grocery store, their lives will go on essentially unaffected.
The only thing better than buying a loaf of fresh Amish bread or jam is learning how to make it yourself.

Sure, closer is better, but if seeking to learn a specific off-the-grid living or preparedness skill, find a community which boasts such an expertise.
The Ohio auction in Holmes County takes place three times per year, with smaller produce events occurring weekly. They don’t settle for cheap novelty survival gear and neither should you when your life is truly on the line. The shaft is also made of metal, so it can’t rot or develop splinters like wooden ones can. And because it’s small, it can easily be stored in the back of a vehicle to help dig out if you’re stuck. Good, light-weight stuff to take along for planned use, as well as unplanned survival needs. This is hands down one of the most convenient and useful kits out there, whether you're in dire need of help, or are just pretending to be Bear. The one with my kit came with a gnarled up screw that just fell out after opening it and ive never seen it work, no matter what I do.
However you can found poles by using informations in priorities of survival, included in kit. When approached with respect and a sincere desire to learn, an Amish man would likely agree to allow you to job shadow or do a mini-apprenticeship – for a fee.
The pioneering attributes and skillset which many have unfortunately lost in this country are employed adeptly by the Amish, giving them quite the leg-up when the power’s down.
In Holmes County, the Amish have become the solar power kings and can offer great insight into the functionality, seasonal feasibility, and powering achievements of solar panels and solar generators. Knowing how to saddle a horse and enjoy a leisurely trail ride is wonderful, but does not mean you possess the ability needed to harness a team and drive them to accomplish food growing and building tasks.
Learning how to detect the signs of illness in livestock is also an extremely valuable bit of information to have when the animals grazing on your property will one day wind up on the dinner table. Amish mechanics often operate shops which both serve their community and members of the general public seeking non-gas powered farm machinery.
Those with businesses routinely patronized by the public or tourists will notice something is amiss fairly quickly, but their families will not go hungry, thirsty or become chilled at night.
If unable to work out a learning experience with an Amish woman, snag one of the cookbooks comprised of generations of old recipes and teach yourself – don’t cheat by using a conventional oven.
While all Amish farm, some communities specialize in woodworking and blacksmithing, and they utilize alternative power in different manners – so do your homework.
When chatting with a self-reliance pal from Florida and sharing the details of my visit to the week-long auction and the deals I filled my vehicle with, she did the math and decided that even with flight and lodging expenses, going to Mount Hope would be highly beneficial from a self-sufficiency budget standpoint. Some designs have serrated edges for cutting, others have a pick for digging in hard soil, and more than one has been used as a last-resort weapon in a desperate fight. I added an MRE heater pouch (minus the heater card) for a water bag and a couple of water purificaton tablets.
In spite of you are sometimes missin' some things, it doesnt change final feeling of this kit.
If cooking, baking and preserving are on your self-sufficiency to-do list, taking a woman along is a must. The Amish culture is alive and well in America, and we can learn a lot from their way of life.
Once again I was impressed by the workmanship and skills of the technology-shunning culture. The Amish also utilize 12-volt self-contained batteries and hydraulic powered motors to operate major household equipment. The Amish are expert horsemen (and horsewomen) in every sense of the word.  In an Amish community you will readily find a pseudo-vet, blacksmith and leather shop.
Seeds preservation, natural fertilization procedures, crop rotation, irrigation and drought survival tips are also valuable agriculture tips we can learn from the Amish. Most of the Amish use a cast-iron cook stove to prepare their food, just like our ancestors did when settling this country. If you do not own a cast-iron stove, buy cast-iron cookware (available at camping stores) and practice over an open fire.

The dictates of the Amish culture vary by church district and so do the styles of the off-the-grid and simplistic lifestyle.
And that little shovel can be pretty important to survival—just ask the soldier who carries an entrenching tool to dig a hole for protection from incoming fire. The fish hooks are decent enough to survive, and most other items are great, I LOVE the multi tool.
Other than saying thank you and handing back change at a bake shop or produce stand, it would be extremely rare that a female Amish would interact one on one with an “English” man. The auction was not only a great place to score great deals on livestock, tack, bartering items and farming equipment, but it was also a de facto off-the-grid living school.
Much can be learned from the skilled craftsman for folks hoping to build an off-the-grid homestead or individuals preparing for a power grid down scenario.
Some settlements routinely deal with the public and might be more receptive than others to unannounced visits.
Sure, it will help you dig a hole, but it also comes with a saw stowed in the handle, making it a real cutting tool as well. I see this pack as being easier than what you would have to do without it but just about anyone can live with just a good knife, hatchet, and being well dressed. Ill be ditching the light for a compass, and ive tied the lame whistle to the ferro rod (why not, help ive burned myself! The Amish men and women who were selling their wares during the massive auction that drew folks from around the country were eager to demonstrate both the skills necessary to accomplish the given task and how the non-electric tools and implements functioned. The local travel and tourism bureau can also offer some guidance to the inner-workings of the community and how and when to best plan a visit.
The shovel blade is heat treated and can be locked in three different positions to make digging that hole a little easier.
Amish shops or booths attached to barns are big money-makers for the women in the community. Tagged: SHOT Show, SOLKOA, Survival Gear1 Comment Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
The handle telescopes to increase or decrease length, and the whole unit folds up and fits in a pouch that can be carried on a belt or backpack.
If you're hungry you can make a trap by chopping wood, you can make a fire starter out of wood..
Its un-foldable design adds strength and eliminates a feature that could bind or become frozen with rust or debris. This hardwood-handled shovel is based on the shovel used by elite Russian Spetsnaz forces, so it is robust and built to stand up under hard use.
The carbon-steel head is heat treated to increase strength, and the edges are sharpened to help cut through wood.
Send it to AmmoLand.Email* PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Gerber designed it to be tough enough for military use by equipping it with an aluminum shaft for strength and a light weight of 2.3 pounds. The handle is glass-filled nylon, which is tough and won’t rot or rust when it gets wet—and an entrenching tool will get wet. With a forged steel head, the Entrenching Tool is built for digging in all types of terrain, yet it can be folded to reduce its length for carrying and stowage.
If you’ve ever tried digging hard soil with the average entrenching tool, you’ll appreciate this feature.
The blade is made of blackened 1075 carbon steel for strength and durability, and the overall length is 26 inches when unfolded and extended. The SOG Elite comes with a saw blade and a pouch, so it can be used for cutting wood, digging holes or getting your vehicle unstuck. A glass-reinforced nylon handle keeps weight down to 24.8 ounces, yet the unit is still strong enough for tough digging jobs.

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