Between the emerging age of the research chemical, the established history of classic mind-altering substances, and our daily coffee binge, it can be difficult to safely navigate the world of drugs — legal and otherwise. While Tripsit is a great place to get information on drugs, they make it clear they don't condone the careless combination of substances. Good news for the hippies, though: Both cannabis and mushrooms are considered pretty safe when mixed with everything else on this chart. Marijuana (in all its abundant forms) has been prevalent since Man’s creation and has been engraved in all cultures of human settlements world over. Marijuana has been used since the Pre-Historic period of Man’s existence and is closely integrated with the History of the most Ancient civilizations known to have existed, some of whose communities still exist to this day!
In temples, Man burnt incense which produced perfumed smoke from spices and herbs, in tribute to a deity. According to legend, Lord Siva, the Supreme God of many Hindu sects, had some family squabble and went off to the fields. Among fakirs (Hindu and Muslim Ascetics) bhang is viewed as the giver of long life and a means of communion with the divine spirit. Cannabis was also an important part of the Tantric religious yoga sex acts consecrated to the goddess Kali. Throughout the Bible the ancient patriarchs were brought into communion with God through smoking incense and at Mt. Scriptures make it abundantly clear that the clouds and the smoke are related to the burning of incense.
Leviticus 16:2-13 describes how God appeared in a cloud and refers to it as the clouds of incense.
The Book of Grass by Andrew and Vinkenoog includes a section on Ancient Scythia and Iran by Mircea Eliade, one of the foremost experts on the history of religions. There are numerous other places in the Bible that mention the burning of incense, the mysterious cloud, and smoke.
Abraham, the father of the Israelite nation, came from Ur which was a city of Ancient Sumer in South Babylonia.
The Essenes were an ascetic sect closely related to the Theraputea that had established a monastic order in the desert outside of Palestine and were known as spiritual healers. Some of the synonyms for transfiguration are transformation, metamorphosis, transubstantiation, and avatar. The shining countenances are the result of their resurrections, of their being spiritually illumined in the cloud of smoking incense.
The sacramentality of marijuana is declared by Christ himself and can be understood only when a person partakes of the natural divine herb.
Isaiah 65:8 declares that the new wine is found in the cluster and that a blessing is in it. Seed producing flowers form elongate, spike like clusters growing on the pistillate, or female plants; pollen producing flowers form many branched clusters or staminate, on male plants.
Like the Indians Hemp Drug Commission three quarters of a century earlier, the Canadian Le Dain Commission conducted an inquiry into the use of marijuana.
According to legend, Haydar (Persian founder of a religious order of Sufis, discovered hashish in A.D. One hot summer day, however, Haydar fell into a state of depression and, contrary to his custom of never venturing out of his monastery, he wandered off into the fields to be alone.
Astounded by this dramatic change in their master’s character, his disciples eagerly questioned the monk about what it was that had put him into this frame of mind.
After his discovery, Haydar lived another ten years, allegedly subsisting on cannabis leaves. The apocryphal oath by which Haydar entrusted his disciples not to reveal the secret of hashish to anyone but the Sufis underlies the close association between the drug and the Sufi movement in the Arab community.
The origin of the name Sufi is connected with the wearing of undyed garments made from wool (suf) rather than cotton.
Although the original leaders of the movement were orthodox in their religious principles, their successors and the new members who were drawn to the movement adopted a more mystical approach toward religion which was contrary to Islamic orthodoxy.
Religious leaders were unfavorably inclined toward them because the mystical philosophy of the Sufis taught that divine truth and communion with God cannot be imparted to others.
One of the ways the Sufis encouraged the attainment of these spiritual insights was through the arousal of ecstatic states.
