A lot of people wonder how they might be able to use online  tools and courses for MSHA Part 46 training. If you’re not familiar with MSHA Part 46, or if you need a refresher, here’s a helpful What is MSHA Part 46?
Convergence Training is a training solutions provider with a long history of creating mining safety training solutions.
Learn more about our training management solutions, eLearning course libraries, and custom training solutions. An LMS is an online software application that allows you to assign training to your workers, deliver some of it online, determine if your workers have completed it, give them credit for completing the training, run reports, and create documentation required by MSHA. A learning management system can really simplify a lot of the time-consuming and frustrating clerical, organizational, and scheduling tasks that you are probably managing by hand (and Excel spreadsheets, and paper-based training records stored in manila envelopes, etc.). For more about LMSs, read this What is an LMS? article or check out an LMS made for MSHA compliance. Or just watch this short overview video that explains how an LMS can help you with Part 46 training.
An e-learning course is not the same as an LMS, but you can import e-learning courses into an LMS and then use the LMS to assign and deliver the courses to your workers. For some examples, check out this collection of e-learning courses for MSHA safety training compliance. Here’s a sample of an e-learning course that covers a topic required by MSHA Part 46. Download our free guide to learn how online tools can help you create safer work conditions at a mine site, stay compliant with MSHA Part 46 regulations, and manage your training program more efficiently. Jeffrey Dalto is an Instructional Designer and the Senior Learning & Development Specialist at Convergence Training. Convergence TrainingConvergence Training is a leading producer of eLearning media, training management software, and operational efficiency tools for general industry, manufacturing, pulp and paper, and mining.
But in addition, creating a safety and health management program also decreases incident rates, including injuries and illnesses. And health and safety management programs also have a financial benefit, saving companies money. In this article, we’ll explain more fully some of the reasons for having a safety and health management program that we just introduced above. Convergence Training is a training solutions provider that makes a library of health and safety e-learning training courses, a variety of learning management systems, and custom health and safety training solutions too. According to OSHA, almost 50 people are injured on the job EVERY MINUTE of the 40-hour work week. By creating a safety and health management program at work, you’ll reap many benefits. According to OSHA, studies have shown that every dollar ($1) invested in health and safety has an ROI of $4-6.
Both management and the rank-and-file employees must be committed to creating and sustaining a safety and health culture if it’s going to work.
Management must truly consider the health and safety of workers to be a core value of the company, and this concern for safety and health must be demonstrated in all actions of the company.
Here’s an OSHA guide for demonstrating management leadership of safety and health program.
You can’t have a safe workplace unless the employees can develop and express their buy-in to safety and health.
Some companies may resist including employees in safety and health management, but that’s the wrong way to go about it. The rank-and-file workers are the ones who interact most closely with health and safety hazards. Here’s an OSHA document explaining how employees can identify safety and health problems at the workplace.
Here’s a short sample from the Building a Safety Culture e-learning toolbox talk by Convergence Training and Caterpillar. It’s important to assign responsibility and authority for different aspects of the health and safety management program to various people.
In addition, though, it’s important to make people accountable for the safety and health management program. Provide all resources needed to meet those standards–a safe and healthy workplace, effective health and safety training, appropriate oversite of work operations.
Click to read more about responsibility, authority, and accountability for health and safety management.
Here’s an OSHA checklist regarding responsibility, authoring, and accountability for health and safety management.
OSHA provides a lot of helpful information on the yearly safety and health management audits here. The second necessary component of a safety and health management program is an ongoing process of analyzing the workplace to identify hazards. The purpose of this is to identify hazards at the workplace so they can later be eliminated or controlled. Small businesses can get OSHA-funded, state-run consultants to visit their site and perform a comprehensive health and safety survey at no cost. Before something new happens at the workplace, analyze it to identify any potential hazards. At the simple end of the spectrum, this can involved performing a job hazard analysis (JHA). Here’s a short sample of the Job Hazard Analysis e-learning course by Convergence Training. Routine site safety and health inspections are designed to catch hazards missed at other stages. You can use the information from that investigation to correct hazards so another incident won’t happen again. Remember that incident investigations should remain positive, focus on finding the root cause, and are not intended to assign blame.
