Maldivian Police have busted a major drug smuggling network involving Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Maldivian media reports. Police have identified the suspected drug lord arrested Thursday evening as Ibrahim Shafaz Abdu Razzaq of Maafannu Lonumidhilige. Superintendent Mohamed Jinah told journalists this afternoon that Shafaz, suspected to be one of the most high profile drug lords in the country, was arrested from a rented apartment at the residence of Eydhafushi MP Ahmed ‘Red Wave’ Saleem under a special operation named Operation Challenge. Operation Challenge was officially initiated in November 2009, lasting one year seven months. Police suspected Athik of handling transactions and money transfers to the Sri Lankan agent. Shameem, who had been arrested five times over the last eight years on multiple charges, is believed by the police to have been behind the stocking, packing and distribution of the airfreighted drugs in Male and the atolls. Athif, who had been arrested once during the past four years, is suspected of contacting the dealer in Sri Lanka and worked with the unidentified dealer to import the drugs into the country undetected.
Information has also been received that drugs collected in India, which goes into the hand of the network, is then imported via Sri Lanka to the Maldives.
Shafaz and accomplices were apprehended while packing drugs in apartments located on the ground floor and fifth floor of Henveiru Fashan. On being warned by two watch outs placed by the network outside the house Shafaz tried to escape by fleeing to the second apartment, the police revealed. Police confiscated 800 grams of heroin from Shafaz’s apartment and opiates from another apartment rented from another floor of the house by a person connected to the network.
A fourth accomplice, active in selling drugs was also arrested on February 15, 2010 along with drugs but was later released. Jinah noted that since the start of the operation police had been working closely with the Prosecutor General’s (PG) Office, taking into consideration the PG’s suggestions on how to legally pursue the matter.
Jinah expressed his confidence that the case would be successful unlike most other cases during trial, as police intelligence gathered circumstantial evidence since the beginning of the operation, Haveeru News Service reports. According to the Nddcb, the number of drug arrests in 2010 was 29,796, an increase of 50% compared to 2009.
The government yesterday blocked a group of 50 young pilgrims who had already boarded a plane bound for Krakow.
The kidnapping and murder of a priest near Rouen (France) and the various attacks in Würzburg, Munich, Ansbach (Germany) were carried out by young people, who were indoctrinated with ease. This column dedicated to the notion of making Sri Lanka the Wonder of Asia turns its spotlight to day on The Drug Menace and its ill effects on Sri Lankan Society. In Sri Lanka,‘from the sixteenth century until the middle of the twentieth century, the colonial powers regulated the use of opium as a revenue earning measure. The inactivity or reduced activity of the law enforcement agencies and other public sector institutions charged with the control or eradication of the drug trade in Sri Lanka due to the involvement of powerful corrupt politicians have been the root cause of this situation.. The program initiated by the President termed the ‘Mathata Thitha’(which means ‘full stop to drugs’)appears to have been transformed in to ‘Thithata Matha’(which means ‘drugs galore’).A nation nurtured in the noble traditions of many great religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam seems to be struggling in the stranglehold of drug dealers protected by corrupt politicians, hungry for ill gotten gains at the expense of the well being of the youth of this country, thereby creating untold misery.
The sale of drugs to youngsters who frequent night clubs in Sri Lanka has led to many violent crimes.
It was reported in the Groundviews Web Site recently that ‘A chance discovery by customs officials unraveled smugglers using potatoes as their medium. The National Dangerous Drugs Control Board (NDCB) is the pioneer Government Institution which discharges its functions with an aim to eradicate the drug menace from Sri Lanka. The Tale of the Indian Government Employed Barber (who is required to cut the hair of Ministers). The moral of the above episode is that if some of our corrupt politicians who are said to be involved in the drug trade, according to media reports, were to be asked about the profitability of the drug sales in Sri Lanka then their hair too would stand up on end, making it easier for the Sri Lankan barbers to cut their hair. COLOMBO, June 15, 2016 - Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena (2nd R, front) inspects the accounting and testing of the confiscated drugs in Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 14, 2016. Customs officers account and test the confiscated drugs in Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 14, 2016. Sri Lanka has become the drug hub of Asia and the country that consumes the most amount of alcohol, UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayaka said today. Newsfirst takes a look at the drug trade, fuelled by a few profiteers who have infiltrated even our schools and what it might take to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.