Since neither the hippie nor the Sufi had any interest in advancing himself in society or in economic gain, both were looked down upon by the Establishment in their respective eras as being lazy and worthless. According to the storyline, the sultan Shahriyar had ordained that each of his future wives was to be put to the death the morning after consummating their marriage nuptials. The ruse she used consisted of telling the sultan an amusing story on the night of their marriage and then breaking it off in the middle, promising to finish it the next night.

To help us out, harm-reduction group Tripsit released an updated version of their drug-interaction chart this week, and we've included an abbreviated one here. So, using the available research, they've compiled as much as they can to educate you before you decide to drop that bean. So, if any of your drug-combo questions remain unanswered, check out the full list of drugs and how they interact on Tripsit's original chart here. It association with religious customs and traditions that date back to that period is therefore obvious in the regions of the Indian-Subcontinent, the Middle East, South East Asia, China, Africa and the Americas. Upon eating hemp the euphoric, ecstatic and hallucinatory aspects may have introduced man to an other-worldly plane from which emerged religious beliefs, perhaps even the concept of deity. He sat under a hemp plant so as to be sheltered from the heat of the sun and happened to eat some of its leaves. Like his Hindu brother, the Muslim fakir reveres bhang as the lengthener of life and the freer from the bonds of self. Raising man out of himself and above mean individual worries, bhang makes him one with the divine force of nature and the mystery 'I am he’ grew plain. Narrated by many Sikh, Muslim, Hindu and Persian native accounts, the Singhs used Sukhnidhan and consumed Sukhnidhan daily. Abraham, the father of the Israelite nation, came from Ur, a city of Babylonia located in mesopotamia.
Exodus 40:26 describes Moses burning incense, a cloud covering the tent of the congregation and the glory of the Lord filling the tabernacle. Numbers 16:17-19 describes how every man of the congregation had a censer full of burning incense and that the glory of the Lord appeared unto all the congregation.
Biblical passages make it abundantly clear that the ancient Israelites also walked in clouds and in smoke.
It has been suggested that both John the Baptist and Jesus may have been of the Essene sect as they were both heavily dependent on Essene teachings.
The smoking burning cloud of incense contained the spirit and was instrumental in bringing about the spiritual revelations of the prophets.
Matthew 17:2 says that during the transfiguration of Christ that his face did shine as the sun.
Here and in Webster’s, marijuana fits the description of the new wine and as history has shown a blessing is in it.
1155), was an ascetic monk who lived a life of rigid privation and self-chastisement in a monastery which he built in the mountains of Persia.
When he returned, his disciples, who had become alarmed at his unusual absence, noted a strange air of happiness and whimsy in his demeanour. Haydar responded to their curiosity with amusement and proceeded to tell them how he had been wandering in the fields and had noticed that of all the plants near the monastery, only one had not been standing motionless in the oppressive heat of the day. Haydar agreed, but not before he made them promise under oath that they would not reveal the secret of the plant to anyone but the Sufis (the poor). Such clothing was originally worn as a symbol of personal penitence, but was condemned by religious leaders because it suggested that such people were dressing in imitation of Jesus rather than Mohammad, who wore cotton. Furthermore, since most of the new devotees came from the lower and middle classes, the socio-political attitudes of this new sect were increasingly regarded with distrust and suspicion by the upper classes and by the authorities. There were several different ways of achieving this condition, but the one most commonly resorted to was through intoxication by means of Hashish. 1000 and 1700, a collection of stories from the Arab world came into being which today are known as The Thousand and One Nights. This ritual went on through several wives until Scheherazade, the daughter of the grand vizier, tricked the sultan into revoking this postamatory rite. But each night she also started a new story, breaking that one off as well so that it would have to be ended the next night.
Yet by means of his cherished drug, he was able to escape into a dream world where he was no longer a beggar but a handsome and prosperous lover.
The highly addictive opioid class of drugs includes obvious examples such as heroin, but also a fair amount of prescription painkillers such as codeine, Oxycontin, and Demerol. Stone altars have been unearthed in Babylon and Palestine, which have been used for burning incense made of aromatic wood and spices. Herodotus states that when they "have parties and sit around a fire, they throw some of it into the flames. He felt so refreshed from the hemp plant that it became his favorite food, and that is how he got his title, the Lord of Bhang.
