Showcasing the best new products from the 2015 National Preppers & Survivalists Expo that can help you and your family thrive in any disaster! Top 5 new ProductsPotable Aqua PURE Electrolytic Water PurifierAdd a little table salt to the Potable Aqua PURE Electrolytic Water Purifier and you can purify up to 60,000 liters of drinking water. Survival prepping is no longer the stuff of fringe elements obsessed with such trivialities as nuclear obliteration.
The 4th Annual NSP Expo was held in Lakeland, Florida, this year, drawing exhibitors from around the country.
The aLOKSAK waterproof storage sacks are made from heavy-duty plastic and are remarkably effective. The saltwater brine solution can be carried in a sealed plastic container the size of your thumb and be subsequently used to purify more water than you might reasonably drink. Powertac flashlights are all rechargeable and can actually be used to charge subordinate devices like cell phones via built-in USB ports. Ancillary LEDs shine in red, green and blue, and the effective range of the light is reported to be nearly half a kilometer in darkness. Chances are if you work or live in an urban area, you spend a lot of time a fair distance above the ground. The SkySaver device is a remarkably compact backpack device that stashes discreetly in an office or elevated bedroom.

The engineers at Survivalist Vaults produce air- and watertight vaults adequate to protect guns, ammunition, valuables and important papers from prying eyes and thieves. Unrest both at home and abroad, combined with crazy weather, serve to drive mainstream Americans to devote a bit of thought to what they might do if the world goes sideways.
Available in a variety of sizes, aLOKSAKs protect everything from cash to cell phones to assault rifles from water and the elements. The purifier itself is roughly the size of a small cell phone and sports a built-in solar cell on one side.
As a result, if faced with a building fire or active-shooter scenario, the only reasonable avenue of escape might be a window. It only takes moments to strap on the backpack and secure the crotch strap to put the SkySaver into action. Just pour the resulting oxidant purifying solution into a canteen or water bottle, shake it vigorously, let it sit for the prescribed period of time, and then drink up. Where a really powerful tactical light produces 500 lumens of light, the X3000 produces 3,000 lumens. While the X3000 is numbingly bright, on its lowest setting it will still burn for a month on a single charge. The resulting container can be buried, sunk to the bottom of a lake or built into a garden.

Survivalist VaultsThe container can be buried, sunk to the bottom of a lake or built into a garden.
The purifier bubbles a bit as it electrolytically splits the chlorine out from the saltwater.
For applications where size and weight are not critical, the Powertac line takes flashlights to a whole new level. Another alternative is to improvise an anchor out of substantial furniture or the structure of the window.
When the time is right to access your stuff, simply dig up the box, rap the corner sharply with a hammer to break the seal, and you are back in business.
Crawl out of the window and the SkySaver safely lowers you up to 260 feet to the ground at a docile rate of 2 meters per second.
Cryptosporidium is a heavily armored little microbe that is notoriously tough to eradicate.

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