KINGSTON, Jamaica May 15 (JIS) — The Jamaica government will be undertaking major work to improve social infrastructure and amenities in West Kingston. This was announced by Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Dr. He said that the tour was to “evaluate the situation and take some decisions to begin the process of rehabilitation. He noted that the government intends to engage residents in sensitisation sessions in order to ensure that the work to be carried out is maintained. Local Government and Community Development Minister, and Member of Parliament for West Kingston, Desmond McKenzie, who was also on the tour, welcomed the intervention.
He said providing social amenities and improving the environment in which people live are important in reducing crime.
Minister McKenzie expressed confidence that the improved conditions will bring about positive change in the attitude and outlook of residents, whom he implored to do their part to ensure that the amenities, when provided, are properly maintained.
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Many of the early schools were established in buildings or on lands owned by the Church, with the help of members of the community and donations from the gentry, who were members of the church. Today, the Church is still active in the field of education, having direct responsibility for the Church Teachers’ College in Mandeville which it established in 1965, as well as 11 of the island’s High Schools, 112 primary schools, 9 preparatory schools and several early childhood institutions. Members of the clergy serve as Chaplains to the 11 High Schools, and working in collaboration with the teachers of Religious Education, they seek to inculcate Christian values and attitudes in the students.

The new initiatives include a partnership with CMI, an expanded partnership with the Ministry of Education and the introduction of culturally relevant Mathematics and English curricula for Jamaican students.
The partnership was formalised by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between City & Guilds Institute and the CMI at a press conference at the British High Commission offices in Kingston on Tuesday. Minister of Education Rev Ronald Thwaites, speaking at the press conference, lauded both the local and international arms of City & Guilds Institute of London for their new educational thrust.
The mindset, he said, must be changed because the brightest and most ambitious minds will not always be those who attended Cambridge, Harvard, Yale or the local equivalent, but will be those who engage in a variety of technical and vocational institutions and studies. He said that as a demonstration of confidence in City & Guilds, the ministry has partnered with them to launch the Career Advancement Programme (CAP) in September of 2009, and in 2011 signed a contract for the delivery of exams in Mathematics and English in all CAP centres worldwide.
The minister expressed delight that a more cultural focus will be placed on Mathematics and English and that while City & Guilds is ahead in this regard, the Caribbean Examinations Council at the insistence of the education ministry which is projecting that by 2017, students must not only understand English but must be able to express it as well. He then urged City & Guilds to be particularly mindful of teaching Math in a way that is practical oriented and that will particularly attract young men, who are having a difficulty in the present arrangement.
The organisation, he noted, is ahead with their proposal to introduce a suite of courses in the areas of logistics, warehousing and engineering, and this will boost Jamaica's plan to establish the fourth global logistics hub. Thwaites explained that investors are no longer interested in the rate of their investment as while they are willing to invest, they can't find a suitable number of employees in the country for their workforce and this is an embarrassment. Should the government impose stiffer penalties to tackle the high number of road fatalities? Horace Chang (right), looks on as Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Desmond McKenzie (2nd right) points out housing needs in Tivoli Gardens during a tour of communities in West Kingston on Friday (May 13).
Chang said the intervention, which is to get underway this year, is expected to address water, sewage and housing needs.

Chang said the government will work to upgrade the water supply system, address waste water disposal, as well as improve the structure of buildings, some of which were built decades ago. Much of the infrastructure has been outgrown by the population and are totally inadequate,” he said.
Chang noted that while the infrastructure works will begin in West Kingston, there are other communities that will benefit from similar improvements. Pride News, reflecting the ambitions, aspirations, accomplishments and achievements of the African & Caribbean Canadian community, is updated daily online.
These include Charles Drax and John Wolmer, benefactors of Jamaica College and the Wolmers Schools, which have achieved an outstanding record of performance. Some of these institutions are regarded as leased schools, in that the Government is fully responsible for their upkeep.
As such, 139 public high schools were named to be City & Guild registration centres for Math and English in 2012.
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