Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is an entertaining and fun military shooter with a futuristic take.
With Call of Duty 1, 2, 3, World at War, Modern Warfare (MW), MW2 and MW3 the world was a familiar place.
Call of Duty: Black Ops continued this format albeit with flashbacks from the present day to the 1960s and Vietnam. In November 2013 though, the COD franchise took the full leap into ‘what the heck?” with Ghosts. Based on this ‘horrible’ campaign story and sales far below those for MW3 and Black Ops 2, many people were predicting the end of the COD franchise.
It provides the ability to perform Stealth Kills, much like Assassins Creed Rope Dart, but this is much more effective. In a firefight where you need to flash your enemies or EMP Drones as you are being overwhelmed, speed is paramount. Due to the lighting, graphics and uniform selections made for the game, good guys and bad guys all look the exact same on the battlefield. Additionally, the graphic detail now presented allows foes mid-range and beyond to easily disappear in the clutter. One of the MAIN selling and marketing points for COD: AW was the use of exoskeleton suits for the soldiers.
One of my favorite aspects of Black Ops 2 was the ability to select my weapon load out for the Campaign. This setting has caused me to replay portions of mission’s dozens of times, if not more, to finally get through it alive. Nothing will ever top the exhilaration and enjoyment I experienced playing World at War the first time.
It would be higher, but the brevity of the Campaign was just too much for me to give an 8 or higher.
Like Zombies, unless you’re in co-op or multiplayer mode, if you die the game is pretty much over. There are Perks you are given as you earn XP during the game as well as Kill streak items, such as remote turrets, War Bird and Goliath.
Zombies – they should’ve released with Zombies, not require purchase of a DLC to get Zombies. Weapon Optics – as in the campaign, the Auto Tracking optics allow much faster enemy identification. Kill Streaks – too many ‘manually’ controlled kill streaks, where you ARE killed while flying the aircraft or operating the turret. Typical COD multiplayer – most of the good from prior games with only a few changes I think they could make to improve. Shooters, no doubt RPGs are the most entertaining Platformers, old and new I wish there were more adventure games!
The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise is arguably the most popular and best-selling first person shooter video game ever.
After beating The Legend of Zelda before he could walk, Truman moved onto bigger and better things, like critiquing video games on the internet and creating cat memes. The owner of my local Gamestop is a friend and I actually walked out the door, game in hand at 12:01 AM ET. It was the US, UK and Russian military for the most part, typical ‘real world’ type enemies and recognizable military hardware.
Like its predecessor flashbacks were used, as well as familiar names, places and equipment from the past.
With an impossible to follow storyline taking place in the future, the US was attacked by a South American cartel of sorts who basically took over the world with a spaced based weapon.
Many articles leading up to the release claimed that ‘franchise fatigue’ had set in for the most popular video game in history.

