This is a classic survival island seed, however if you dig down a few blocks in the middle of the island at (x=40, z=90) you will find a zombie dungeon.
This seed generates a huge spherical cavern at (x=250, z=230) with plenty of exposed resources and a ravine crossing through the bottom.
This seed spawns you right between a jungle biome and a huge mushroom island with some epic mountains.
This seed was discovered by Zakerias and spawns you on a small tropical island, perfect for jungle survival island.
This seed spawns you on a medium-sized island with a much smaller island to the north west. Minecraft 1.2 has been released and one of the major new features is the addition of jungle biomes.
With the download been on Deposit Files there are a lot of issues making the map undownloadable for some people because of a stupidly buggy max download for IP.

At (x=-390, z=300) there is an NPC village and in the blacksmith's chest are no less than 9 diamonds.
No less than 10 blocks away from the spawn point is a surface skeleton dungeon sunken into the sand. On the smaller island at (x=-210, z=360) there is an easily accessible double zombie dungeon.
This seed spawns you right in the middle of a massive jungle biome surrounded by tall mountains and winding rivers. An alternate Download, Media Fire for example, would help resolve these issues with the downloads because most will not wait 30 mins in order to download. However the map looks good its a shame I am not prepared to wait the 30 minutes in order to download. The reason for putting it in a folder is because the file creates more files when it is first run.

RULES: - No cheating (this includes admin commands, inventory edits or the SinglePlayerCommands Mod) - Once you die, its game over. A When changing worlds, just put the name of the world you want in that path and it will run that specific world. Easy Mode (Sea under islands):Click Here to download the Easy Version Hardcore Mode (Void!):Click here to download the hardcore mode! A If you don't have a world with the same name as you put, it will create a new world with that name.

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