This is a classic survival island seed, however if you dig down a few blocks in the middle of the island at (x=40, z=90) you will find a zombie dungeon.
This seed generates a huge spherical cavern at (x=250, z=230) with plenty of exposed resources and a ravine crossing through the bottom. This seed spawns you right between a jungle biome and a huge mushroom island with some epic mountains. This seed was discovered by Zakerias and spawns you on a small tropical island, perfect for jungle survival island.

This seed spawns you on a medium-sized island with a much smaller island to the north west. Minecraft 1.2 has been released and one of the major new features is the addition of jungle biomes. At (x=-390, z=300) there is an NPC village and in the blacksmith's chest are no less than 9 diamonds. No less than 10 blocks away from the spawn point is a surface skeleton dungeon sunken into the sand.

On the smaller island at (x=-210, z=360) there is an easily accessible double zombie dungeon. This seed spawns you right in the middle of a massive jungle biome surrounded by tall mountains and winding rivers.

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