COD: Advanced Warfare released with a campaign story line that was strong, well-written, well-acted and entertaining.
Yes it’s in the future, but there is no element where I thought ‘this is just goofy’ or ‘unrealistic’.
Of course, they had to give her a sexy, eastern European accent, but hey, not going to complain. If this had been a ‘dud’ like Ghosts or weak like Black Ops 2, I think the franchise would have some lean years ahead of it. COD games have always had, in my opinion, the perfect button layout for First Person Shooters (FPS). COD got away from this element for a few games, but is making the right call by bringing it back in AW.
Whether it’s in the forest, jungle or wrecked deck of an aircraft carrier, it’s very difficult to ‘spot’ the enemy. I do this for fun, the achievements and sometimes for the hidden Easter Eggs only available on the highest difficulty. You’ll be slower and less agile, but you’ll have better armor and the EM1 Laser weapon which needs NO AMMO.
This prepares you better for later rounds from a skill stand-point and also lets you buy the more expensive items.
It takes 15 seconds or more to disarm the bomb, during that time you WILL be killed unless you have cover. This is great for hardcore mode since all players look alike now and you don’t want to shoot your team mate.
Approaching someone on a roof couldn’t be more apparent than if you called or texted before your arrival. In my experience it can take hundreds of hours in matches to really flesh out the good and bad in PvP.
I can honestly say that no other game I've ever played has really made me feel a sense of urgency and hustle as much as MW3. Voice acting and sound effects are also top-notch and really make you feel as though you are in the middle of the firefight and taking orders. I have encountered many people who have never even touched the campaign and opted to purchase Call of Duty for the online experience alone. You can tell a lot of time and effort was put into making this a memorable and entertaining game. I take a day of vacation, pick up my game at midnight, and then spend the next 18 hours or so blowing things up and escaping reality. I’m sure many COD haters were anxiously preparing posts to slam the game in forums far and wide. Could the US military be so gutted by politicians that in 50 years they’re dependent on a private company for tactical and operational support? You can’t ‘pre-select’ a grenade type without throwing a grenade and selecting a grenade type during a firefight is slow and dangerous.
You must not only press 2 buttons to make the right selection, but must also take your eyes off the battlefield to make the correct choice. This is actually quite realistic and a nice element to have in the game, but ONLY IF the same difficulty is experienced by the enemy. It was competitive, increasingly difficult, gave you a chance to learn the maps and weapons and was a LOT of fun. You’ll have to fight your way through hordes of enemy to get back there and most likely will die again. Host Jose Otero is joined by Brian Altano, Andrew Goldfarb, and (subbing in for Peer Schneider) special guest Jeff Gerstmann! The traditional multiplayer (Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, etc) is still there, with a few new additions.

This really encourages a team cooperation play style and also has spurred a few rounds of everyone running around with riot shields, which is awesomely fun. And the multiplayer is on par with COD PvP we’ve all come to expect with some welcome new additions.
I fix a stiff drink, make some snacks, take care of the dogs and within 20 minutes I’m told the game is ‘ready to play. To bridge the gap characters from Black Ops 1 were included, the US military was the primary ‘good’ guy and the bad guy was a typical commie, drug lord, tin pot dictator wannabe.
Based on released game information and trailers it was being slammed as a Titanfall copy and unimaginative.
Yes, it’s in the future and there are plenty of new weapons, gadgets and abilities we’ve never had before.
However, the mechanics for handling grenades with multiple capabilities was slow and awkward. Especially where there is no clear line separating sides like the Aircraft Carrier mission. When there are games out there like Skyrim, Destiny, Red Dead Redemption which can take over 100 hours or more to get thru all the content, having a 5 hour campaign is a waste. As it is, they can easily spot me from 200 yards away crouched behind bushes and rain fire down upon me. But it was enough to see the same Run and Gun play all COD matches have morphed into since MW3. Your endgame is to find Makarov, the mastermind behind it all that has sent the world into a third World War. The install wasn’t completed yet, but I could already start which is a GREAT function of the new generation of consoles. In Ghosts there was Stonehaven, the map which they claimed was large and had long sight lines for sniping. You will spend the majority of your time playing as the silent Yuri, 141's newest addition, taking commands from Captain Price and Captain Soap.
I don't know if they did this purposely as an homage or remake, but it needed to be noted.
It's all there for your purchase, since you get money for every kill you get and for every kill spree you go on.
It has an insane replay value (you can play online at pretty much any time and have no trouble finding a match), and it gives you a fun, albeit short, campaign to enjoy. Overall the story was much weaker than its predecessors and a disappointment to many, myself included. The only redeeming quality of Ghosts was the introduction of the Extinction game mode, where we could blow up aliens.
Unfortunately, there were so many hills, ditches and culverts it was in effect no different than a small map with tight corners.
With Assault, your kill sprees earn you things like attack helicopters and Predator missiles. The campaign mode feels a little short, clocking in around 7-9 hours, but pretty much every minute of those hours is packed with saving the world and hunting Makarov. Infinity Ward found a formula that worked (and worked well) and stuck to it, for the most part. There aren't very many lulls in the game, and even then, I really enjoyed the sneaking and stealth portions.

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