The well known biotech company, Vivus announced the approval of a new erectile dysfunction drug,Stendra (avanafil).
On April 27th 2012, the new erectile dysfunction drug avanfil was approved and in fact, the first new ED agent drug approved in a decade.
There may, in fact, be a good reason why no new ED agent has been approved in over a decade. The main side effects of avanafil are similar to those of its sister drugs: headache, flushing, stuffy nose, and back pain. There is no doubt that throughout history there has been a relationship between celebrities and drug use. These new drugs include the chemical based fake marijuana often referred to as “spice”, another called “K2”, and possibly the most infamous “bath salts”, which was the motivation behind the recent cannibalism incident that took place in Miami as a homeless man’s face was eaten off by a man under its influence. The use of drugs like these is very common among athletes on the collegiate level.  Nearly a dozen players on the Auburn Tigers football team have tested positive for the synthetic marijuana. Many people who watch a concert involving drugs see it glorified, but do not see or hear about the thousands of people who do indeed die each year from the use. Until there is a message sent to those in positions of influence abusing synthetic drugs and making the abuse casual, there will be a continued rate of use and death occurring from use, among all demographics. Older heart patients present unique challenges for determining the optimal dosages of medications, so a new study from researchers at Duke Medicine offers some rare clarity about the use of drugs that are used to treat patients with heart attacks.

Earlier studies, for example, had shown that the platelet inhibitor prasugrel reduced the risk of adverse outcomes compared with clopidogrel in ACS patients undergoing coronary stent implantation. At that dosage level, however, patients older than age 75 had an increased risk of intracranial and fatal bleeding, as did younger patients weighing 132 pounds or less.
To examine whether older patients might benefit from a lower dosage of prasugrel, the Duke-led researchers analyzed more than 2,000 older patients who participated in a large trial called TRILOGY ACS that compared prasugrel with clopidogrel to manage acute coronary syndromes without coronary stent implantation or coronary bypass surgery. About UseHEALTH documents case studies, research papers, policy briefs, expert articles, executive interviews, industry trends and market updates pertaining to health ICT, medical technology, health insurance, health education, policy interventions, and more. This FDA approved ED drug is a PDE5 inhibitor and is the forth member of this class of compounds to be approved for ED.
Peter Tan the president of Vivus stated “Patients and treating physicians continue to report significant dissatisfaction with current treatments of ED. Wayne Hellstrom, professor of urology at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, told Reuters. Rarely, an erection lasting for four or more hours may occur, which would need immediate medical attention. A few decades ago it was mostly the use of cocaine and LSD, but recently there has been a shift away from the traditional drugs to new “synthetic” drugs. The team was not punished due to the lack of specifics in the team’s drug use policy, though the policy has recently changed to include all types of synthetic drugs.  Also, many famous rappers have been accused of and caught using the drugs.

Patients taking Stendra are recommended to take the drug 30 minutes before sexual activity but clinical trials have shown the drug works as fast as 15 minutes.
Other side effects occurring rarely include color vision changes, sudden loss of vision, and sudden loss of hearing. Yes, you may see the football players playing with extreme athleticism even after smoking “spice” but drugs affect each individual different. Expectations and punishments of those who can easily influence the masses should be heightened. If sudden loss of vision or hearing occurs, it is recommended to call a doctor immediately. What may not harm a man who stands six foot five inches tall may even be fatal to the average person. Furthermore, Stendra doesn’t appear to offer any major benefits over the entrenched leaders.

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