The use of heroin in Sri Lanka dates back to 1983. However, it became an epidemic among school children not long ago. When Newsfirst looked deeper into the matter, it was revealed that the heroin and Kerala ganja trades are largely common racket taking place along the coastal belt of Chilaw. According to those engaged in the racket, there are a group of Indian representatives in Sri Lanka known as the buyers.

The Sri Lankan smugglers then draw closer to the Indian trawlers and complete the transaction, which is when the drugs are collected.
Lakmal: If I was a Police officer, I record it in my book that such an amount was confiscated. Although the foundation of this entire drug racket was something beyond extraordinary to the ordinary person, we came across a group of people, to whom this is something common. Fisherman: This racket is carried out using mainly unknown boats and also boats used for fishing. Lakmal: You do know what must be done if this is to be completely stopped, don’t you?
Sri Lanka Navy recently arrested three persons for drug smuggling in the general area of Medawachchiya town. Naval troops attached to SLNS Barana of the North Western Naval Command and SLNS Pandukabaya of the North Central Naval Command on information received arrested the persons with 17.5 kilograms of cannabis (Kerala Ganja) on 18th July 2014.
The arrested persons along with cannabis were handed over to Medawachchiya police for further investigations. Posted on July 21, 2014 with tags Arrests, asia, Drug, Naval, Navy, News by topic, Smuggling, Sri Lanka Navy, three. Sri Lanka Navy arrested 16 Indian fishermen along with 04 Indian fishing trawlers poaching in Sri Lankan waters.
Navies are constantly looking at how the collection and dissemination of data from marine helicopters, UAVs, radars and shore based sensors through C2 systems can be improved to produce an accurate, clear, and all-encompassing picture of the maritime theatre for allied forces. The complexity associated with effectively coordinating the variety of operations of these systems means that interoperability between all systems, divisions, and nations is of paramount importance.
Police found equipment used for packing, gloves and many other apparatus linked with the trade. Police tracked him as information was received that he was selling drugs imported by the main target, Shafaz.
We have discussed this with the Prosecutor General and set up our proof in a conclusive manner ready to be presented at court,” he said.
We must begin to think globally and act locally, to reduce the consumption and trafficking of drugs".
Erdogan had threatened them that they would "pay a high price." More than 30 journalists are still in prison. Interrogated for hours by immigration, they were "admonished" and sent home with orders not to contact anyone abroad. Since independence was achieved in 1948, various measures have been taken to scale down the abuse of opium, cannabis and certain psychotropic substances, but not all these efforts have been successful. The harmful effects, that such proliferation of drugs would cause the youth of our Nation is immeasurable. The Royal Park murder is one such instance where a young girl came by her death at the hands of her boy friend in a most brutal manner.
The Alcohol & Drug Information Centre (ADIC – Sri Lanka) was inaugurated in April 1987 but was established as an independent organization in 1990. Effective steps have to be taken by the law enforcement agencies to eradicate the drug menace in Sri Lanka. The choices he made have left him so helpless and alone, that even on father’s day, he does not have the company of his own children. Some of them can be found seeking assistance at the newly created Rehabilitation Centre established under the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board. The airport, the harbour and the coastal belts of Puttalam, Kalpitiya and Negombo have been identified as the three main entry points through which drugs are brought into Sri Lanka.
The Sri Lankan smuggler pays the Indian buyer and in return an accomplice of the buyer in India is informed by the buyer to pay the drug dealer the relevant amount, without having to actually transport the money across the border. Those who ply this racket say that after this amount is paid, Indian trawlers come to the deep sea at night and give out a signal that the payment has been made through means of light signals. These are facts which were uncovered by Newsfirst during a casual discussion with the racketeers. If we bring in about 30 kilogrammes of goods to Negombo, we distribute five kilogrammes to each of them.
