Butt enhancing underwear isn’t just for women, it can be for anyone who wants to get an instant boost to the way their butt looks.
It may seem a bit laughable at first, but check out these guys in the video below who tried out padded underwear.
Other men who might be interested in purchasing butt padded underwear are those who don’t have much natural padding on their rear and tend to find sitting on hard surfaces for long periods of time to be uncomfortable.
Of course, a pleasant side effect if you decide to go this way is the visual enhancement effects that padded underwear can add as well. There are heaps of different styles available, and different butt enhancing garments have slightly different purposes. In this article we’ll look mainly at the butt-padded underwear (which often come with an option for front padding as well).
You may need to hand wash these since you can’t remove the padding , check the care instructions on the garment.
Different amounts of butt-boost are an option – you can mix and match different sized pads with different undies to create a variety of looks. Economical – one set of butt pads can be used with multiple pairs of underwear, so you may only need one set of butt pads.
Can wear these with silicone butt pads for a more realistic feel, in case you are expecting any grabbing or slapping of your ass! Butt padding can have the potential to move around within the pockets if you buy an inferior product, though this isn’t a problem with higher quality brands. Another one to be aware of is that there are different types of butt padding available – foam or silicone. Your main problem will probably be finding where to purchase butt padded underwear in men’s styles, as they are rarely available in physical stores.
However, most intimate apparel online stores that specialize in enhancement or shapewear garments often have a separate womens and mens section, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find male garments to suit your needs. Because padded butt underwear for men is mostly found online and it can be difficult to select a product without seeing it physically, there are a few things you should look out for when purchasing a pair of butt padded jocks over the internet. Detailed pictures – look for up-close photographs which show how the underwear looks, preferably on a model. Returns policy – always check the returns policy of the vendor you are purchasing through, especially if purchasing online.
Sizing charts – if buying online, sizing charts will be essential to trying to pick your correct size, the more detailed the better.

Love My Bubbles by Bubbles® Bodywear is my preferred retailer for women’s butt padded underwear, but they also have a great product range for men.
A few of their products which have good reviews can be seen below, though some of their range has padding with is a little bit more obvious than the hidden padding styles offered by Love My Bubbles.
Feel Foxy also specialize in butt enhancement underwear for both men and women and do a range of padded men’s underwear.
Butt padded underwear is a great product for men to enhance their butts, and many of the garments for men also come with the option to enhance your package as well which can be an added bonus you may or may not choose to use. A lot of men suffer from having a flat butt which can be embarrassing or uncomfortable when sitting, and enhancement underwear is a great fix for those in this category – providing instant comfort and a huge confidence boost which can increase your success with women. The way I see it, the removable padding options could work well if youre looking to give something like this a go, as it always gives you the option to just use whatever product you buy as a regular pair of jocks if you tried it out and didn’t like it. Considering the number of padded bras out there, women have nothing to complain about if you pad the package. I definitely agree that the removable pads are the way to go for durability, especially if you’re going to be wearing the article quite a bit.
That’s an interesting comment about the breathe-ability issue when wearing silicone pads, perhaps this comes down to the fabric type of the underwear that you are using the pads in.
If you go for underwear with a permanent padding built in to them then you can only go up to about 2 inches of thickness. Bubbles also have excellent customer support and if you head over to their website they can help you to match up any products so that you buy compatible pads and underwear. We all know that women love a cute butt on a guy, so why shouldn’t a man dress up his derriere a bit if he wants that extra bit of attention? Shapewear is becoming a booming industry and more and more popular as people are realizing the benefits and ease of use of these types of products. This means that you can wear butt enhancing underwear as a man, without it being overly obvious that you are wearing shapewear instead of normal underwear. The underwear can be worn with or without padding, and some come with padding options for the front package as well as your butt.
The silicone pads are a bit more expensive but offer a much more realistic feel if anyone were to grab or slap your butt (a high possibility from us females if it’s looking fine). This will quickly allow you to see how realistic the product looks, and save you from looking like you’ve stuffed a pair of socks down you jocks when you get your product and try it on. Think of a wad of padding sitting on top of the middle of your butt cheek and you can get a rough idea of how ridiculous you might look.

With underwear, returning items can have some restrictions or even be denied due to health and hygiene considerations. Even if there is no sizing chart available you should be able to email the store owner to ask further questions.
Be weary of products that have no product reviews, or negative reviews, for obvious reasons. This company has been in business for over 10 years, have a great range, fantastic reviews, and an excellent returns policy.
Being removable pads, you have the option to wear with or without the padding inserts, so they are very versatile. The removable nature of the padding and the hidden pockets means you can use these as regular underwear without the padding if you so choose.
You’re probaby not alone, I doubt many men would know about these products as they’re not exactly that well marketed in mainstream media! In my opinion with this level of padding the removable pads will give you a much more realistic look. Look out for unresponsive or otherwise ambiguous customer support, which may indicate an inferior company.
They also have detailed information on each one of their products, including great sizing charts, FAQs and user reviews, so that you can be exactly sure of what you are buying. I just can’t go past the silicon pads because I think they just look and move better, and Bubbles have a super realistic version that is really awesome.
Go for a quality product with good sizing that has padding that enhances your butt while still remaining undetectable. A good vendor should allow for you to try the garment on over the top of your own underwear and still be able to return it if the sizing is incorrect.
And as I find that since I am interested in guys and this is something that I look for in them maybe it’s a flaw that some people find in me.

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