The Pharrell adidas NMD Human Race release date is set for July 22nd at select adidas originals accounts. The Virginia native Musician is a big advocate for humanity and inclusion which is displayed on this collaboration with the words Human Race heavily branded.
It gives working folks like me a fair shot and makes the shoe less lucrative for resellers.
LOL you’re like the 4th person that has asked me what is wrong with me or what am I thinking? Why u complaing bitch….I know for a fact you would cough up that $ cuz you got that crazy ass thirst for shoes?
We can all find at least 1-2, or depending on the release; several comments on each sneaker write up that suggests the buyer is not comfortable with a certain price point above $180-$220. Since Adidas is commanding the majority of the hype in the sneaker industry atm most people are willing to pay a higher premium to get their hands on specific models and releases. You should think more long term about your finances and what you do to sneaker MSRP’s and how you ultimately lose if you think resellers are an option. Not sure why you pivoted the conversation to supply and demand plus resellers when my point was clearly intended to speak on possible availability due to a higher price point some people may not be comfortable with. My point to your entire comment is Adidas doesnt have to EVER raise prices, if you are PREPARED to pay MORE then pay more…why do you care who you pay it too??? Example….these retail at $240, so for the purpose of this conversation just say they retail MSRP at $350 and you can walk in (where ever you live) and grab them tomorrow would you be okay with that? One last thing cause this is going no where….You realize that your local favorite shop or retailer (since you mentioned raffles im assuming you did some research on who is getting them) is actually a reseller, correct? With an European release happening first, adidas is set to debut their new variation of the NMD in a major way. A friend literally quoted numbers like yours and said at $240 these will be gone before I know it. I’m already not thrilled about the pricing but was willing to pay it before learning most shops are raffles so instead you recommend I pay even more to obtain the shoes? This has been well documented across several other spaces and maybe it was even written about here.
I care who I give my money to because Adidas is the brand focusing on innovation NOT RESELLERS. Your basic argument is Adidas can charge WHATEVER they want…and you are willing to pay…correct?
Funny thing is though I’ve wanted Adidas to raise the prices much higher on several of their models.
Some people have more disposable income than others for reasons that should be clear to all of us. Price increases are also a natural occurrence that stems from inflation and investor demands. So basically your saying sneakers cost more because Nike is trying to eliminate or deal with resellers?? But it yall MFs can find any & every reason to hate on him, whats wrong with folks pullin for him to even it out with all hate yall love to show?
When you raise prices you minimize the markup a reseller can sell the kicks for if there is not exceptional demand for them.
One of mine is absolutely no way no how am I paying a reseller for any pair of shoes over retail. That’s the end of that point so if you choose to respond to me again stop making up imaginary prices.

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