Shirdi Sai Baba, a well renowned Saint used to smoke hemp in a chillum (pipe); this chillum is believed to have magical and spiritual attributes. The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report describes the traditional use of cannabis in the Sikh religion.

Before he will render his decision, however, the judge demands payment for his arbitration, In response to this demand, one of the beggars offers some bhang. The delay between drinking the bhang and the sex act was to allow the drug time to act so that it would heighten the senses and thereby increase the feeling of oneness with the goddess. The Torah, Talmud (Jewish Scripture) and the Old Testament of the Bible (Christian Scripture) was originally written in Hebrew and later on translated to various languages. The Iranian Scythians were probably related to the Medes, who were neighbors of the semites and could easily have assimilated the word for hemp.
The Israelites migrated throughout Asia Minor and could easily have spread the religious use of marijuana. And he was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as light. Across the world, legends of godlike men who manage to rise, in a state of perfection go back to an era before human beings had cast away from the divine source.
Numerous outpourings of the Spirit are mentioned in the Acts of the apostles in which healing, prophesy, and the expelling of demons are particularly associated with the activity of the Spirit. For ten years he lived in this distant retreat, never leaving it for even a brief moment, seeing no one except his disciples. Not only that, the hitherto reclusive monk even allowed them to enter his personal chambers, something he had never done before. Unlike its torpid and inanimate neighbors, this unusual plant seemed to dance joyfully in the sun’s warmth. So it was, according to legend, that the Sufis came to know the pleasures and contentment of hashish. 1221, he asked that cannabis leaves be sown around his tomb so that his spirit might walk in the shade of the plant that had given him such pleasure during his lifetime. To the Sufis, the mind was simply incapable of articulating such understanding; it had to be acquired by oneself through experience.
It represented a counterculture within the Arab community in the same way that the hippies of the 1960’s represented an ideological and behavioral counterculture within American society. Although loosely joined, the thread that holds the collection together is the delightful fantasy of how a wily young harem girl enchanted the sultan and saved her life.
In this way she succeeded in delaying her execution for a thousand and one nights, until at last the sultan became so enamored of this spinner of tales that he fell in love with her and decided to cancel his former edict. And, although many people view both alcohol and caffeine as mild, they have some surprisingly bad interactions with party drugs — making them great ways to ruin a night. While the casual readers today may interpret such practices as mere satisfaction of the desire for pleasant odors, this is almost certainly an error; in many or most cases, a psychoactive drug was being inhaled. As it burns, it smokes like incense, and the smell of it makes them drunk, just as wine does us. Sula Benet, an anthropologist, pointed out that in Exodus 30:23, God commands Moses to make a holy anointing oil of myrrh, sweet cinnamon, kaneh bosm, and kassia. Certain theologians speculate that Jesus was being initiated by the Essenes, the last fraternity to keep alive the ancient traditions of the prophets. Hence the gods were beings which once were men, and the actual race of men will in time become gods. It is as unexpected as a ghost, an intermittent haunting from which we must draw, if we are wise, the certainty of a better existence. Incense (marijuana) was used by the ancients for healing, prophesy, and the expelling of demons. Overwhelmed by curiosity, Haydar picked a few of its leaves and ate them to see what they would taste like.
Some of these bands eventually formed fraternities and established monasteries such as those founded by Haydar.
So, if you’re at a rave, maybe pass on the rum and coke (or, you know, the illicit substances). Another account suggests that the cannabis plant sprang when a drop of the elixir dropped on the ground. Early Indian legends maintained that the angel of mankind lived in the leaves of the marijuana plant. Tradition also maintains that when the nectar or Amrita dropped from heaven, cannabis sprouted from it.

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