Considering that vitality is holistic, the answer to this question is holistic in nature as well: a lifestyle that promotes vitality.
McLean, 70, of Camden, is required to stay away from his ex-wife and complete a mental health evaluation. ROCKLAND — Singer-songwriter Don McLean pleaded guilty Thursday to hitting and threatening his wife, from whom he in now divorced, as part of a plea deal.
Don McLean, best known for his hit "American Pie," pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges on Thursday as part of a plea deal.
If McLean abides by the court agreement for one year, he will pay a $1,000 fine for each count and the domestic violence assault charge will be dismissed. Patrisha McLean, reading from a prepared statement, told the court there was nothing unusual about what happened in the early morning hours of Jan. She said McLean tried to break down the door, but stopped when she said she was calling the police.
Patrisha McLean said the bail conditions imposed on McLean gave her the space and the time to realize the life she thought she lived as a fairy tale was, in reality, a nightmare.
She thanked the court for holding McLean accountable for his abuse and said because of the defendant’s money and fame, he likely expected to not face consequences.
Walter McKee, McLean’s attorney, said that his client categorically denies every statement made by the victim. Assistant District Attorney Christopher Fernald said the victim feels the resolution of the case is a reasonable outcome.
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The Man was convicted of domestic violence on his then wife period, She had to call 911 or suffer the consequences of physical harm.
The legal definition of abuse has been down defined to merely subjective fear, which could apply to many situations yet still be imaginary with many of them. If Patrisha has told the truth then Don has been lead by a fear of losing those he loves most, if she has lied, well she has divorced him and he has lost those he loves most, either way he has lost. You are down financially, you lost your job, you need to find a new apartment, you are having trouble with your marriage. If he has contact with his ex-wife, Patrisha McLean, either directly or indirectly, or if he does not complete a mental health evaluation within 60 days, he could face an open plea and the domestic violence assault charge will remain.
18 ordeal, Patrisha McLean applied for a temporary protection from abuse order against McLean. Because he told me over and over again that if I left him he could kill me, divorce has not freed me from living in fear of him,” she said. In an email after the hearing, McKee said the Patrisha McLean’s statements are patently and provably false, and designed for her own publicity. The prosecutor said the case was handled as any other domestic violence case would have been. Nothing and nobody can take that away from him, Personally I have always had my doubts of the validity of the case, and Don himself has always ( and officially ) denied the charges brought against him. Of one thing he can be sure those fans like me who truly love him and have done so for over forty years will go on loving him, he will never lose us. Physical fitness is the state of being physically healthy – your physical body is performing at optimal levels and you have enough energy to go through life.

This stems from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vigor that gives you the capacity to survive and live a meaningful life. Life will not always go your way and it is important to be prepared to face this challenges.
Most important is to surround yourself with positive energy – positive people, positive influences, positive thoughts. She described what she endured that night, saying McLean struck and jabbed at her limbs, put his palms on her temples like a vice, and told her he wanted to strangle her. She said she was terrorized by McLean for four hours, adding that the 911 call she made from her cellphone after locking herself in the bathroom may have saved her life.
It is both physical and non-physical in nature – it is the energy and drive that makes your biological life worth living.
Take good care of your body – respect your body and your health by what you take in and what you do. It is your vitality – a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy that gave you the drive to do so even if you rather would’ve stayed in bed and do nothing. How you see your life and act upon it is one of the most deciding factors in determining how much energy you have – both for big plans as well as for the little every day challenges and tasks of life. This is vitality – this strength, the drive to live and the drive to make the most of your life.

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