ED or erectile dysfunction is a common problem faced by men during their reproductive years. Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are scared and embarrassed to admit it, let alone treat it, as there are many personal as well as social repercussions associated with this condition. Ladies finger is known to be a sexual tonic and has been in use since ancient times to treat varying sexual problems.
Ten grams of the ladies finger root powder must be taken along with a glass of warm milk and two tablespoons of powdered mishri. A rhizome that is credited with the power to increase blood circulation in the body, it is only natural that ginger can cure ED. Take one tablespoon of ginger extract every day with a tablespoon of honey and one half boiled egg before bedtime.
Watermelon seeds have abundant health benefits and the nutrients that are found in the seed is known to be good for the heart and also for treating cancer and various other disorders of the body. For treating ED, watermelon seeds contain citrulline, which is an amino acid that is utilized by the body for the production of arginine, another amino acid, the importance of which we have discussed earlier in the article for treating ED. The seeds of pumpkin are known to strengthen veins and arteries and increase the circulation of blood in the body. They are also another rich source of arginine like the watermelon seeds and help in relaxing the blood vessels and improving circulation.
This herb is known to increase and improve the circulation of blood to the erectile tissues, which assists the psychological and physiological impotence.
The extract from this herb is known to improve and elevate the ability of the penis to restore blood. It increases the sex hormone levels not just for arousal or stimulation, but also enhances the length of orgasm. Research and studies about the composition of diamiana has revealed that the leaves and stems contain flavanoids, volatile oils, gonzalitosin, tannin, damianin and arbutin. Horny goat weed has been used since ancient times as reproductive tonic to increase libido and to treat impotence.
Horny goat weed works like an adaptogen by elevating epinephrine levels, serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine and boosts energy. During sexual arousal, the erection of the penis is moderated by nitric oxide, which releases from the endings of the nerve nearby the genital blood vessels. The other one is that it helps in keeping the levels of hormones within the normal range by preventing androgen. This herb also known as ‘Puncture Vine’ was widely used in the European continent for hundreds of years to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance libido. It increases the level of LH – luteinizing hormone, thus improving the testosterone level in the body. Products containing Panax ginseng as main component: Cobram VP-Rx, Magna RX, Boom, Male Boost, Enzyte.
Other names for Panax ginseng: Korean ginseng, Asian ginseng, Asiatic ginger, Chinese ginseng, Shen Tsao. Many studies in the past 20 years demonstrated that Korean red ginseng was superior to placebo for the treatments of erectile dysfunction. Ginseng is called “root of heaven” in the Traditional Chinese System of Medicines and is said to provide harmony in both ying and yang energy since impotence and frigidity are considered imbalance of yin and yang energy.
The name Ginseng comes from the Chinese Jin-chen, which means Like a Man, because the plant resembles the same shape of a human body.
The Panax ginseng is famous not only for its aphrodisiac properties but is also known for helping the body recover from stress.
Korean ginseng is traditionally used for two to three weeks continuously, followed by a one to two-week rest period before resuming. Caffeine containing products such as black tea, coffee and energy drinks should be avoided when taking ginseng as there is a risk of over-stimulation and gastrointestinal upset (upset stomach). If Panax ginseng is used with other herbs that affect blood clotting, bleeding may occur.If Panax ginseng is taken at the same time as other herbs that also affect the heart, potentially dangerous changes in heart function may result.
As this is a problem that will have a great impact on your sexual life and your ability to keep your spouse happy, erectile dysfunction must not be taken lightly. Walnut is known for its amazing aphrodisiac properties.  For abundant sexual performance, one needs the strength exerted by iron, zinc, proteins and potassium. Onion too is not far behind in its aphrodisiac qualities.  Take white onions and fry it in cow’s ghee, taking care not to increase the flame to retain its aphrodisiac qualities. Once you have identified the right muscles and have gained some competency in doing this exercise, you can move on to the penis. Food rich in zinc must be added in your regular diet if your are suffering from erectile dysfunction.  Beans, nuts, oysters, meat, fresh water fish etc. None of this food has helped me I’m afraid and I have tried them all and still eat it. My doctor says it is to do with my cholestrol level which is 6 instead of 5 and under therefore that is the route I am taking now.
The seeds, peel and aril of the Pomegranate fruit are all edible, but it is the juicy seeds that are often the primary source of nutrients. In addition to being a high source of fiber, pomegranate is an excellent source of essential amino acids, vitamin A, C, E, B5, B3 or Niacin, Iron, folic acid, potassium, and antioxidant polyphenols. Pomegranate has been consumed for thousands of years due to its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and other healing properties.
Women have used Pomegranate for centuries for beauty concerns including wrinkles, acne, dry and saggy skin. Many studies have also shown that pomegranate may help with heart disease, arteriosclerosis, blood clots, weakened immune system, viral infections, dental plaque, erectile dysfunction and prostate and breast cancer.
A few recent studies suggest that regular use of Pomegranate extract may slow the spread of tumors and cancerous cells. It is believed that the anti-oxidant activity in Pomegranate may induce apoptosis, a process which causes self destruction of cancerous cells. While a few studies have shown encouraging results in the treatment of cancer, further studies are still required to confirm these results. Simply drink 1 to 2 glasses of pure Pomegranate juice diluted in one litre of water throughout the day.