Finally, it’s important to analyze injury and illness trends over time to identify patterns. The final action recommended under Worksite Analysis is analysis of injury and illness trends over time, so that patterns with common causes can be identified and prevented.
Once your safety and health management program is in place, it’s important to continually analyze the work area to keep hazards in check and keep workers safe. Identified hazards should be controlled using the hierarchy of controls and with other methods. Read more about the Hierarchy of Controls and download our free Hierarchy of Controls e-learning course.
Safe work practices are general workplace rules and other rules specific to given operations, processes, or tasks.
Some people consider safe work practices (above) to be a type of administrative control, but OSHA breaks them out separately. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, includes things like respirators, hard hats, ear plugs, and similar protective gear. If a hazard isn’t fully control using engineering controls, safe work practices, and administrative controls, then PPE should be used.
This process begins with an understanding of the hazards at the workplace for which PPE is required. From there, the next step is an in-depth evaluation of the PPE itself, including its proper use, the protection it offers, and its limits. And from there, it moves on to the creation of standard operating procedures employees should follow when using PPE, training employees on the limits of PPE, and training them how to  couse and maintain PPE properly.
It’s very important that employees receive proper hazard awareness training before being given and told to use PPE. Before we leave the topic of he hierarchy of controls and move on to the next section, here’s an e-learning course about the hierarchy of controls created by the Convergence Training blog team. The best way to ensure that this happens is to set up a system to ensure identified hazards do indeed get corrected.

Preventive maintenance of machines and equipment reduces new hazards (from malfunctioning equipment) and helps to ensure that existing controls stay in place and continue to work.
It’s important to schedule regular, periodic maintenance and to document the maintenance.
Good preventive maintenance plays a major role in ensuring that hazard controls continue to function effectively.
You may be interested in some of the industrial maintenance e-learning courses offered by Convergence Training. Always consider all emergencies that could occur and make plans for the best way to ensure health and safety if they should occur.
The medical program may be in-house or made through arrangements  through a local medical clinic. Click here to read more about blended learning solutions (scroll down to the bottom of that article to get our free downloadable guide to blended learning).
Click here to read more about effective health and safety training from our guide to complying with ANSI Z490.1, the national standard for effective EHS training.
Also make sure to provide appropriate health and safety training to long-term workers whose jobs have changed or who will be working with new processes. Finally, don’t forget to provide refresher training, especially for responding to emergencies. Proper health and safety training can help to everyone at your company develop the knowledge and skills they need to understand hazards at the workplace and to follow safe working procedures. And in addition to that, workers should receive additional health and safety training based on the job tasks they perform. Click here to read more about evaluating safety and health training (from a guide to ANSI Z490.1, the national standard for effective health and safety training).
Read more about documenting and keeping records of health and safety training in our guide to ANSI Z490.1, the national standard for effective EHS training. Click to lean more about how an LMS can help with your safety and health training and your safety and health training records. Bas, I agree with you about engagement in safety and safety training, and also about the value of serious games in training.
This course gives workers an overview of the safe operating procedures for moving loads with floor-operated overhead industrial cranes. This course can be paired with our Overhead Crane Basics course, which covers basic overhead crane concepts and the common pre-use inspections required at most facilities. This program offers top quality training presentation and provides valuable information to the trainee all at a great price. Normal shipping charges apply to DVD products (shipping options can be chosen during checkout). DVD shipments require a minimum of 24 hrs to process and usually ship within 1 to 2 business days. Orders received after 2:00 PM PST requiring expedited shipping will be processed the following business day. There are currently no reviews for this product, be the first add a review and share your thoughts with other customers. Information in this course can be applied to most powered industrial trucks, even those using attachments (such as clamptrucks). The video presents well organized information and safety guidelines in a easy to understand visual format. This is by far the best visualization and explanation of forklift load shift that I have ever seen. We’ve introduced that method of creating a blended learning solution in an earlier article. In an earlier article, we looked at using scenario-based training during training to help workers develop advanced job skills that may require a lot of practice of feedback. Convergence Training is a training solutions provider with a long history of creating training for companies in manufacturing industries.
