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Taylor Kitsch, the actor who portrays Murphy in the film that opens Christmas Day, was on hand for the emotional tribute at the Regal Ronkonkoma Stadium 9. Actor Taylor Kitsch greets Emily Deniseski (center) and 14-year-old Megan Kelly (right), family friends of Navy SEAL Micheal Murphy, whom he portrays in the new film 'Lone Survivor' during a special family screening of the film at the Ronkonkoma Regal Movie theatre in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, on Monday. Do you think you could actually go through real SEAL training after your experience on this movie? Throughout his life, Marcus Luttrell has been many things—a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a best-selling author, the subject of a forthcoming Hollywood blockbuster, and a brave Navy SEAL.
Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
Michael Murphy watched a€?Lone Survivor,a€? a movie about the Patchogue native, who died in 2005 during a military mission in the mountains of Afghanistan, and his fellow heroes. During a mission to assassinate a high-ranking Taliban leader Luttrell and his team are discovered by a legion of militia fighters and chased up a mountain with heavy casualties on both sides.
Wahlberg stopped by New York City to discuss playing such a weighty part, working with the real Luttrell, and trying to live up to the bravery of the real men who fought and died in the conflict.
We were trying to infuse some humor, especially into moments where they were about to get really serious. The first stuntman to go down the cliff, when he rolled down the cliff he was right onto a stretcher and right to the hospital.

It was really about the guys we were portraying and every single person both in front of and behind the camera felt that same thing. You had your family close by on set, does that help at the end of the day when your family’s around you and you’re doing this heavy work?
Everybody was there, the SEALS were there so you had this pressure to step up and be a man so everyone was overly pumped.
It was a very special and unique set of circumstances that I’ve never experienced before as an actor on a film. Marcus Luttrell is an American patriot, and he’s bringing his amazingly true story of determination, valor, and survival to you, live on stage. Farriella for New York Daily News) Actor Taylor Kitsch portrays Navy SEAL Michael Murphy in the new film, 'Lone Survivor,' which will be released Christmas Day. Even when watching the film I don’t think about what we did, I think about what happened to those guys and what Marcus was able to endure and to be able to survive to tell the story of his brothers.
I started singing a song, a Coldplay song, those guys wanted too much money for the song so we couldn’t use it in the movie.
It seems like its all been done before but something so simplistic like that has an impact because it’s pretty damn real.
That was a very special thing and we were embraced by the SEAL community and the military as a whole because of everyone’s intention going in.
Your blog is very well put together, and shows nothing but respect for the show and our troops. Some are fellow veterans, others have lives that have been profoundly changed by those who have served and sacrificed, and all share a special bond with Marcus and his sense of duty and patriotism. It was just to tell their story and make a tribute not only to them but anyone who’s ever walked into a recruiting office, and certainly to their loved ones and anyone who suffered a loss.

Don’t miss out what promises to be an uplifting event like no other—get your tickets to Marcus Luttrell’s Patriot Tour today! Farriella for New York Daily News) The grave of Navy SEAL Michael Murphy at Calverton National Cemetery in Long Island.
A lot of the times we were together then sometimes it would be those three guys and my double. Any person disrupting a performance or inhibiting the enjoyment of an event for guests may be removed from the theater without refund. It’s amazing that people only see the celebrities in this equation and not the actual veterans involved in the training.
Lots of people said that this show is bad press, it glorifies war and I just didn’t believe that.
When I heard that this show was created to raise money for military and law enforcement charities, I couldn’t believe all of the negativity. I’m usually at work at Dish when this show airs but I can come home and watch the show with my husband. The money that these charities is needed in so many ways and JW said it best: if it will prevent another soldier from committing suicide or ending up homeless, then this is the right thing to do.
Murphy was killed while leading a reconnaissance mission deep behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, and is the subject of a new film, 'Lone Survivor,' due for release on Christmas Day.
I just told it like I see it and while some may disagree they have a right to their opinions but to twist the true reason behind it and make it look as though it is anything else but giving thanks to current military members and veterans and providing funding toward these amazing charities is just wrong!

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