A few studies suggest that Pomegranate may expedite the oxygen supply to the heart muscles and help treat many heart conditions including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease. The anti-platelet activity of Pomegranate is also known to help with arterial plaque and blood clots.
The antioxidant activity of Pomegranate juice may prevent and remove dental plaque and restore optimal gum health.

Therefore a simple remedy for plaque and gingivitis is to use organic Pomegranate juice as a mouth wash or chew on one tablespoon of pomegranate seeds after every meal. Pomegranate may help with erectile dysfunction by increasing and balancing the blood flow to the heart and subsequently to the rest of the body. Simply drink a glass of organic Pomegranate Juice or take one capsule of Pomegranate extract daily as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction.
Pomegranate is rich in potassium and polyphenols which may help with the restoration of cartilage in joints. Therefore, drinking a glass of organic Pomegranate juice or eating one whole Pomegranate daily can inhibit the onset of Osteoarthritis.
Therefore, daily intake of a glass of pomegranate juice or a capsule of Pomegranate extract can help combat PMS and menopausal problems. The anti-oxidant properties of Pomegranate may contribute to the regeneration of skin cells and reverse the signs of aging such wrinkles and saggy skin. Drinking a glass of Pomegranate juice or eating a Pomegranate daily can reduce wrinkles and give a rosy glow to the skin. Pomegranate juice can also be applied directly to the affected skin for half an hour before a shower for a healthy and rejuvenated look. Pomegranate oil can also be mixed into your daily moisturizer to help maintain younger, healthy looking skin. However, an overdose of Pomegranate seeds, its juice, oil or extract may cause diarrhea or upset stomach.
If you notice any sort of itchiness, swollen lips or tongue, or difficulty in swallowing or breathing, you should discontinue use and to consult your physician immediately. Fresh pomegranate fruit and packaged pomegrante juice can be bought at many grocery stores. When buying Pomegranate Juice, it is recommended to look for 100% pure organic Pomegranate juice with no added sugars. Join the thousands of other subscribers who get the latest natural health and wellness updates. The condition causes sexual dysfunction when a man cannot attain an erection and retain it for long when he manages to attain it. If this is the case with your life partner, here are some ways by which you can treat the problem at home and stay away from frustration and disappointment. The allicin that is present in garlic has antioxidant powers that help in strengthening the blood flow to the sexual organs. The cloves can be fried in cow’s ghee in a  low flame until it turns golden brown and the cloves consumed every day to get the same result.
This is because honey too is a natural aphrodisiac and has the capacity to increase nitric oxide levels in the blood.
A soup can be prepared by slicing one medium sized onion and adding this to a cup of water. Onions are natural blood thinners due to the presence of allicin and this helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the body. Arginine is credited with the power to relax blood vessels and boost nitric acid in the body, both of which are necessary for treating ED. Apart from this fact, pumpkin seeds are also rich sources of zinc, which is an essential mineral that is required for the sexual health of men.
Regular consumption of raisins are recommended for those who have frequent sexual problems like ED.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It also aids in sustaining the erection by creating compression and inhibits the reverse flow of blood when you are aroused sexually. Apart from these, this herb also has thymol, cyanogenic glycosides, essential oils and phosphorus in traces. This herb also helps the individual to enjoy sex, as it increases the sensitivity in the erotic-areas like the genitals.
It has also been used as a tonic for rejuvenation to get rid of tiredness and to decrease stress. The first one is that it makes the prostate health better, which is the most significant factor in the proper functioning of the sexual organs.
Due to its hormonal properties, the herb can help the thyroid gland in controlling sexual development as well as regulate the activity of sexual organs and glands. This herb is available in the capsule form, which is safe to take, as it has no known side effects.
Often people refer to it as Chinese or Korean red ginseng as it was discovered over 7000 years ago in Korea and the mountains of Manchuria, China. There have been many medical trials that show that ginseng improves sperm count and sperm motility in infertile men, and that it improves libido and erection in men with erectile dysfunction. In most of the studies patients were divided into two groups and given Panax ginseng or a placebo.
Early legends believed that consuming it could lead to eternal life, being an elixir for all ailments. Korean red ginseng grows 4-5 feet in height, and its leaves are dark green and oval in shape.
The recommended dose depends on your body type and the product you are taking, whether it would be tablets or dried root tincture.
When it is taken with antiplatelet or anticoagulant drugs, the effect of the drug may be increased, possibly resulting in uncontrolled bleeding. Some herbal products with heart effects are European Mistletoe, Digitalis, Hawthorn, Motherwort, Pleurisy Root and Squill should be avoided. Fortunately, there are great home remedies as well which you can resort to before you discuss this embarrassing problem with your doctor. Walnut is all these nutrients rolled into a single ball and hence greatly beneficial for treating erectile problems.  Add to it the fact that arginine, present in walnut is capable of greatly dilating the blood vessels, allowing the blood to rush in and help you attain an erect penis. Vitamin B, E and the zinc that is present in honey will help in increasing the number of sperms and also its motility.