There are lots of times when people have to learn basic information that they can then apply on the job. Learning & development experts often talk about this stuff that people need to know on the job as including facts, concepts, and processes. How Does This Basic Job Knowledge Fit In With Other Stuff Employees Have to Learn to Do Their Jobs? This is the stuff you have to know before you can even begin to do other stuff on the job, such as perform simple procedures, apply basic skills, or demonstrate advanced job skills.
Sometimes, employees need a lot of feedback or practice during training, and sometimes they need almost none. This often comes down to what kind of information they are learning during the training session. As a result, you can rely on training delivery methods that don’t involve a lot of human interaction to teach workers this kind of information. In some cases, these training delivery methods will be just as good as face-to-face training methods. Here are a few training delivery methods that are well-suited to help employees learn this kind of information. Here’s a sample e-learning course about Process Control Charts with this kind of basic job information. Also, here’s a quick video overview that shows short samples from a variety of our courses. Video, even video filmed with a simple camera or your phone, can be an effective training tool.
As you know, there are lots of helpful videos on YouTube, plus OSHA, MSHA, the Chemical Safety Board, and others make good training videos as well. One great thing about the e-learning courses, videos, websites, and written materials we just discussed is they can all be imported into an online learning solution and delivered to employees online. One convenient aspect of using an online learning management system is that you can also have employees complete online tests and quizzes that the LMS automatically scores, using the score to determine if the worker passed or failed. This video was very helpful for not only meeting state requirements, but for educating our staff. This is yet another addition to my safety library, I enjoy the professional, easy to understand outlines and the key points are all included.I will certainly purchase more in the future, due to the high quality and current practices of the videos. Stormwater runoff is the result of precipitation created by rain or snowmelt flowing over any exposed surface, such as equipment, roofs, roads, and pastures. In addition to 5S, you can use other lean concepts to improve safety at the workplace as well. We’ll take a look at three different lean methods, give a quick explanation of each, will describe how they can be applied to safety, and will provide links to fuller explanations of each method. If you’ve already used one, some, or all of these for your own safety program, we invite you to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and experiences.
As you may know or may have guessed, 5S is a five-step method for organizing a work place, and each step begins with the letter S. Go through the work area, identify items that are needed and items that are not, and remove the unnecessary items. Now that things are sorted, straightened, and shined, create procedures so you can be sure things stay that way.
Make sure everyone’s following those new standardized procedures for keeping the workplace sorted, straightened, and shined. And still others think after you’ve gone through the full 5S process, you could add a sixth step exclusively for safety issues.
So, you can see how a kaizen event could help you run a short-term, focused, team-based effort to improve safety. Because of the short-term approach of a kaizen event, it may be best-suited for one work area or process, but that depends on the size of your company. There you go: three lean manufacturing techniques that you can borrow from your friends in production to make a safer, more incident-free workplace-5S, kaizen, and a kaizen event. Also, we’ve included a free downloadable guide to performing a JHA to create a safer workplace below.
Even better, we’re going to provide a free downloadable guide at the end of this article that you goes into a ton of detail about how you can use online training as part of your MSHA Part 46 solution.

If you’re struggling with the time, organization, and clerical tasks associated with Part 46 training, and the expenses that come with them, then an LMS can really be your friend. An good analogy is that an LMS and e-learning courses are similar to video game players (like X-Box or PlayStation or Wii) and the games you buy to play with the players. The fact that OSHA says it’s a good idea is a pretty persuasive reason to do it, we think. It turns out we’re talking about 36,000 injuries on the job every week, or 1,872,000 injuries on the job each year. And so are year-after-year declines of injuries and illnesses and lowest-ever-levels since data has been collected.
If just one piece of the system is broken or absent, the entire system will suffer as a result.
