With the end of school right around the corner, its time to show your child’s school teachers some love! Jenelle has a question: “What are some good teacher appreciation gifts that might actually be useful? One of my colleagues confessed to me that the lotions, cute teacher products end up at her garage sales. I read over all 76 items and was surprised to see how many of those teachers said they would rather a gift card. Most replied that gift cards are preferred because it allows teachers to buy supplies for their students. I give my kids teachers a short questionnaire at the beginning of the year asking about some of their favorite things (drinks, snacks, fragrances, hobbies, stores, etc.) that way when holidays and teacher appreciation week comes up they are sure to get something they will love. Last year my son’s class went in on sponsoring the education of 4 girls in a third-world country. The play mats are nice, but stupidly over priced IMO, I just got one for my best friend's little guy and payed over $100 for it.
Most of the 'baby gear' I have (with the exception of carseat) is either a hand me down or second hand. I was going to buy one of those all in one kits with my first,but then thought that maybe i wouldn't need half the medicine and lord knows how long it's been sitting on the shelf.
I do like the little remedies brand, but just bought as I needed, and since DS was BFed and home with me, I didn't need to use many of them the first year. For preschoolers, the line between fantasy and reality is blurry, which may explain their tendency to lie. Available in red & charmingly wrapped you will also receive a cute enveloped card which explains the witty sentiment behind each of the items included. All prices are approximate and subject to change.All prices, except books, include VAT at 23% and are updated daily.
I often see those gifts in the Share box that teachers leave behind when they go to a different school. The teachers appreciate that I care enough to ask and I know that my money and time will not be wasted.
Honestly you can just get a nice quilt, if you're not a sewer, you can get baby quilts off Etsy pretty cheap, and have some rattles, stuffies, or baby safe mirrors around LO on the floor.
When I priced out the tummy drops and infant aceptominafin plus the baby orajel it seemed like this made more sense.
The Jemsideas Survival Kit In A Can is also available for many other occasions that allow you to customise your can colour.
Each coupon has a space for her to write what supply the classroom is in need of and if there’s a date the supply is needed by.

Not sure where you live but we are not allowed to wear lanyards at my school anymore because a little boy choked on one.
Think of gifts you would give a good friend and not ones involving crayons, coffee mugs, rulers or apples, haha. We gave my daughter’s teacher the pencil bouquet when we moved back to our home state in the middle of the school year. Gift cards are nice from a Starbucks or local coffee shop, wrapped candy, classroom supplies like boxes of paper (sad but true! My site is down right now but you can sign up to check it out when I have it back up and running in May. I always love a home made card and picture of the child and art or craft supplies for the classroom.
He or she may not go to specific stores or fast food places, so the card may end up unused and under appreciated. Are you a musician who could teach the children about your instrument or teach them some appropriate songs?
I agree with the other cringe worthy items: lotion, dollar store stuffed animals, chocolate.
Also, a nice tote bag with an initial on it, and a pretty coffee mug (lidded) that I would never buy for myself. Buy one of those plastic double walled cup with lid and straw and put some Crystal light packets in there. Teachers spend tons of money on their classrooms each year out of their own pockets, so this will help cut back on the expense. Whether I want to give you a gift card to target or a apple shaped mug that says #1 teacher.
I have more apple-themed, #1 teacher stuff than my desk can hold so gift cards are perfect!
Group gift certificates are always awesome (anything from Starbucks, to the mall, to Target, but not the teacher supply store), bringing lunch or supper, etc.
Our school also provides all the basic supplies, but like a previous poster said, sometimes it’s not enough for projects. But we also have a file of letters from former students, telling him how much they learned from him or how much they enjoyed his class.
I would love hand sanitizer and kleenex, extra pencils and dry erase markers (my kids are supposed to have their own but they never do!) or sharpies! Think of how much each teacher spends of their OWN money on items for their class, then you will realize they could have spent it on themselves but chose not to.
When not crafting, I can be found chasing my 2 small {but very energetic!} boys or playing with my new baby girl.

I don't really need much else, except a few not expensive things like diaper rash cream and shampoo. She was having to buy supplies for projects because the school didn’t always have everything she wanted to complete the project.
Could you come after or before class and help prepare student work to be put up on the bulletin boards? That may help you understand why gift cards are so welcomed by teachers for personal use (nail salon, Starbucks, restaurants, movies) or professional (book stores, teacher supply stores, etc.). I do love the insulated cups, I have gotten cute fleece throws from kids at different seasons I love those, I like plants, and I also got personalized note pads and post its that I loved. Find out if your teacher could use classroom items – colored pens, colored notebook paper, mini-sharpeners, cool erasers.
Or get the inside scoop on what the teacher likes from another teacher or sometimes even from the students! Before you get supplies for them, check to see what they have available at their school already. Items like colored sharpies, dry erase markers, colored notebook paper, mini sharpeners, cute erasers… many of these can be purchased in bulk from places like Atlas Pen and Pencil online. Then it’s easy to identify which students have borrowed pens and get them back before the end of class. One year the girls in my class (3rd grade) grilled me about my purse when we were on the playground. Teacher secret: Most teachers are kind of fanatical about school supplies, some like certain brands, certain things, etc. Meaningful homemade items are appreciated, but it always made me laugh that parents could give us food but we were restricted from giving food out ourselves! Teachers really do appreciate anything they receive but think if it were you, just how many mugs, candles, magnets, apple things, etc. 25th December Happy Christmas Pudding Gifts Presents Cards.6 Pack Beer BeltEditorial ReviewThe Jemsideas Novelty Keep Calm & Carry On Survival Kit In A Can is an ideal fun gift for a friend or loved one. Each can is packed with cute souvenirs that we're sure will bring a smile to anyone's face. Whether it's for a Birthday, Retirement, New Job, Work Colleagues Desk or a Just Because Gift this perfectly compact can will always be an amusing reminder of everything they need to Keep Calm & Carry On.

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