Men love their family, cars, and even their jobs.  But somewhere around early to late adolescence, boys discover their penis and  that begins a new type of relationship.
Data from the Kinsey Institute suggest that most penises aren’t extreme show-ers or growers. A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that worldwide only 30% of males aged 15 and up are circumcised. The United States has the highest proportion of males circumcised for non-religious reasons. The natural relationship between a man and his “Johnson” goes back further than the pyramids and Ramses.
About 12% of penises gained one-third or less of their total length with an erection, and about 7% doubled in length when erect. This procedure may give some men a little extra length if more of the penis protrudes from the body, but there are side effects.
Whether it’s secret comparisons in the locker room, personal time in the bathroom, or a barometer of who we desire. In fact, in an MRI picture, the penis looks like a boomerang, as noted by a French researcher who studied men and women having sex inside an MRI scanner. Almost all Jewish and Muslim males in the world have circumcised penises, and together they account for about 70% of all circumcised males globally. Just imagine your ex being awarded 90% of all your assets, now apply that pain to your penis.

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