Neither side can do it on their own, and the system will collapse if one side doesn’t join in. Management provides a motivating force and, equally importantly, resources for the program. This includes their own health and also the health of all other workers (plus contractors, temps, visitors, vendors, etc). As a result, they have the most to win from an effective health and safety training program. The purpose, of course, is to make sure it is adequately protecting against workplace hazards. You should also make it clear how to use that system to all employees, and encourage employees to use it. This will allow employees who may be uncomfortable reporting a hazard one way to do it another. Review of the OSHA injury and illness forms is the most common form of pattern analysis, but other records of hazards can be analyzed for patterns. Remember that in many cases you’ll wind up using more than one control (such as an engineering control and PPE). The basic idea of an engineering control is to design the work environment and the job to eliminate hazards or reduce exposure to hazards. They must understand that the PPE does not remove the hazard, and that if the PPE fails, the employee will be exposed to the hazard. The goal, of course, is to perform maintenance before repairs or replacements are necessary. And you should begin planning for the evaluation even when you’re first designing the training.
Personnally I believe that an underestimated part of this has to do with engagement around safety.
This course covers the dangers associated with lifting and moving a load with an overhead crane, as well as safe procedures that will avoid those dangers. Check the manual for your player to determine if it supports both DVD-R Media and progressive playback.
Because of the potentially high loading on wire ropes, they can be one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment at a worksite. This forklift training video provides your employees with the basic operating procedures that will protect them from the most common forklift accidents.
This course covers the most common types of forklifts used in general industry and warehouse environments. The installations are very well done so that the safety concepts are easily understood by the trainees. Because the people you are training are visual and verbal learners, this should go a long way. In other cases, they’ll may be even more effective, partly because they allow for more self-guided learning and partly because they may include things like better images.
It’s from our libraries of off-the-shelf e-learning courses for workforce development.
Of course, on its own, video doesn’t include a way to assess comprehension, but stay tuned for more about that.
This is a quick and effective way to determine if the worker understood and has truly learned from the online activity. It also provides details related to exposure risks, exposure prevention, and steps to take in the event of exposure to blood or potentially infected material.
As the water flows over urbanized and industrial areas it has the potential to pick up a number of contaminants like oil, sediment, chemicals, and litter.
Be sure to check out the linked resources embedded in the article, because they leave to substantive, helpful resources.
We have many libraries of e-learning courses, including courses related to health and safety training, to general manufacturing training needs, and more.
Many companies extend this idea and use tape or other markings to make it clear where everything is supposed to go.
For example, when you sort, you can create a separate pile for EHS hazards, and when you straighten, you can consider things like ergonomics. Give workers the power to address safety hazards when they see them, or to immediately report safety suggestions to their supervisor. A kaizen event is short-term (typically 3-5 days) with a definite beginning and ending point. Then you could follow that up with some site-specific training about your site and, of course, a mine tour.
And we’ll include information and helpful links to other resources that can help you create, implement, and maintain your safety and health management program. The audit program does this by seeing if polices and procedures were implemented and, if so, if they may their objectives.
In addition, procedures should be established that provide a daily inspection of the work area.
Playing the DVD on a computer requires a DVD ROM drive and DVD playback software, such as PowerDVD or VLC Media Player (Free). In this course, you will learn which personal protective equipment to wear while using wire ropes, safety guidelines for working with wire ropes, and how to recognize potential wire rope hazards.
This course includes important information required by OSHA as well as recognized best practices on powered industrial truck operation. It doesn’t cover rough terrain forklifts, aerial work platforms, or forklifts with extendable booms. Whether you use 5S or not, I’m sure that housekeeping is a big part of your safety training and your safety program in general. We also offer a series of learning management systems (LMSs) to help you assign, deliver, track, credit, and report on training of any type (not just e-learning courses). Or, even if you didn’t know the names and haven’t used the techniques, have you doing similar stuff? Or to put that a different way, just under 3,000 people died on 9-11, which means every year more people die at work in America than the number of people who died on 9-11. Because of the potential for accidents, knowing how to properly use and safely work around wire ropes is crucial to your safety and the safety of your co-workers. This course can be used as an introduction to forklift safety or as a refresher on forklift basics. Polluted stormwater draining from urbanized areas is one of the leading causes of water pollution in lakes, streams, and oceans.
But if you’re not using 5S currently, you may find some of the techniques will be a helpful addition to your current housekeeping efforts. The game uses real accidents for each of the scenario’s, amd 70% find it important, insightful, and fun.
This course describes the legal provisions related to stormwater pollution prevention as well as structural and operational best management practices at facilities.

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