You can prepare a tasty sweet dish out of carrot which is not only mouth watering, but also has aphrodisiac qualities that you can vouch for. L’arginine plays a great role in relaxing the muscles around the penile region and helps in the flow of blood, thereby facilitating an erection. Before making use of any of the natural and home remedies on this site, please consult your doctor or a naturopathic or homeopathic professional.
Stress, lifestyle and certain medications and conditions are responsible for this condition.

Honey is also rich in vitamins B,E and zinc, which are required for sexual health and performance. Since ghee too has the power to enhance sexual performance, another way to take onions is to slice them and fry them in ghee until it turns brown.
However, if you are on prescription medications or have diabetes and other conditions like asthma, it may not be suitable for you.
This has to be done every day night and slowly the intake of raisins must also be increased until your reach 50 grams, added along with milk.
This component helps in dilating the vessels of the blood and reducing the blood pressure, which leads to the enlargement of the blood vessels in the genitals, elevates the reflex, and excites the lower part of the spine.
Many studies have revealed the aphrodisiac qualities of this herb, which enhances the performance of men in sexual activities. Horny goat weed is known to balance the testosterone and thyroid levels within the normal range, which enhances sexual drive. Icariin found in this herb is extremely beneficial in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and works similar to Viagra. Initially the root was used as food but soon people found out it has amazing rejuvenating properties and they started using it as a medication. Frequency of intercourse, premature ejaculation, and morning erections after treatment were unchanged in all groups. The wild roots of ginseng from Korea still receive exuberant prices when they have humanlike and phallic form. The chemical components behind the efficincy of the Panax ginseng are a type of steroids called ginsenosides and panaxtriol. Although it is generally safe ginseng should be used with caution as it is a strong nerve system stimulator.
Panax ginseng may decrease blood sugar levels, taking it with other blood sugar-lowering herbal products may result in hypoglycemia-blood sugar that is too low.
A man with erectile problems will not only be conscious of his incapability, but will also be socially and mentally backward as he is not confident about himself. But most of them are unfortunately gimmicky in nature and will only help your to lose a few pounds or pennies for that matter.
Home remedies however require a few months time to take effect and also require continuous usage without any lax for gaining best results. This has to be done every day before you eat and along with a spoon of honey in order to increase its potency. Pelvic floor exercises help in strengthening of the muscles that are situated at the base of the penile muscle. For doing pelvic floor exercises, you have to learn to release and tighten the pelvic muscles. These strengthening exercises will slowly help your penis to gain strength and contain the erection while you have intercourse. Natural L’arginine can be found in fish like mackerels, meat and dairy products and poultry.
For proper absorption of zinc into the body, you will have to consume protein rich meat products too along with vegetables. Erectile dysfunction is very common and it has affected nearly 18 million men only in the United States. Drinking a cup of this tea thirty minutes before the sexual activity has proven to be very effective and to get the best results this tea should be had for at least two weeks continuously. However, in the Panax ginseng-treated group a significant improvement in erectile parameters such as penile rigidity, girth, duration of erection, improved libido, and patient satisfaction were reported. Ancient asian doctors combined the root of ginseng with deer antlers, deer phalli, tiger bones, and toad meat and snake venom when given to a patient as an aphrodisiac.
These steroids are remarkably similar in structure to anabolic steroids found naturally in the human body. Long-term use may cause side effects such as nervousness and insomnia.Women may experience menstrual abnormalities and breast tenderness in women. All central nervous stimulants such as theophylline and related drugs for asthma, albuterol, and clonidine may be avoided with ginseng. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that many men suffer from and hide due to the social stigma attached to it. Another way to make garlic more potent is to add the cloves of garlic in cow’s ghee and heat them in very low flame until they turn golden brown.
Once the carrots turn soft you may add flavouring agents like cardamom and sugar and consume every day for a few months. Include these in your diet and not as supplements as high amounts of l’arginine can cause ulcers of the stomach and increase your problems. Nitric oxide helps in the dilation of blood vessels and more blood flows to the sexual organs, thereby treating ED. Many times, erectile dysfunction could be worked upon and cured with some simple modifications in lifestyle. If you want to have this as a liquid extract, you can have 30-40 drops for about three times per day.
The Korean ginseng contains 38 different ginsenoside types while the American ginseng has only 19 ginsenoside types.
Panax ginseng can affect the force and rate of heart beat, viagra should be avoided with ginseng. It manifests itself as a difficulty in attaining an erection and sustain the erection during copulation.
Do this for a month and create a definite difference and excitement in your sexual life every day! Carrots have beta carotene which will help remove sexual disorders, especially erectile dysfunction.
Tighten your pelvic muscles in such a way that you are hypothetically trying to prevent gas from escaping. The overall therapeutic efficacy on erectile dysfunction was more than 60 percent for the Panax ginseng groups and 30 percent for the placebo groups. Other chemical components isolated in the plant are are phytosterols, polysaccharides organic acids such as vanillic acid, salicylic acid, nitrogenous substances, amino acids, peptides, vitamins and enzymes.

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