A small tropical island in a vast ocean is Breeze Island, which is the location for the Minecraft Survival Games!This is a small scale survival games map intended to be played with 12-24 tributes. Ive gone on 1.2.5 but I cant get out of creative, can someone help?Or can I go onto a different version? When I teleport to the cords (15 72 24), all there is is a big sand platforn where the island is supposed to be!HELP!
Can I use this and port it to Minecraft: Pocket Edition with credit given to you of course? There is one main island, with the majority of the chests on it, and some surrounding islands with some available loot if you want to swim.

This map has always been my fav!I've been porting some maps from minecraft over to Garry's mod, and I've been looking all over for this map. Due to the small size of the map, the intention is that their will be lots of fighting, and tributes can never be too far away from some one else willing to kill them.
Although it is so small, it doesn't lack resources, and there are many well hidden chests throughout the map. The cornucopia, where there are 8 chests that may top up with extraordinary loot at sundown, is visible from many parts of the island, so camping there for the restock at sunset has its extra risk.
The major intention is to focus the tributes together, so that games are much quicker, chests on the main island may be looted quicker, and tributes will need to act fast if they want to stand a chance of surviving.

Even if you can't play it on a server, please consider downloading it to take a look at it.

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