But even if it was stopped, there are VIPs, those powerful in the country who travel about quite often.
Therefore, SMi’s Naval Mission Systems Technology Conference will explore the strategies and technologies required to develop next generation capability in this vital area of national defence. Navy, NATO Modelling and Simulation Center of Excellence (M & S COE), BAAINBw, The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), University College London and many more.

In reality, the motivations are political: he is a staunch critic of President Karimov and the fight for human rights in the country. Meanwhile, "young Chinese Catholics" hang around central World Youth Day locations in groups of five or six, with the task of spying on fellow countrymen. In the wake of ethnic problems, there has been an increase in the involvement of Sri Lankan nationals in smuggling drugs across national frontiers. The addiction to drugs causes the breakdown of families leading to abject poverty and utter misery.
The recent senseless murder of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra, Director General of Trade Union Affaires on the streets of Mulleriyawa has been attributed to a feud that erupted due to a conflict of opinion on the drug trade as has been reported recently in the media.
Today Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC) Sri-Lanka has developed to be a well recognized National Resource Centre, promoting drug demand reduction. Politicians, policemen have become involved in the drug trafficking business which has become the bane of the younger generation in Sri Lanka.
Please avoid outside hyperlinks inside the comment and avoid typing all capitalized comments. There are also boys between 20 and 30 (12%), while cases of minors (between 15 and 18 years) counted for just 116, 0.38%.
You may not reproduce, republish, sell or otherwise distribute the content or any modified or altered versions of it without the express written permission of the editor. The absence of a comprehensive national policy on drug abuse has been a major constraint on law enforcement and the development of interventions for education, treatment, rehabilitation and crop substitution.
The prime cause for the escalation of criminal activities in our country is basically due to the drug menace. Lord Buddha has said that the sin follows the sinner as the cartwheel follows the bull tied to the cart. ADIC is registered under the Voluntary Social Services Act of Sri Lanka and obtained Approved Charity Status in 1992. It is time that the Sri Lankan society calls a spade a spade and commence a concerted effort to eradicate the ugly drug menace form our beautiful motherland, Sri Lanka, known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.
There is no mention of the ethanol container which was illegally brought to Sri Lanka as the country has moved into a drunken economy, Attanayaka claimed.
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Among those arrested 9.520 were for heroin, 20,259 cannabis, while only 12 for hashish and one cocaine. Photos on are largely taken from the internet and thus considered to be in the public domain. Those who thrive on the drug trade and lead luxurious lives on the illegal proceeds of such drug sales should realize the devastation, irreparable damage and misery that they cause to our people. There is no escape, whatsoever in this world or the next to the wrongdoer, who will face punishment inevitably. He added that a great Buddhist nation has become a drug hub and a consolidated union action should be organized to bring all those who are against the current regime together.
Compared to 2009, the number of persons apprehended for heroin and cannabis has increased by 75% and 52%. Anyone contrary to their publication need only contact the editorial office which will immediately proceed to remove the photos. Such selfish criminals feed themselves and their families with the blood and the flesh of our youth, whom they transform into drug addicts, without a care in the world.
If such crimes were committed during the reign of the ancient Kings who ruled Sri Lanka, these demons would find themselves either being quartered by their limbs being tied to two coconut trees which have been brought together and later released or by being made to sit on the tip of a sharpened heated iron rod known as the ‘ula’, causing immense pain before ultimate death as it pierces the bowels, to be witnessed by the population.
When we call tell them about it they tell us to capture the smugglers and hand them over if possible and that they cannot just turn up as and when they are told. Even such punishment would not suffice to recompense the terrible crime that they commit on our society. And after we make the payment, they tell us that they are coming to deep sea on this day and at this time.

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