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Click the link underneath Build Artifacts, as shown in the previous image (click image to view it full-size), and your download will begin. The first time you run Bukkit, it will create the other files it needs to run properly and will create a world and a nether-world automatically.
Most of the options are the same as the standard server (Official Minecraft Server Configuration, scroll down to “Tweaking the Server’s Properties”).
In the console windows, just type the name of the command – with proper parameters, if necessary – and hit enter to execute them. You can also, of course, enter these commands in the in-game console just like the regular server. Now that you’ve got Bukkit installed, you’re on your way to customizing Minecraft’s mechanics and gameplay.
Thank you for responding to our requests about how to set up a Bukkit server in the Running Your Own Server article. I’m pretty sure bukkit is a modified version of the official server (decompiled and reverse engineered), and not a completely from-scratch clone of the minecraft server. DID YOU KNOW?The creator of the Pokemon franchise, Satoshi Tajiri, has a net worth of $5.1 billion. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site.

Minecraft is a great game, but with Bukkit, you can run a more efficient server that’s easy to manage and is ready for advanced plugins. That means when Minecraft is updated, you’ll have to hold off upgrading until they Bukkit team releases a server that’s compatible with the new version.
The first one is the build that is most recommended at the moment, and below that are other builds that are older.
You’ll be taken to the source hub where you can download the appropriate server’s .jar file. This will make you an Op and you will be able to execute any and all commands on your server. This means that other players will not be able to place blocks or build in a 16-block radius from your spawn point. There are many more commands available to you, so be sure to check out the CraftBukkit Command List.
When he's not overdosing on meditation and geek news of all kinds, he's hacking and tweaking something, often while mumbling in 4 or 5 other languages. So us Linux users would just run it in the same way, but without the batch file, of course. Search for solutions as each OS and version do it differently and there are a couple different methods sometimes.
The modding community that surrounds Minecraft is pretty large, and is really inspired by the essence of the game, and Bukkit is one its products. It’s easy to manage users and there’s a host of documentation on everything, as well as a great community.

Typically, this can take between a few days to two weeks for a stable version, so you’ll have to wait longer for the latest and greatest features. If you’re running Linux or Mac OS, check out the Bukkit Wiki’s Setup Guide for the proper startup script.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. It runs more smoothly that the official server, works well on a computer with lower hardware, and is constantly updated. There are plugins which allow you to summon items at will, fly, and create warp zones between areas and different worlds. In addition, things can be buggy even on recommended builds if plugins aren’t updated for the newer Minecraft versions.
It’s always a good idea to read the posts on the left for information on bugs and development progress.
Next time we’ll discuss adding plugins like Flight and Essentials, but until then, watch out for creepers!

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