While useful and cute shower gifts are always nice, a great gag gift can get a good laugh out of everyone and lighten the spirits of new parents who might be a bit nervous. The Little Toader Appeteether is a gift that will continue to garner laughs for months to come.
This homemade gift is best for small showers where everyone is well-acquainted, and you can be sure you won't offend any of the other guests.
Anyone who has spent a lot of time with a newborn knows that crying is just part of the package. There are some excellent options out there for shower gifts that will leave the mom- and dad-to-be chuckling for many months to come. Try one of these great ideas on the mom-to-be, all of which are guaranteed to garner a laugh. This hilarious option from Angelic Baby Shower Gifts includes protective gloves, "Stink B Gone" air freshener, a clothespin for hands-free nose protection, and a practice mess for the new parents to clean up.
The picture on the box features an amusingly awful rodent-style baby feeding and watering system.

These baby-safe teethers are shaped just like real chicken wings and are sure to startle anyone who sees the baby gnawing on food that isn't exactly age-appropriate. To make it, you'll need a gel bra, such as the Embroidered Liquid Lift Bra from Frederick's of Hollywood, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, and two water bottle caps with nozzles. From instructions for how to lift the baby (not by the head), to nursing tips that will have you rolling on the floor, this book will be a hit with the new mom. This baby-safe pacifier makes the little one look like he or she has a full set of none-too-clean adult teeth.
You may not know everyone present or be able to predict if people will be offended by your gift. Choose gifts with packaging that don't look too realistic, especially if the gift could be misconstrued as dangerous or offensive. For instance, if the mom-to-be is worried about her size, skip maternity t-shirts that make jokes about it. While the gift is funny, the shower's purpose is to help the parents-to-be get ready for their newborn.

No matter which one you choose, you'll help break the ice at this social gathering and have everyone talking and laughing about your present for years to come. I’m making a zombie apocalypse kit that will be auctioned for charity and this is perfect! The set of two dice includes random reasons the baby may be upset, such as a dirty diaper, being hungry, or needing a nap. Remove the caps from the water bottles and hot glue them to the center of the cups of the bra.
It even comes with a responsibility spinner on the cover to help new parents decide who has to change that diaper.

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