The word chakra is Sanskrit, meaning “wheel” or “disk” and refers to the vortices of energy that intersect the physical body with your aura. Keep in mind that everything is energy and our bodies are surrounded by an invisible enteric field. The third chakra, or the solar plexus chakra, is called Manipura in Sanskrit which means “lustrous gem,” because it shines as a radiant, glowing ball — just like the sun. If our third chakra is out of balance or not working correctly we can experience problems such as these.
If you have a blocked, distorted, or unhealthy third chakra there are things you can do to obtain a balanced third chakra. If you want to become acquainted with who you are and what you are feeling then slow down the physical activities and engage in things like yoga, Pilates, gardening, and walking. In our body the solar plexus is the center of our ability to take in, absorb, and integrate all that life has to offer. Be sure to sure to subscribe to this blog for regular and practical tips on tapping into your Inner Wisdom and developing your intuition.
Ancient Greek medicines and different tips developed by Hippocrates have later helped in the discovery of some of the rarest medicines. After the fall of the Greek empire, the Romans conquered Greece and it is through the Romans that the Western world got acquainted with the Greek medicine. If our third chakra is blocked or distorted we have no personal power and our boundaries and self-esteem will suffer. These physical activities will help you connect with the emotions that are blocking and distorting your third chakra. Life offers us good as well as what you may perceive as bad and we must integrate and transform it all. He is a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist and trained in the area of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). One of the influential medical scientists who followed the philosophies of Greek physicians was Galen. The sun is not so bright and hot, in the morning or late afternoon, and you can easily imagine yourself connecting to the sun through your third chakra.

Swimming, jogging, bicycling are just a few things you can do to activate and clear your third chakra. Any activity that allows you to slow down and cause you to connect with yourself will be good for you. The third chakra manages all of our energies and helps us transform what we see and experience into action. Later, the Byzantium Empire or Muslim Arab inherited the theories of Galen and thus the essence of Greek medicine got infused in their ideas. The beautiful lotus flowers are sacred in India and are metaphorically used to describe the opening and closing of the chakras. As our passion grows we reach through our emotions and desires to find will, purpose, and action. If our will and energy is not balanced then it will be hard for us to accomplish our goals.
Visualize the energy of the sun coming into your solar plexus and clearing out the emotions and old energies stuck in this chakra. It is often times compared to the beautiful and amazing sun that shines brightly in the sky. Early in the late eleventh century, the Hippocratic-Galenic ideas came back to the Latin West. Thus it is to our benefit to balance and clear our chakras regularly so they can keep us healthy. We grow in strength and feel our power rising up from our solar plexus and into the third chakra.
Drawing the sun into your solar plexus when you are outside will help clear your third chakra. If our third chakra is working correctly it brings will, action, power, and the ability to see life from a greater perspective.
Soon, the Greek medicine theories and ideas became the basis of medical science in the Western Europe.
We can grow in strength and ignite the light of consciousness and choose consciousness in all of our actions.

Visualize the sun shining on your third chakra as it warms us up and integrates into us all that life has to offer.
During renaissance, many Galenic principles were revised and reconsidered and the introduction of microscope eventually offered a severe blow to the school of thoughts. This firing up of our will can move us towards our goals, such as, losing weight, finding a new job, increased consciousness, etc. Still, the Hippocratic Oath has remained significant in medical practice.Ancient Greek Medicine - Short HistoryGreece has a long and consistent history of medical science. Alcmaeon is credited to be the first person to deliver a distinctive and thorough view on anatomy. This theory was developed by Hippocrates and this theory of four humors remained popular even in the medieval ages. The ancient Greek physicians examined the conventional treatments and recorded the factual details to reach to a conclusion. Still, one must agree that the religious beliefs played significant role in the development of the ancient Greek medicine.Greek Physician - Few Famous PersonalitiesThere are many famous personalities who played significant role in the development of the medical philosophies in the ancient Greece.
He established a medical school in Cos and he compiled the Hippocratic Corpus where he documented many medical records. Considered one of the greatest surgeons of the ancient world, Galen carried out some of the most audacious operations including eye and brain surgeries.
Even before them, Asclepius established a medical school that contributed on areas like prognosis, healing and medical advice.
Aristotle was another great personality who contributed significantly in the development of ancient Greek medical theories.

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