Frases › Autores › Ingrid BergmanFrase de Ingrid Bergman“No creo que nadie tenga derecho a inmiscuirse en tu vida, pero lo hacen. Mas frases populares de Ingrid Bergman“Para ser feliz basta ?con tener buena salud y ?mala memoria.” ? Ingrid Bergman Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Imagen“No me arrepiento de nada. There is no greater past time than sitting around a campfire with a sizzling “catch of the day” charring on it, the aroma permeating the campsite and tempting all of those around to come and join in on the story, or at least be part of the captive audience. How to Raise Crickets for Fishing Bait Quite possibly a favorite food for bluegill and all other panfish is the cricket. When I travel I don’t deliberately seek out places that have been used as film locations, but every now and then I happen to stumble into one. I like watching Bond movies because, these days, I have been to many of the filming locations; but the gorgeous scenery in Scotland from Bond’s most recent adventure Skyfall has got to be one of the most hauntingly bleak and desolate locations ever used.
Bonus: Only an hour’s drive from Glencoe is the picturesque Glenfinnan viaduct (see top image) from the Harry Potter movies.
I spent around 3 weeks in Goa in 2005, with a large part of that time being spent on Palolem beach. This is one of the movies that first inspired me to travel; having watched it back in my student days, I vowed to one day visit the famous beach of the movie.

I will probably never own an item of jewellery from Tiffany’s, and I don’t really want to, but Breakfast at Tiffany’s is such an iconic movie that it is impossible not to at least walk past the store when you’re visiting NYC.
A waterfall of this size and scale is an obvious contender for a movie location, and it is featured in the Robert DeNiro epic that is most notably remembered for the opening scene of a priest on a cross being carried down the huge Devil’s Throat fall. Tomb Raider was the first movie to be filmed in Cambodia since the genocide of the Khmer Rouge in the 70s. The casting of Madonna as Argentina’s beloved heroine, Eva Peron, in Alan Parker’s movie caused controversy in Argentina, and large parts of the movie were actually filmed in Budapest.
No habria vivido mi vida como lo hice si me fuese preocupando por lo que la gente iba a decir” ? Ingrid Bergman Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Imagen“Se tu mismo.
It is impossible not to drive along the famous road without blasting Adele’s title song as loud as the speakers can manage, which I did a few times on my road trip to Skye. The recent remake of ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ came out after my trip to Iceland, and watching the movie brought all my wonderful travelling memories flooding back. Watching Matt Damon jogging along that familiar beach, and spotting the hotel I stayed at in the background, reminded me of what a great place Goa is to visit.
Despite the negative effects of tourism being horribly apparent by the hoards of tourists flocking to the island daily, it is still pretty cool to see the beach; and I remain hopeful that there is an undiscovered colony of travellers living on a secret island nearby – and that one day I might join them!

Angelina Jolie, portraying popular computer game character Lara Croft, ran amok amongst twisted tree trunks and the centuries-old ruins of Ta Prohm on the Angkor Wat heritage site. After seeing Bogota portrayed as a humid, tropical, jungle paradise (just look at that lush vegetation through the balcony doors!) in the hotel scene of the movie, I was surprised to discover a sprawling modern metropolis that struggles to reach 25c at the hottest. The balcony scene of the flamingo-coloured Casa Rosada building was filmed in Buenos Aires, however. Since you came to this page expecting to see a huge bluegill, I have posted the picture of the Illinois state record caught in 1987 weighing in at 3 lbs.
Despite our attempts to try and hunt Julia Roberts down for an autograph, we didn’t see her—so I went to see the movie instead (even though I had hated the book), just to see beautiful Ubud again.

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