I remember the long stretch of days when I was a kid, how summer seemed endless, and that we settled into games quickly enough to (nearly) finish them in twenty minutes of recess. In what may be the best children’s book of 2011, Steve Jenkins explores just this question, and many others too. Bright, eye-catching illustrations round out this wonderful children’s book, which would readily do double-duty as a coffee table book.
Families who care about the environment will delight to learn that this book, like many of Jenkins’ other works, has a strong but subtle conservation theme.

Oh, and did I mention that Jenkins presents a stunning one-page visual history of the universe, and a compelling graphic about the growth of the human population? Did you notice Jenkins also throws in a tidbit about factory farming—1,500 chickens are killed each second.
Vegbooks is a resource for parents and teachers who want to support the vegan and vegetarian kids in their lives. Looking back, I think that time seemed different then, possibly because of my point of reference — only a few years of memories, only a few more years than that spent alive.

Readers will discover, for example, that each minute, 59,000 barrels of oil are used (almost 15,000 of them in the United States), and each hour, an average of 19 gallons of fresh water is used for every person on earth. So then, I wonder, how do hummingbirds and tortoises experience the world and the passage of time?

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