Exterior lines are more athletic and streamlined and the interior boasts fluid lines with calming leather touches. Safety technology has evolved since the standard seat belt was included in most automobiles around the 1960s.
This is the last week to participate in our change drive by donating your spare change to help our troops! Submit your entry in the Ultimate Backyard #BBQ4Troops contest and bring your spare change to your local dealer!
The all-new 2015 Ford Edge gains a modernized exterior and interior, revised drivetrains, and an extra layer of driver assist systems.
Photos of the new¬†2015 Ford Edge SUV, a Mondeo-based SUV heading for the UK in 2015 to join Ford’s SUV range.
2015 Ford Edge is the latest very special car with the interior which is very spacious and elegant. Currently, according to Ford, the blue-oval brand leads the utility vehicle category in sales consideration among Millennials, and with the latest technology features and modern design, Ford believes the 2015 Edge is sure to make the highly sought-after age group think twice before purchasing from a competitor.

Edge is almost 4 inches larger than the outgoing model and will be sold in a Sport and Titanium trim. Please continue to participate in our change drive by stopping by your local dealer and dumping your spare change for the troops! The automaker expects to command the attention of young customers who are willing to spend the extra money on a bold, muscular and spacious vehicle, the all-new 2015 Edge. Three engines will be available, with the most noteworthy being the 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost, which will be available for the Edge Sport only. The car was launched at the end of 2006, and to help define the crossover utility vehicle segment in North America, the largest in the worldwide market and with the extraordinary design.
By 2015 in North America and Europe this car has been designed to reset the standard in two lines of utility vehicles. The latest Edge features include adaptive steering, front camera system and an enhanced active park assist that uses the car's 12 ultrasonic sensors to help guide drivers into a parking spot -- both perpendicular and parallel. By 2015 the Edge is now based on the same global platforms for Ford Fusion in North America in 2012 and will provide a very good driving experience.

Based on a global platform of the Ford Edge midsize vehicles has been reimagined with shapes that are stronger and more athletic. This car has an increase in driving dynamics with a completely new body and redesigned suspension with front and rear and developed specifically for the better to absorb the noise. Advanced new systems have been set up to provide a ride more dynamic draw customers will feel more comfortable. Additional system at high speeds to optimize Steering response and allow the Edge responds more smoothly and precisely to the input of the driver. 2015 Ford Edge has a traditional steering system steering ratio and the steering ratio keeps changing with the speed of the vehicle by optimizing response steering in all circumstances.

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