Because it lowers stress, boosts the immune system, reduces pain, and improves bonding among individuals, laughter really does have the powerful health benefits we’ve long attributed to it. The Reconstruction NetworkHelping women make smart, informed choices about breast reconstruction.
Known as Charleston’s home for improv comedy, Theatre 99 offers affordable live shows most Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Stephen Colbert, one of Charleston’s most famous and well-loved native sons, soaked up the city’s atmosphere and went on to a wildly successful career in comedy. Be sure to swing by Episcopal Porter-Gaud school, where Colbert acted in school plays and wrote for the newspaper. Ask the Doctor-Can you tell me about the possibility of reconnecting nerves during DIEP flap? When a patient safety event occurs, it is natural to be concerned about damage to both our reputation and financial consequences, including job loss and malpractice claims.
Transparency is considered an essential attribute of safe reliable health care organizations.

For Just Culture to succeed we must actively support reporting (Patient Safety Net!) and analysis of events at the system level.
Or, if you've received an email edition recently, use the "update your preferences" link at the bottom of the email or contact us to subscribe. We at The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction are proud to say that Charleston is home to world-class comedy clubs where you can get your daily dose.
In addition to improv, audiences enjoy sketch and stand-up comedy performances on the theater’s stage. Diehard fans can make a driving tour of Colbert’s childhood stomping grounds by visiting James Island, where he spent his youth, and East Bay Street in downtown Charleston, where his family moved after the death of his father and two brothers. Enjoy jokes in a sports-bar atmosphere where you can enjoy food and drinks from a full kitchen and bar menu. The Palmetto is known for special event shows (including performances for Valentine’s Day and its Divas of Comedy show), so check out the schedule to see what’s coming up. Thus, even when the incident results from understandable human error, we are often reluctant to report these occurrences.

Reporting and managing events transparently promotes accountability of leadership, engages clinicians and staff in improvement efforts, and engenders greater patient trust. Help us keep track of all of Penn Medicine's community outreach activities by filling out the Penn Medicine CAREs reporting form.
Those who are interested in participating in comedy themselves can take advantage of Theatre 99’s improv classes and workshops.
Only if employees trust their institutions’ system can they openly report these important issues. On our most recent AHRQ Culture of Safety Survey, however, 58% of respondents indicated that they view PPMC’s response to error to be punitive toward those involved. To counter this perception, PPMC is working to implement a “Just Culture” policy to benefit both the staff and our patients.

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