Jude Law made an appearance at the Apple Store in London last night to  promote his new film Side Effects. After joking about how hot, steamy and exhausting the relationship between Sherlock and his long suffering companion Doctor Watson is, Jude  confirmed that he believes work will start next month on a script for another big screen outing for the pair. Jude Law admitted that he had already spoken to co-star Robert Downey Jr at length about ideas for the next film, drawing on inspiration from the vast collection of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work. While Jude was quick to  admit that nothing is confirmed yet, the idea would be that Sherlock Holmes 3 and 4 would follow the examples of franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight in filming both chapters back to back. Xbox One Scorpio vs PS4 NEO Spec Analysis: The Power Difference Is Real But Does It Matter? With just a few weeks until we get to see Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 up close and personal, it appears we might also get to see a brand new secret mode, if recent rumors can be believed. This new mode is apparently buried inside the zombies mode we’ve already heard a ton about.

At the same time, there is more than one screenshot that shows a listing for a Nightmares game mode. During the Q&A event with fans the British star was questioned about the prospect of a third Sherlock Holmes adventure and responded very positively. In particular he confessed that both stars share a wishful ambition to turn their next adventure into a pair of sequels, with one case naturally leading into another in a second film. To be more specific,  the game appears to have a mode that has not been discussed public yet.
The website claims that once players complete the single player missions in the zombie mode, they are able to unlock yet another mode that Activision hadn’t previously divulged. Perhaps Activision has tucked a little reward into the title for those who manage to get through the single player mode.
You can use these wallpapers for your PlayStation 3, iPad, Computer desktop and other similar devices.

This new mode is called Nightmares and the website known as PS3Life.nl is the one that believes it has found something previously unknown. Of course, considering that the company hadn’t talked about this mode, there are plenty of people who wonder if the screenshots that accompany these rumors might be made up. Black Ops 3 developers have talked about how much they’ve put into the zombies mode in this game so it might actually make quite a bit of sense if there is even more content that can be unlocked.
At this point, it’s just a matter of days until we find out for sure whether this hidden mode is really in the game.

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